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RE: Minnowbooster Series: The Blacklist

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Hey @minnowbooster. Thanks for the more detailed expansion on etiquette. I've only been here a week, still figuring it all out. Few quick questions.

  1. Is it alright to repost my own stuff that I wrote or made from my own website, or other sources if I mark it like I have done here
  2. I cut and pasted bits and linked to an article earlier because it was significant and relevant to another thread I'd seen. I marked it as 'not original content' - was that ok? Or am I in trouble now?
  3. Why aren't memes art? Some of my memes are megaclassy...



Hi @ann-narkeh

Firstly let me welcome you to Steemit! To answer your questions, you may indeed post your own content on steemit. Perhaps just give a little explanation of what you did in the past article. For example, I run a personal YouTube channel and when uploading my old videos I gave a brief description of what it was all about.

Unfortunately your earlier article would not be allowed to be boosted using our upvote services, but we cannot stop you from posting this on your blog.

Memes are a tough one, we can't sift through all memes and since 90% of them are copied and regurgitated throughout the interest we have made the decision to ban all memes from being upvoted.

hi @nelkeljdm thanks, great to be here. :D

Thanks also for explaining.

What do you reckon the best etiquette for fixing my gaffe with that article would be? Would editing it with an explanation and replacing the original text body be sufficient?

re: memes - do you reckon it might be worth starting a new tag then, like; 'originalmemes' or 'freshmemes' as a simple, lo-fi etiquette fix for the 10% of meme creators?


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