The Feel-Mining V2 is finally here!

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Feel-Mining in a new look! The benchmark company that invest in masternodes and mining gives us a V2 loaded with new products.

In a few points we have:

  • A new, more intuitive and slim design
  • Added Staking (XTZ, ALGO, COSMOS and +): Hallelujah!
  • A new Cloud-Mining offer (without 1 month commitment)
  • The possibility of reinvesting your earnings automatically
  • Interest paid every 5 minutes
  • Addition of the USDT “stable coin” for the conversion tool
  • Revenue estimates for each investment
  • Stronger transparency than ever (No hidden fees)
  • Help resources for each category
  • Site translated into 3 languages
  • Night mode!
  • Interest paid every 5 minutes

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