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RE: MinnowBooster - SuperGoat Character Design Competition! Chance to win an SVGuild Vote or Liquid SBD!

in #minnowbooster4 years ago

Hi @minnowbooster! thank you for this amazing contest for designers :)!

This is my entry. Please find the final products at the end of the process:

Asset 1-100.jpg

Asset 3.png

I really had a got time developing the idea of a super goat, I took some ideas from the Minnow and Superman so I hope this could be nicely reflected on the composition.

At the end it is a nice and cute overpowered goat :)


I love it, both the stern one and confused face. Kind of like how I feel when trading.

Love this man

This looks great, Carlos!

thanks hopefully it keeps evolving :)

Oh yeah this is the one!
Love those crazy eyes.
Happy and loveable - got my vote :)

haha thanks, that was the idea to have something friendly and powerful ^^

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