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Time to Recap

Hello fellow steemians! I've written 3 articles on what I would do if I was a minnow. It's a lot of information and I believe it's important for me to do a recap before going any further about this topic. Agreed?

I also have a favor to ask you. If you like this article and you find it useful, would you please resteem it? Also, if it's the first time you come across my blogposts, go to my profile @cryptoctopus and follow me to get my articles in your feed. I do my best to write 5 times a week, monday to friday...usually in the morning.

With that being said, let's recap!

1. Realize that you are still early in the game

Having the right state of mind is crucial in order to have faith. Faith is necessary to take massive daily action towards what you want.

If you compare yourself to the people who has been here for 18 months then you may feel like you've missed the boat. If you compare yourself to the people who will join steemit in 5 years then you can realize the opportunity you have been given right now.

You'll be able to tell people that you were there when the site was still in beta and that the price of steem was only $1.40!

2. Understand the game

https://steemit.com/welcome is a good place to start to get a handle on the basics of steemit.com. Consider using my strategy in order to help you digest all that information. (see this article)

3. Blog and Comment

When you get started, you have no followers, no klout and no reputation. If you write, you may get lucky and hit the jackpot, make the trending page and become famous. But that's like hoping to win the lottery to pay next month rent...it's not a viable strategy.

Blog and blog well, that's for sure and I'll cover this in a future article of this series but if I were you I would prioritize commenting. Commenting is an easy way to get traction, make friends/followers and rewards. If you write a good comment on my post, when I upvote at 10%, it sends about ~$1.50 USD to someone who comment on my blog. If someone write a well formatted, thoughful and engaging comment, I will sometimes upvote up to 50%...which mean between ~$10 and $15 USD.

4. Invest in SteemPower

This is not available for everyone but if you have money, I can't think of a better place to park it. Apart from capital appreciation which is a strong possibility in the years ahead for STEEM. The ability to upvote your articles allows you to make a good return as well as helping you climb into the "HOT" section much faster. From there, other people will start noticing you and start following you. (This is not financial advice, just my informed opinion)

5. Add value to the community

Find a project that you find compelling, that is backed by serious power users of the community and get involved. The idea is that you must be more than just "another minnow". Everyone has a skill that can be used in projects. If you can't find a project then maybe you need to find a problem that you can solve and start your own.

6. Tell your story

When you write comments or posts, add your own "spice" to it by sharing your personal story. Maybe you are a stay at home mom or a truck driver. Share how your story has brought you here, how something that happened in your life taught you something important that is connected to the post you are writing, etc.

We are people of stories. People won't remember 90% of facts that are presented to them but they will almost always remember a story. Harness the power of stories and the gates will open to you. (more on that in my future article)


I have so much more I want to share with you guys and I hope this series is helpful. If you want more of this series, please resteem this article and follow my blog. Also, consider becoming a "fan" of mine here: https://streemian.com/profile/fanbase/leader/cryptoctopus

Steem On Steemian!


I agree with most of what you're saying here and especially the fact that minnows need to keep things in perspective. Comparing yourself (beginner) to ANYONE in ANY aspect of life who has had an 18 month head start is a terrible idea.

Where I disagree(kind of) with you a little is in number 4. If I were to give any advice, it would be, "do whatever you need to do to be able to invest some capital into SP". It's one of those, "testing the water" mentality or the half in mentality that really hurts people. If you are going to spend several hours on steemit daily, creating content, commenting etc, you owe it to yourself to invest some capital into YOUR OWN future. if you were to invest even $100 every month for the next year and turn your Steem into SP, it would be like standing on a ladder while the swarms of people around you are fighting for position on the ground. Do yourself a huge favor by putting a little capital in, not only for yourself, but for the future of steemit

I really agree with what you said, and you have helped me to decide whether or not to spend any money on this or not. But it's like an investment in yourself. Thanks a lot.

That's great to hear @jollyroger1. By investing in steem you are showing that you are committed to the longterm growth of this platform which is exactly what we need

I would like to invest in Steven but I have a fear, what if steem goes offline suddenly.. Forever?

Thank you for posting @cryptoctopus.

