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Did you just arrive at Steemit or have been here for some time?

Would you like to send your voting power to the moon, right away?

Yes, well there is an easy and inexpensive way to up your voting strength, so you can up-vote your and other people's posts with high values right from the start, while earning respect and support from the rest of community at the same time.

It is possible now because from today @minnowbooster DOUBLE's the value you will receive from our STEEM POWER Delegation service!!!

What does it mean?

This outstanding gift allows you to become a high weighted voter TODAY! Minnowbooster will shorten your path to becoming a noticed member of the community.

It is a very simple process. We welcome you to LEASE Steem Power by simply sending the desired amount of STEEM and acquire Delegated STEEM POWER to use as you deem fit.

You can decide to use this service for 4 weeks or longer and get 200 DELEGATED STEEM POWER for ONLY 1 STEEM you send or you can also choose a shorter-term lease.

Because of @minnowbooster's great success this far, WE ARE DOUBLING THE INITIAL AMOUNT OF DELEGATED STEEM POWER!

Does it pay off?

Let's see; by way of an example, say your investment is 100 STEEM per week for the mentioned period (4 weeks). It totals to 400 STEEM over 4 weeks, of which you pay the full 400 Steem upfront as security for the delegating party.

Now the math:

100 STEEM x 200 = 20,000 DELEGATED STEEM POWER which you will receive.

At the time of writing, every vote from your account with that amount of delegated power gives a $3.16 upvote (Based on 100% Voting Power).

Your 4-week investment already pays off after roughly 130 upvotes!

BUT YOU WILL VOTE MORE THAN 4 votes PER DAY, right??? ;)

On top of all that, you will gain recognition from other Steemians, meaning more upvotes and comments on your posts.

Imagine yourself able to support others while gaining their respect and admiration. Who wouldn't want to help others while helping yourself? This gift of additional value is an easy shortcut, the real deal and we won't be running it forever.

Hurry up and take your seat in this "super sports car" we are offering at a special lease price for a limited time only- until supplies run out!

Visit our Delegation Market (DLM) page to get started.

Enjoy and Steem on!

The @minnowbooster Team.

T&C's apply and subject to delegator availability.


I noticed some people @patelincho @tipu @crawfish37 tried using steemconnect to transfer but it did not work.

Steemconnect is unstable sometimes, so you can just transfer from your wallet. Just use the same memo.

(upvoted for visibility)

Hello. Hope you are well. My name's @fortified.

I took a liking to your Minnow Booster graphic so decided to make a little animated .gif out of it. Hope you don't mind.



Awesome stuff! That get's a tip!

No problem. It was fun to make. Drop me a message if there is anything else I can do.

Thanks for the tip.

hey friends How many times a day can you vote?

Keep it to about 15 times so it can recharge. Cool service! I am going to use it soon!

Just noticed this, will send via wallet instead because Steem Connect isn't working for me.

I sent the amount from my wallet as per your comment.

Just FYI the reason for the error appears to be that the Memo must be at least 2 characters long. So if you update your site to make the memo '4 Months' instead of '4' I'm pretty sure the error no longer occurs.

really? That is a bug in steemconnect

Yeah the error i saw said that the memo must be between 2 and 36 characters.

can you report that bug to steemconnect? that explains why their software does not work

Hi @reggaemuffin @bulleth hoping you can help me recover my 50 Steem. I paid it to @minnowbooster five days ago and got back a memo saying that if delegation did not happen within 3 days I would be refunded. The delegation never happened and the refund has still not occurred. Can either of you sort this out for me, stressing out here as funds are low. Thanks.

Nice to see this rate :)

Hello @minnowbooster,

I would like rent an important amount of SP (+- 100K of SP)
Are you able to provide that SP or your service has limit?
Do you offer special price for that amount of SP?

Please let me know if you are able to provide this service and at which condition.


Again you guys rock , i m already using the delegators lease service but before it was 100% now it 200% , let me send some steem to my account , thanks

done and follow
please follow me and make upvote :)

Awesome my friend!

This will certainly help us and much in this journey.

Thanks for the update

suppose i have leased 850 steempower by giving 8.50 steem for 1 week.. After 1 week will i get my 8.5steem back?? please ans @minnowbooster ..tnx

From my understanding, you won't get your initial investment back, but will have enough steem power over that period of time to earn well over your initial investment!

No way.... 850 SP means $0.14 if you are voting at 100% with 100% VP.... You may only have 10 vote a day using your 100% if you vote exactly every 2:54 hours... which means $1.4 a day for 10 votes in yourself... which would mean: $9.8 in a week. However, you must remember that you only get 75% and the remaining 25% goes to curation rewards... This means you have a $7.35 waranteed for 1 week... And you might possibly get the $9.8 for curation rewards on your own pots if only you are voting on them (not even bots, randonwhale, minnowsupport or the like).... You might get something more if...

