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RE: MinnowBooster - SuperGoat Character Design Competition! Chance to win an SVGuild Vote or Liquid SBD!

in #minnowbooster4 years ago

Excellent, been waiting to show off my drawing skillz:



LOL....You achieved something I can't

Well you got good free handed art skill 😀 ,, But it's look like Mini Dinosaur 🙊

It's a Goatasaur!

White Walkers-Goat? :D
You have skills indeed!

Brown walkers!

This is a thing of nightmares, thank you for ruining my long weekend @furious-one ;)

Are you glad that i didn't draw a butthole on him?

@furious-one I thought the blue circle with the dot was his butthole? Whooops!

are you like 3 years old? .. WHAT THE HELL MAN!

I win, right?

I really, really, hope this one wins.

This is genius man, better than my entry. The artistic level is beyond humans complex imagination. I highly recommend this should win.

This is awesome! Very realistic too. :D

This is pure genius!
With that word tatooed on its body, no way can anyone miss that it's a soat!

Looks like a roadkill goat.

A-ha! At least you acknowledge it's a goat!

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