Appreciate these articles......although not a minnow....it is helpful to be reminded and to reflect on how we got to here.

Having said that....it was the challenge of bringing value to Steemit both through one's post, curation and commenting that was the incentive and motivator.....sometimes it is tempting to begin all over again.....yet the challenge does continue..... just differently over time.

Enjoyed the reading of your post.

All the best to you and yours. Cheers.

Your tips are always very helpful because they make me realize that this is just the start, we have to climb the latter of success . It will never be handed directly to us .

Everyone's story is important , we aren't all the same. If we were , it would be pretty boring . My goal has always been to blog and then comment comment comment . It's the key to success maybe ?

that's very helpful post!!
thank you ...

Sure I've resteemed it for you. I used to comment a lot and it gave me more followers, but not necessarily better payouts. I'll try to be more active commenting.

Thank you @cryptoctopus , I always read your articles and try to improve my level!

Incredible how this gets 150 upvotes in 55 minutes. That must feel pretty damn good. I do understand that the people that have just joined are still early in the game, and time will tell where we all will end up in the future. As an insurance and investment broker I know very well that early investors are always the big winners in a fast growing company. So I will invest in Steem Power, to power up. The only thing that bothers me sometimes is that when you are still a minnow and you have written, what you think is, a well thought out and interesting post and you get 1 or 2 upvotes it is pretty damn draining your energy. But hé, Rome wasn't built in one day, so we keep on steeming!
Tnx for this quite interesting share.

that's why I gave the advices above. Writing good posts is not the best way to get started.

I know by now, I comment a lot! And by consequence I read a lot too. So I can see what interests people and when they start to become interested. Tnx for the upvote, I really appreciate that, not for the money, but it means you have really read my post and must have seen any potential.

Thank you for your article @cryptoctopus , I'm just starting and I have had questions. Now after reading your post, I found many answers and will continue. Good luck to you!

i hope you will continue this series because we need more information :) WE ARE HUNGRY.
What is this steemian.com ? can you give more details so people will register there faster, for now we dont know what it is .

Thank you for this summary. I really appreciate your effort given in explaining us how to swim better! :-) As I wrote in comments to one your trio articles, you really made me think about opportunities that steemit brings to let say "common people". As you said and in combinatnion what jerry (reccomended by you) mentioned in one of his videos, actually everybody has something to share. The only thing is to think carefuly what exactly I have what the others might be interested in and find nice, friendly, simple and easy understandable way to share it. Thank you once again! I hope I will be able to use your suggestions the right way!!!! Have a great day @cryptoctopus and I follow you and cant wait for your next text!

I have definitely been following these tips and it's working wonders. Made $17 on my post yesterday from pure networking and commenting. Only way to build a readership.

That's precisely what I've been doing as well. Adding real value inevitably wins out. :)

Absolutely. Got to put the work in. And comment. Definitely comment and share others' work.

Thank you for these articles. Although I need to climb up the rep ladder again (I lost my password), I just agree with these methods and I am using them every day. And it is a really good way to interact on this platform.

Hello @cryptoctopus! What a great idea doing this recap, it is true there is a lot of informations that you have shared the last days and having them on a post is just an awesome idea!
I'm already a fan of yours man, i'll sign up on streemian and do it soon! You can add one more on your list!
Have a productive day ahead!
Thank you!

Thanks for the recap @cryptoctopus it really wash my brain and enjoy to read,You are doing best and hard work for #steemit community as well.

On "4.Invest" I would say that's the ideal approach, but as you point out, not available for everyone, and not always easy for people who are new to crypto.

One way around this, to start with, particularly if you're very new and just feeling out what Steemit is all about, is to gain a little SBD and reinvest it in your posts. You can gain SBD with great posts (ideally but not always noticed) and great comments (easier for minnows) but also from the contests. There are some great contests out there, with potential for rewards (and which also get your art / writing / car maintenance blog in front of an audience of people with similar interests).

Once you have a little SBD you can use minnowbooster, randowhale or booster to give you posts an extra nudge, to get them on the hot page, and then you're off and running!