But the idea is that you build followers and you feel great about being able to help people by voting for them, and supporting their projects. And alledgelly you might win more if you are good at curating rewards.

Well... this is why this gift DOUBLING the value on the 4-week investiment is a great way to recover at least your investmnet by voting for yourself on 4 posts/coments a day... and you can use your other 6 comments for other people and/or curating.

Hello the manager of @minnowbooster,I read your post well. And I got an issue. I just landed on Steemit 12 days ago. Now I am trying to read 5-10 posts per day to gain new knowledge. I do believe that I am able to understand about @minowbooster.

Regard from #Indonesia.

Sadly I cannot lease power. Every time I try it SteemConnect says:


Oops, something goes wrong!

Do you want to try again?

Any ideas? I have the balance, my username and key are correct. What can I do? Can I just send the Steem to @minnowbooster? SteemConnect does not work.

SteemConnect is just a tool to send the steem. If you send it from your wallet with the same memo it will work too.

Congratulations on your leased Steem Power. My company also good some but not such a huge amount as you did. How does it feel to be a temporary whale?

Perfect. Thanks for the help.

What do you put in the memo section when you do it this way?

just the number of weeks you want to lease your SP

i m not able to take lease from minnowbooster..im trying to send steem from my account to @minnowbooster.but on steemconnect its saying error again and again..plz help me..i want to lease steempower.. @minnowbooster

try sending from your steem wallet, that may work better for you


I transfer 37 steem for 1 week delegation . If noone delegate me will i get my steem back after expiring time

Exactly, yes. If after 3 days no one delegates to you, you get your steem back.

very good.
I would be happy if you like to follow me and give your opinion about my posts.

LOVE IT !!!! pls make this a permanent change by getting more people who delegate steempower. If you do i will lease every month 🔥🔥🔥😎😎😎.
This is awesome

Lease every month is a lot.

why? if i lease every month for 4 weeks a constant amount it is not a lot. And depending on the price of steem it can be very profitable.

This is awesome guys - I was afraid that @tipU service might run out of Bandwidth but it shouldn't be a problem now :) also thank you for steem redistribution - voting bots accumulate huge amount of steem power but you share it so it's great :) I hope that the other 2 major voting bots will do the same, although I imagine some hard work went into this feature to make it possible ;) cheers!

I noticed some people find it difficult to purchase steem needed to participate in this wonderful offer. I have put up a guide on how to purchase steem using bitcoin here >>> https://steemit.com/minnowbooster/@minnowbooster/minnowbooster-has-a-gift-for-you
Follow @rubiztech if you find this guide helpful

Hey @reggaemuffin , its been a minute man almost fell off this steemit thing but im already an addict so im not going anywhere, im giving your delegation a try i dont know if i got the double sp or not but i just sent you what i had it wasnt very much. In all honesty the entire time ive been on steemit i only aquired like 250 steem. But ive got to start somewhere. This week i sent you 20 im gonna grind my ass off and next week im gonna try to make it 40. See if this really works ive been a little scared so ... make me a believer!!! Haha

keep us updated ;)

I've leased a little SP to the lovely @minnowbooster :)

Been using the service for a while now and it's always been profitable to do so.


This is absolutely awesome. My community must hear this.. We are surely coming for this.

Waoo, best offer so far. Will definiately take part in this gift offer. Keep up the good work. Wouldnt mind for myself. Peace @minnowbooster

Many new Steemians, the users that would this service the most do not have any Steem, only SP & SBD.

Are you also considering to enable paying with SBD to lease SP?

I think that would greatly improve the ease to use of this wonderful service. I know it's easy to convert SBD to Steem, but just look around, almost no new Steemian has done that...

Just my 2 cents, hope to write some great posts that will attract enough upvotes to boost my wallet, once the Steem is there, I will try this leasing service for sure!

Steem on!

Currently we use SBD for upvotes, so mixing these two services will be a pain.

Awww.... Really nice deal for the curators. If someone has to check out your service, this is the TIME FOR IT. I should too.

This is great news, @minnowbooster and @minnowsupport keep improving everyday in your quest to assist minnows, thanks and I'll see you on the Discord for more information pertaining to this post. 👍

@minnowbooster, I ask a delegated sp for 40 steem and I don't receive x100 but x65...Why?

