Mining Profitability Update on Nervos Testnet Mining Competition | GPU Testnet to FPGA Mainnet?!

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We have been GPU and FPGA mining Nervos CKB a recently launched cryptocurrency coin for a couple months now, lets talk about how many coins we mined and how profitable it was! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Nervos CKB launched one of the most interesting cryptocurrency competitions of 2019, a testnet mining competition. The Nervos CKB testnet mining competition incentivized and rewarded miners for simply mining their testnet. Everyone who mined the Nervos Rylai testnet was credited a % of their testnet mined coins with actual Nervos CKB mainnet coins when they launched their Lina mainnet cryptocurrency blockchain. Nervos CKB created their own unique Proof Of Work (PoW) mining algorithm called eaglesong, originally thought to be GPU mined, and likely to be dual mined with Ethereum -- was quickly overtaken by FPGA miners using miners like the Hashaltcoin Blackminer F1,F1+, F1 Mini, and F1 Mini+ along with the CVP-13, and BCU-1525/VU9P FPGA miners. This video summarizes our mining results and simply mining profitability as well as current mining profitability and coins mined daily moving forward!

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