In the end though, you need your content to be great. No point advertising a product that no-one wants to buy!

Can't express how grateful i am as a minnow. Not many tell us exactly what to do in such simple manner!! Waiting for further posts on this topic!!

Hello mate! So glad to read from you!
It's really a great idea to do this recap post as now we can find all these useful infos in a single post!
Great initiative man!
Btw I'm your 8th fan, I've just added you! I do not use Streemian a lot but would be great to understand it's use more in the future!
Maybe a post on it from you would be just a great help for us!
Thanks so much!

what is your view on using voting bots for minnows?

what kind of voting bot?

I've never tried it to be honest

you send 0.5 sbd to bot and he upvote your comments thats all , its easy. here is example

Have Faith,
Understand the Basics,
Get Active,
Make an Investment in SP,
Make a meaningful contribution,
Share honestly!

Got it! Thanks @cryptoctopus

I have been diligently following your advice. I switched over from the 50%-50% payout for articles to 100% Steem power (I didn't see you say this but figured I'd give it a try). I'm hoping this will help as well.

It has been hard to put so much effort into a post and only get a few cents, but those are the kicks to the shin we all get. Paying our dues if you will. I still keep on going. I awoke today and a whale had stopped by and blessed me with an upvote. I gained $100 just like that! It feels like I won the lottery.

What lesson did I learn? You can't keep getting kicked forever without a break or two, haha. Thanks @cryptoctopus for your guidance and encouragement. I'm here for the long haul.

I appreciate you reaching out to us newcomers. It's easy to get dissapointed by a slow start and it's good to realize that succesfull stemians are not just 'the lucky ones' who got a head start. They have a strategy and put in the hours of hard work. I hope I can find my area of expertise to add value to this great community.

This article is valuable. Especially for people just starting out, but also to people who have been here a while, too.

I spent two weeks reading and making comments before doing my introduceyourself post. That made a big difference. I had a good number of people who were already following me and who had similar interests.

I'm surprised at how well I'm doing on Steemit now. It is good to be reminded that we are still early. It's easy to feel like we missed the opportunity if we didn't join in 2016, but the real loss is if we don't take action now.

Your series was a very good startingpoint in my first days of steemit. Still think about your good explanations and hints to find my own way. While being a software developer for very long time and becoming a crypto geek lately I get the feeling that this is the right direction. Will follow your steps. Cheers.

This was very very helpful being here for 3 months I am still learning things about steemit and how its evolved so far over time by the community.

What are you thoughts on investing in minnowbooster for example to earn dividends or boost posts etc?

You are very right man! It is good to have a recapitulation sometimes and yours is very interesting. I really like point 3, post and comment

Yes, I also noticed that only comments can attract attention in such a flow of people. Who else will know about my appearance on Steimite, and who will need my posts?

And a good opportunity to light up is to participate in contests and relay races. I also actively do it :)

Great Recap that was i am all set revised it all all set for the test :)

I appreciate your posts a lot. I love people who shares what they learn in their own way, showing themselves naked in front of us.
In my opinion the most important thing to get what you are looking for is the tenacity and perseverance. Is what you said in other post: writing for a whole year every day, even you didn't get any rewards.
There are a lot of people that left their projects if them doesn't work in the firsts months.
The point is don't give up. This is my own opinion.
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you @cryptoctopus for recapping. It always helps to have bite-size summary of all that valuable content. This point is highly motivating; 'If you compare yourself to the people who will join steemit in 5 years then you can realize the opportunity you have been given right now.' When you put it like that, this is a breeze (!) and we are fortunate enough to have found this platform sooner than later. If you don't mind, I have a question for you that's been playing on mind since you started writing this 3 part posts; what motivates you to help? I mean some whales and dolphins do help newbies by upvoting their comments or posts, but for you to actually take the time to help in ways that can benefit us in the long term is intriguing. So I am curious 👀

Absolutely very clear post. Thank you for your tips I upvoted and resteemed. I've been thinking to invest time energy and money into steemit. Only joined a little while ago but have already found great inspiration here. Only seems like the right thing to do at the moment and with the right guidance -such as posts like this- will reinforce these thoughts to be put into action. Thanks again.

