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RE: Investors - Earn up to 49% APR with Delegation Leasing Market (DLM)

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I don't think it is much useful though. after infact a person have to pay steem as an interest daily. This could be very expensive. A minnow on the first hand don't even know how to use steempower and even if he did, it doesn't make much of a difference. Rather only the delegators would be benfited by this not the lessee.


Yes but remember by having increased voting power the minnows can be more esteemed amongst their peers and gather a community around themselves quicker and start building a name for themselves in the community by using their new vote power to support others and get support and followers in return in the long term.

I was definitely trying to figure out how renting SP would actually help my bottom line considering I am a new minnow.

I'd love to get an article from someone with experience to talk about the benefits for us newbies and small frys.

Tell us in clear and laymen term that for example how much one give 500 SP for 4 weeks for 41% APR would generate from leasing? 20 SP FEE charged at the beginning,that means 480 SP(-20 SP). This means leaser should get more that 20 steems after 4 week to be benefited from the delegation process. however i don't that will happens unless i missed something. I asked repeatedly but no answer up to now.

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