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RE: Minnowbooster has a gift for you

in #minnowbooster4 years ago (edited)

Sadly I cannot lease power. Every time I try it SteemConnect says:


Oops, something goes wrong!

Do you want to try again?

Any ideas? I have the balance, my username and key are correct. What can I do? Can I just send the Steem to @minnowbooster? SteemConnect does not work.


SteemConnect is just a tool to send the steem. If you send it from your wallet with the same memo it will work too.

Congratulations on your leased Steem Power. My company also good some but not such a huge amount as you did. How does it feel to be a temporary whale?

Perfect. Thanks for the help.

What do you put in the memo section when you do it this way?

just the number of weeks you want to lease your SP

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