Good job bro.i resteem this post again.best of luck

Continue to love this series. It has helped me crystalize my view of where I want to head with Steemit and what I can do to contribute to the community. I used to have posts all over the place, now they are focused in on my true love--writing. Can't say enough good about the service you are doing @cryptoctopus. Thanks

Good quality value sells it self effortlessly, this post over merits that rank

You did some great recommendations and these would be a good starting point indeed. I think that each user should focus on finding their own style and experiment to find out what works best for them. Steemit is a new and exciting place and it should be able to grow into something much bigger. Adding value and engaging with others are two of the top things that can get someone to the top rather fast still.

However, I just hope that the community finds a way of fighting off the accounts that abuse this platform through spam, plagiarism and other such unethical activities. This seems to be quite a big issue on this platform, and since it doesn't appear to be under control now that the user base is low, I could imagine that this could spiral out of control rather fast with rapid on-boarding of new users. Not that the Internet isn't full of these already, but it would be nice if Steemit developed a healthier immune system to neutralize such accounts as @adelja, that managed to work his/her way up to the top of the reputation system (68) through systematic abuse (plagiarism). Seems like that doesn't bother most though. Bit of a shame really. I already see this as something that can be off putting for most minnows that try hard to build up their account. Knowing that there are accounts on here that manage to be so successful through theft and deceit is annoying. Knowing that some can control even as many as 10000 of these accounts and be raping the rewards pool on a regular is even worse. Any thoughts on that?

This is a stunningly useful series! Thankyou for making it so simple and digestible. Im super-excited to have started here on Steemit and hoping that I can bring a little bit of comedy to the table!
Now that you have mentioned finding a problem and starting a project around it, I feel like its a challenge! But I don't even feel like Ive learned how to navigate the site effectively yet, so I HAVE TO TRY not to get overexcited
Anyway, thankyou very much
I look forward to the next installments! :) Basil x

Always good information from you and worth reviewing as we watch for your next post. I am late at posting on Steemit today because of a late night episode that kept me up late last night.

As I was checking everything for the nights "lock down" I kept hearing this windy- like and swishing noise coming from the direction of the closet that houses the hot water tank. I went to the window and there's no wind blowing so my thought is to call the local 911 as I am sure my hot water tank is about to blow. They tell me to stay away from where it is located as they can blow off like a rocket. Wow, did that get my blood pressure up!

911 assures me that help is on the way and I go into the room where the hot water tank is located to make sure things are out of the way so they can check the problem out and there near the closet is the mysterious sound rising from the floor. It is a wind/wave machine on the floor making windy, swishy sounds. I ran to the phone to cancel the help needed alert! All I can figure is one of my 2 cats stepped on the "on" button on the machine. After feeling terrified over an hour trying to figure out if the water tank would blow, I was exhausted.

Super great series of articles. Definitely taking your advice to heart. "I'm still early in the game" and I plan on growing through making a quality contribution to this platform with my unique abilities.

As a big whale, you are doing a great job! Sharing your knowledge and experience also mean you are helping the community to make more giant whales and dolphins! Really appreciate your work and thank you very much for sharing such great post with us!


Thank you for these posts - I'm getting useful new tips at every read!

I can't wait for the next instalment now.

Thank you for these tip guides. I convinced a few friends to join and most of them haven't even posted yet :( I'm trying to get them motivated, I hope these will help.

Thanks for the detailed post. I will follow your advice !

I defenitly liked the article/recap so I am defenitly gonna resteem as you asked! great what you would do I try to do :)

I have been following you and learning very much from you. I have added some steam power, but since I am very sociable, I eat up by voting power quickly. Will have to learn how to slide my votes. I have quickly learned that making the post sharable or resteemable is very important, and working on that now. I am resteeming you now, my friend

I think for newbies it's not really worth blogging. If you get lucky you can get up to a dollar. Commenting is best for beginners, if you write thoughtful comments you will get far more visibility and better rewards than by blogging.

