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RE: PSA: Discounted Leasing Update For Community Projects - October 2017

I am glad to see, that you received my feedback from a month ago and started posting this info grafic with every post you make. This is so much easier for the new people to understand minnowbooster and don't have to scroll through all the old posts made, to get a clue how to use it.


We also worked really hard to give you this awesome front page:
It has all the live stats of the bot and it checks the voting power and calculates on the fly how much of a vote you should expect.

Yes, the Frontpage is really cool, too. Even discord implemented. You guys are giving the best community service steemit has ever had. Even though this is still beta, I don't want to ever miss it again. My personal steemit experience would be so much worse without it.
Keep improving, you guys are doing a fantastic job ;-)

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