Kryptex - real mining on your own computer.

in #mining2 months ago

On the steemit I have seen many publications about the fact that Kryptex is cloud mining. In fact, this is not the case.
Kryptex is pool mining.
You install the miner program on your computer and it starts mining your cryptocurrency. Everything is like in mining with the usual mining of cryptocurrency in one of the mining pools.
All that is required of you is simply not to turn off your computer and periodically withdraw the earned cryptocurrency to your wallet. By the way, it is possible to withdraw not only cryptocurrency, but real money.
The amount earned depends entirely on your equipment. My computer is not very powerful, so it turns out $ 1 - 1.5 per day, here it still depends on the rate of the cryptocurrency.

Unlike cloud mining, no cash investments are required. Just install the miner program and that's it!
At the initial launch, the program tests your hardware and launches the mining of those cryptocurrencies that are more profitable to mine on your hardware.
Registration in the program is no more work. You only need to confirm your email address and install the program.
You can mine various crypts, but all earnings are tied to the bitcoin rate. On its basis, all income per day is calculated. The payout threshold is different. It all depends on the currency that you are going to withdraw to your e-wallet.