I really appreciate this article, and will be reading the rest of them. Thanks a bunch for the info .

amigo #resteemia at your service

'The Bible of Minnows' is written by @cryptoctopus

'UpVote ReSteem Comment'

Thank you for another great article. I enjoyed the whole series, probably the best thing I read on Steemit since I joined a week ago. I will try to contribute to the community with all the best I have. Thanks for inspiration and good advice.

Thank you for you article @cryptoctopus. i'm beginner and find it very useful! I upvoted, resteemed and now follow you

I always learn something new from your post .Eagerly wait for your good stuff and some useful advice. You are true supporter of steemit family .
Resteeming your post.

Thanks for the recap. It's amazing how easy it is to forget some things. Repetition helps cement the concepts you want to hold on to. Thanks for your patience. I'll check out the fan page, that's new to me :)

Exactly this is just the start, I remember I thought YouTube was not worth it anymore after a few years in, I wanted to make videos about games and more specifically WoW related at that time but I thought it was already too old, but don't make that mistake people who actually did that got big. Just keep at it. The whole cryptocurrency space is still very new.

I think in one of the previous part, can't remember exactly which part, probably in the third part, you mentioned about networking. It would help a lot if you could go into a bit of detail on how to start networking. I have no experience in networking and i'm sure many new users here on steemit feel the same way.

Will definitely reesteem
like the series
always following it by checking for it anytime i login
Have learnt some things which i am implementing
Thanks alot
Will love to see more

I am happy to have followed all the series.
What has helped me grow is commenting,in the process i have made friends who i later link up with on Steemit chat.

As you have said we are all early adopters and this is a big opportunity to all the members registered now.

We need to consider ourselves as the pioneers of Steemit,no matter when you joined(1 month or 1 year,we are all pioneers here).

If you compare yourself to the people who has been here for 18 months then you may feel like you've missed the boat. If you compare yourself to the people who will join steemit in 5 years then you can realize the opportunity you have been given right now.

I do not have enough money to invest in Steem Power,but all my small author and curation earnings i Power Up to SP.

I have also embarked on a project of spreading Steemit to my country Uganda and starting with my former university by mid September.

Thank you again for the series.

I will comment and post and become rich and fat by buying steem power.

you, @hackerwhacker and @wayfaraway seems to be same person. I hate cheater and if you try to pull that one on me again, you'll receive the full strenght of my banhammer.

I will comment comment and comment. This is still in beta so minnows still are ahead in the game.

I hate cheater and if you try to pull that one on me again, you'll receive the full strenght of my banhammer.

@cryptoctopus - Sire, love your work. You are supporting us very well Sire. Love your work Sire. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post Sire.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

I'm a big fan as well!

u da best man!!! i love ya.
will follow for more...
A minnow and still learning

Thank you, all we need, us, the minnows, is hope and encouragement. You did this, gave the Steem power we need the most:enthusiasm!

Thank you again:)

Very good text... I go

Great tips! I think a show steady approach is also needed. Steemit is a great platform but success is not found overnight!

I will post links about my articles on facebook and tweet them too and get more visibility.

you, @hackerwhacker and @rich.fat seems to be same person. I hate cheater and if you try to pull that one on me again, you'll receive the full strenght of my banhammer.

I will follow you because your information is so useful. Thanks for the tips

you must create a post on streemian too and discord groups new steemian can join

thanks you so much, i resteemed this

Informative indeed. Thanks for your kind contribution to steemit.

Thank you @cryptoctopus your series for beginners is true inspiration for me !

Thanks for this. Still fairly new here still so I appreciate the recap and I will be going back and looking at the previous posts!

This is really helpful ... @cryptoctopus thanks for sharing

Good advice! I think I'm going to buy some steem! :)

Definitely my favorite series of articles this month. Thanks cryptoctopus. I resteemed this, upvoted it and I'm a fan.

Impressive writing, upvote & resteem post

Very inspiring! Can't wait to read more of your stuff. As minnows we can feel lost in the current wondering when will we get the hang of it. Thanks for the tips and advice. Followed, resteemed and upvoted.

amazing recap sir, i really appreciate your words the point no. 6 tell your story is great, by inserting your own spice to posts and comments in steemit have huge benefits in this way we can able to express our self and we also able to share what we have learn in our life, so it works like a cycle share then clean up space for more learning then learn some more and then share again and so on.