Hi @minnowbooster, I sent you my Steem and I have this response:

But only this, no Steem power was delegated to me, I wrote to you because last time I used this service the answer was different and I immediately got the delegation, have I done something wrong? my name neither appear on minnowbooster.net on market requests neither on filled requests.

I did use minnowbooster and still do not get the point of using it - simple explanation - anyone?

depends on which of our 4 services you used ;)

true - I need to test all of them ....

Still 400STEEM per 20000 SP... What I did wrong?

It's 100 Steem per week

that is exactly as intended, what did you expect?

The APR has gone down from 42% to 18%. Is it worth delegating to the market now? It’s great for giving out several thousand SP+ but anything less brings back change. Good if you do not comment or blog as much and that is why I may delegate all my SP. Do I get a better return on delegating to the MB Bot? Still reading…

Steem Power Delegation service is the best cheer !!!!

Gonna try this minnow booster out..thanks for giving us new members option to boost our post. So what's the max and minimum steem dollar one can invest. How fast can d service be effective...?

I love your services because it helps the minnows like me the most on steemit. I will always use your product and service. Resteemed

Hey @minnowbooster / @reggaemuffin I was just about to lease a bit of power from you guys when this happened:

Please let me know when it's fixed! Want to test it out. :-D

You were probably viewing the page while we do an update, try again now :)

Good timing huh? ;-) Will do!

Site works now, but steem connect doesn't.

Here's the error I'm getting:

Any help greatly appreciated @minnowbooster!

Yes perfect
This is what real help means!!!
Now I strongly believe it is worth buying the service

great job minnowbooster i will now lease it through delegation. thanks alot.

And can you delegate SP to a user like me who supports the new audience?

This is an amazing deal! These days you need Steem Power to launch your Steemit presence. Great service!

Can I boost in multiple installments? For example, can I send 100 Steem today for a boost and then another 100 Steem tomorrow? Will the system handle multiple assignments to one account with differing start and end dates?


and Yest... different star and end times and dates


wow nice

Is this four week 200x special only for a limited time or is it the way minnowbooster will work moving forward?

On using your service to upvote a new post..what is the tme frame to get the vote? some send you the upvote instantly....

question: i've powered up minnowbooster with steem. if i want my steem back, what do i have to do? thx

you have to tell us and we power it down to you

what's the regular way? with a comment on one of your posts or by transfering minnowbooster a minimal amount and telling in the memo?

Easiest is in our discord channel https://discord.gg/Z2BaCZ and there ping me. But other methods work too.

Wow beautiful idea, Thanks for sharing, @minnowbooster

good awesome

I am a returning user on steemit and I checked the link provided
and according to this link I need to send "4 steem"
to get 200 steem power for 4 weeks

but new users wont have 4 steem, even I get 3 steem per week if I power down :(

Congratulations on your leased Steem Power. My company also good some but not such a huge amount as you did.

Incredible, I am just this month joining steemit, also I have gotten a gift from minnowbooste, thanks gifts are given, saa wait next.

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it would be excellent if we would be able to buy steem power in SBD. if it possible please add this feature.
(upvote my comment to be more visible please)

Currently we use SBD for upvotes, so mixing these two services will be a pain. It is easier if you convert your SBD to STEEM :)

it needs 3 days. but ok. i would like your site to have feature also, if i want to delegate 20 steempower for example for 4 weeks how much i get for pay off? it only shows after delegation. am i wrong?

delegation to the bot is not fixed, but on the marketplace you see how much you get

Hi @minnowbooster, I sent 1 SBD to your upvote bot 5 minutes ago, but did not yet receive an upvote. Could you please look into it? Thank you.

Another brilliant articles. I am impressed more and more, day by day. There are so many interesting moments starting to inspire me. Very exciting for me. I wish you the best of luck, also wait for an interesting thought from you! I wait for new articles!

I think you need to explain the basics of how voting earns you money. Here you are assuming that all your (new users) readers understand the fundamental earning meachanism, which are quite intricate for a newbie. You also seem to assume that users understand the mechanism of delegation.

We have many posts explaining things in detail but we cannot put all that info into each of our posts again, that would be a nightmare. If people have a question they can ask it.

I think you overplay the space and time it would take to include. You just need some change in language and some links (if there is lots of information). If you like, I might make a suggestion when I have time.

If you want to write posts that help or have suggestions, tell us, we are always happy to get a helping hand :)

Already using it thanks .

Sounds interesting. your example is with an investment of sbd 100. Does it still make sense to me if I invest much less, let´s say 1 or 5 sbd?

the numbers should be the same, so it works with smaller numbers too

This is good way fot me as a newbie here . And after read this maybe can get a moon like you say . I hope

Great project! It will be very profitable for sure :) Your support for Steemit community is amazing! Thanks @minnowbooster :)

que buena iniciativa voy a leer mas para tomar la decisión, saludos!!