Hey Thanks, I'm new here and this is exactly what I need.

Thank you very much! i'm trying to invest as much as possible on my steem power! we are in early stage! ;)

I always think if your going to do something then give it 4 years and see how it turns out so like you say 5 years from now we might have all grasped a huge opportunity. At $1.40 i feel like im here right at the starting line, a few of the serious runners have left the block while i was getting into a pantomime horse outfit but ive set off and im galloping faster than a dead fish.

In this early stage im seeing buying a little bit of steem power as buying a game for a console, its all about joining in and having a vote that adds a little to the pot and enjoying the game.

All three parts were very useful, I bookmarked it. I can't wait for other series of articles. I resteem your post :)

+1 Hello @azziz, I follow you now. Answered and resumed your publication. Thank you

hehe i am pretty new to steem but allready have 1month of real experience. But your post made some things clear i did not understand and or knew. Tnx for it

good advice!

Excellent post cryptoctopus thank you!
You have brilliantly encapsulated the core principles of good steeming.

I am following you now for more.

Resteemed :D

I've been looking for a guide/tips like this for a while, thanks for sharing

Thanks for this post. I haven't been on long, but am glad with what I have been able to do so far. I hope that my blog will continue to grow. Thanks for your support and ideas.

Thank you again for investing your time in doing this articles. I now know that i have to be patient, build a network and basically socialize with other steemians. Unfortunately i am not that good at creating content but i am taking it slow until i find my rhytm and i hope that i can bring some value here on steemit.

I am trying to put all these things into practice. It does take perseverance but it will pay off. Very precise post.

It's really a great idea to do this recap post as now we can find all these useful infos in a single post!
Great initiative man!

Final words of advice...reply to all comments whenever possible ;)

Good tip. I never thought about that angle of engagement.

Awesome article @cryptoctopus

I commented in another article of yours with the exact questions that this answers. You are two steps ahead of me!

Got very good nuggets from your article, I will start curating more from now.

Yeah I agree. It seems to be the more efficient thing to do.

Thank you for the tips... I just joined 2weeks back and reading posts like this really help. I will definitely check ur previous posts as I know there are lot more to learn. Most of my recent posts only cost not even $1 hehehe... so for few days I just keep on reading and resteeming... but the connection is what im missing I guess! "Commenting" - the interaction itself... it's true, you can make friends and have followers thru commenting... and who knows, will be recognized too someday ☺️ Thank you!!

I thought this was a great series and recap for us newbies. I still think we're early in stages of the potential for Steemit, so these suggestions are great for us to be established in the coming years. Thanks again!

Thank you, these posts have been really encouraging. Keep it up!

You make some great points cryptoctopus. As a new user to steemit its very informative, thanks for posting. Also, thanks to @coolbowser for resteeming otherwise I probably would have never seen this post.

As an advanced user I figure you might be a good person to ask this question. I see many users who follow tons of people in hopes of getting followed back. This seems like a bad idea to me because then their feed would be filled and clogged with content that was irrelevant to them. It makes sense to me to only follow people whose content you enjoy and appreciate. Am I making a mistake taking this approach?

Good advice - thank you - I comment quite a bit but will up that now @cryptoctopus - have upvoted and followed you

This is a whole lot of hot air. Steemit is a ponzi scheme, and comments such as 'realize that you are still early in the game' perfectly allude to this fact.

Steemit is a great safe haven from censorship, but because it has failed miserably at properly rewarding its content creators, it will never be a successful and fair money making platform.

useful tips for me - i am now brand new but am only 2 months in --everything you share helps me to write better and learn to join communities .. rock on

The inspiration is very much useful to us new users .
will definitely try to follow as much as possible

Tried to follow the link you included to Streemian to follow you & got internal service errors. I'm not familiar with the site, and it could simply be because I backed away slowly after the site required use of my account with no explanation.

It could be the greatest thing, but the sign up process sets off my stranger danger vibes.

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