Very nice service, ive used your upgoat a couple times and its very good, just used it on my recent post as well :)
Thanks for good service!

done and follow
please follow me and make upvote :)

Wow. Am so into this. Thanks for the information. I will resteem and also share link to my community

Upvoted and RESTEEMED :)

This is good news,

Happy friendship Day

I always accept gifts :) Thank you Minnow Booster! :P I gave you guys a follow!

Talk soon.

So is this a permanent rate from now on? Also earning by renting through the market place will now earn only 20% APR as compared to 40% before?

We will see how this evolves and yes, they will earn 20% from now on as that is what happens when prices are lower :)

Damnit, I just leased a couple of days ago.. Now I gotta buy more Steem.. xD

ok a tenerlo en cuenta

thank you for you information @minnowbooster

I had sent 2 steem but get only 100 power but you are saying I will get 200 for 2 steem.

you probably leased only for one week, that price is more evpensive

i had send 2 steem with memo 4

I take it the 1 for 200 deal has expired as it says 1 for 150 on the website now? I lease quite a big amount every 4 weeks, is there any way to get this price or better for me again? Last lease was 32 300 SP for 4 weeks.

hey guys @minnowbooster @reggaemuffin there is another account called @minowbooster is it yours as well ? ( with a single "n" )

there were multiple scam accounts by known scammers, so sadly no, we don't control them and cannot refund people

understood ... @raggaemuffin i guess people need to be extra careful of these scammers. You may want to post on it to keep your supporters aware of it.

Already did a few updates ago :)

I really like this initiative. Obviously i am going for it. But my fear is what happens if there is breach of contract by minnowbooster?, will the steem be returned?

If you notice a breach of contract, we will refund you the rest.

Hi.............. Dear @minnowbooster
Your idea is best.
Up voted and resteemed.

Again you guys are awesome, you made my day if it is real because in such a days i have used some time randowhale , booster and promote & null.
i don't know which one is the best. i am really confused.
Thanks minnowbooster for your great contribution. i will try !
please guide anyone.

Omg 9 votes count $ 94 . How ?

That is because some people have a big amount of SP. Something this exact update will help you acquire :)

and im still trying to understand​ the %'s lol

good luck ♥

Nice post. Thanks for share sir.

Love it! Keep it up @minnowbooster

A wonderful initiative.I am new here, i have about 20 Steem power and no steem at the moment. Is there a way i can lease?

Amazing service you offer here. I am sure this will go through the roof because it allows every party to make a profit this way. Really exciting what possibilities this offers.

Upvoted !!!
Resteemed !!!

I just tried but when logging in via steemconnect an error occurs. Happens to my friend as well. Anybody know what the problem is and have a solution?

Finally, a more competitive rate! To lease for a 41% APR was mathematically impossible to recoup from!

I tried to start power down my account today. I get an error message. Is that because I'm delegating my steem power to minnow booster? If that is the case, how can I undelegate? Thanks for the answer.

you can powerdown only what you did not delegated. And you can undelegate by inserting a negative number into our tool.

Thanks for the answer.

I use your services, this helps us the minnows, I'm not even qualified to be called a minnow yet :) But I do love your services :)

Before I apologize, I just saw your post.
I am interested in your offer, and I have some steam. I want to put up your offer. what next ?
Thanks hope i can use SP offer from you

you can send the steem to @minnowbooster with 4 as the memo

How long will this offer last? My clique members are seriously interested in it

definitely this week, we will see how it works then

Excellent application to prevent viruses.@minnowbooster
Please help me vote @balcheng

So now i will get 130sp for 1 steem

1 week contract was not doubled, but is at 100SP per steem. We want to motivate people to lease for 4 weeks or more because of the downtime for investors

I was getting 65sp for 1 steem till now and i have 500steem how much sp i will get now from it for 4 weeks what will be my return ill upvote only myself only 10 votes a day

500 STEEM gives you 25,000 SP for 4 weeks, use https://www.steemnow.com/upvotecalc.html to see if that is worth it for you

Thanks buddy thats all what i needed

Guess that's for a week.It's 200 SP for one Steem for 4 weeks; if I am right. That's really cool...

i want to invest or lease with minnowbooster.but as of now my fund is not enough how i wish this will last longer. thank you for helping us @minnowbooster

My question is.. If you make a lease for 2000 today, can you pay another 40 Steem and get a second delegation?

In the same delegation..