MinnowBooster : Insights on the MB Vote Value Calculation!

Here are some insights on the MB Vote Value Calculation...

Hey folks, @Steembusiness here with some details on the secret Minnowbooster Formula or how I like to call it, the Upgoat-Formula. It's the secret ingredient that guarantees every single one of you profitable upvotes on a daily basis and as we are quite sure that all of you might be interested into this, we would like to share some insight on it with you today.

Let's Start With The Basics

As most of you might know, the curation rewards actually increase during the first 30 minutes of a post. They start at 0% at the very first second and reach their maximum after 30 minutes at 25%. This being said, the author rewards decrease from 100% to 75% respectively over the same amount of time as we tried to illustrate below:


As this function is built-in into the Steem blockchain, it can't be ignored, for that reason our Formula takes it into account respectively. Therefore, just as shown below, the actual upvote value increases over time based on the exact moment the vote actually gets placed. This way it's guaranteed that the author of the post will always receive a profitable upvote of the same value instead of losing money through increasing curation rewards.


But That's Not Everything!

In case the formula would only include the above, Minnowbooster couldn't really guarantee you a profitable upvote though as the most important aspect of the whole equation would be left out - The current market prices of Steem and SBD.

Now it's honestly getting slightly complicated as the vote values shown on Steemit are actually not real $ values after all, but so called STU's. "STU" stands for Steem Token Unit and is used to refer to the post rewards shown on the post which consists of multiple values. In order to keep it simple we won't go too much into the details but rather use the following example to illustrate how the steem blockchain calculates a Payout:

Let's now take it one step further and calculate the Post Payout in USD based on a realistic Minnowbooster Upvote Scenario. For the following illustration we assume that a User sent 10 SBD after 30+ minutes and therefore like above receives 75% of the total Post Payout:


So you may see that by including the value of SBD into the formula, Minnowbooster won't cast any votes, which will end up with a loss for the buyer. Regardless whether SBD is currently valued at 1, 3 or 5$, Minnowbooster will keep its promise of profitable upvotes!

Our Final Remarks

We hope that this short excursion behind the scenes of Minnowbooster made it possible for you to understand the complexity of what's happening in the background after someone buys a Minnowbooster upvote. Nevertheless, in case there are any open questions left, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via a comment below or via Discord.




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Minnowbooster is a @buildteam project by
@thecryptodrive (witness), @cryptomancer and @reggaemuffin (witness)

This is a @steemvoter subscription payment post. Thank you to Steemvoter customers for allowing us to use your Steem accounts to upvote this post by virtue of your free subscription to the Steemvoter.com bot service. @steemvoter is proudly a @buildteam subsidiary and sister project to @steemsports and @minnowbooster.


This is a great explanation of your vote value calculation. @energyaddict22 recently did a great post on strategies for people at different levels:
Steemit Strategies - Understanding Curation Rewards
He got my attention with this statement:

Curation Rewards are a rabbit hole within the rabbit hole that is Steemit. There are so many factors that go into the curation rewards of a normal post (not a comment) that even some of the brightest people I know on Steemit are a bit confused on how to maximize curation.

Thank you for this info @minnowbooster. It helps to understand your strategy.

Thanks for the post. It makes things much clearer.

I think it's important to point out that the roughly 18% profit from using SBD to upgoat a post is an instantaneous profit (well, 1 week delayed), but the lease market and delegation numbers are annual percentage yields.

So content creators are probably much better off upgoating their posts than delegating, but the reverse for lurkers.

The explanation is quite good but there's still something I feel lacking in it. Either way, the best thing to do is to get as much steem power as possible to secure a good amount of rewards.

What would you say does it lack? We are happy to add more details to this already complicated process.

The problem is different @reggaemuffin : there are very large variations of SBD and Steem (in USD) in a few days, and when the money goes back into our wallet it takes too long! If you increased the vote to 25 => 27 STU for 10 SBD (as in the example posted) I would be tempted right now to use minnowbooster always!

I would like to know more about what happens as the price of STEEM fluctuates after the vote. There's a very strange currency futures bet involved in buying MB votes and I'm having difficulty characterizing it.

STEEM price and SBD price changes affect how much you earn. STEEM price changes change the amount of STU paid out. And SBD price changes affect your $ payout when you receive the SBD.

We give profits in each vote and basically you get the same STEEM and SBD price fluctuations, but locked in for 7 days.

basically you get the same STEEM and SBD price fluctuations, but locked in for 7 days

I'm reasonably convinced that there's more exposure to the price of USD while in a post than in just holding STEEM or SBD. (Not sure if that's fundamental or a side effect of the broken SBD peg.) But I'm aware there's nothing Minnowbooster can do about that, I was just hoping it might be a question you already knew the answer to.

I will keep plugging away at the math elsewhere.

Hmmm, not sure. 50% of the investmen is in STEEM anyway, so that does not fluctuate much. But the 50% SBD fluctuate heavily.

I mean the formula is pretty clear, just put it into a spreadsheet, plot a few values and compare to just holding steem or sbd ;)

Thanks a lot for your efforts. And thanks for pushing that!
I would love to see more minnows here with a higher reputation and more rewards.

Upvoted and resteemed and you got a new follower

Holy sh*t - THANKS for that premium upvote!!! :-)

Exactly what I am looking for. Thank you for this explanation. I resteem too.

Thanks for posting

Postingan yang sangat bermanfaat, terimakasih anda telah membagikan informasi 👍

Of course mixed into all that is just a dash of special magic.

The UpGoat Magic Sauce is always included!

I love what u said at the closing remark ### "We hope that this short excursion behind the scenes of Minnowbooster made it possible for you to understand the complexity of what's happening in the background "" i was lost at some point bt i know this info is for the better. I'll read it up. Cheers!

Great post

is there a difference between non-whitelisted and whitelisted votes? I'm referring to buying votes.. I know there is a large size that can be done, but is the rate they are done at different? In other words, is it a more profitable vote for a whitelisted account relative to a non-whitelisted account. Thank you in advance if you can help me out!

dear @minnowbooster.. how are you..
i just #resteem and #upvote...

This is cool ...
You are doing great expanding ur universe ..

On this post I upvoted by 2.3SBD and the rewards are as follows:
1.08 SBD, 0.50 STEEM, 1.16 SP ...and that is before curation.


In USD it looks like this:

2.3SBD = 2.85 USD


1.08 SBD = 1.35 USD
0.50 STEEM = 0.79 USD
1.16 SP = 1.83 USD (if powered down)

TOTAL = 3.97USD x 75% = 2.97 USD.

Which gives 0.67USD or 29.1% profit.

Correct me if I am wrong please....!

NOTE: Using the above as an example, as the post has now received more upvotes since and obviously the calculations have changed.


2.97- 2.85 = 0.12c or 4.21% profit.

Not great but still better than you might get in a bank deposit account over 7 days, I guess....

Click to find out more...

Hola amigos de @minnowbooster
Soy un usuario novato en la plataforma y en pleno proceso de aprendizaje, el cual debo acotar que ha sido bastante fuerte por la cantidad de información que hay que digerir para poder sobrevivir e interactuar en esta plataforma.
Respetuosamente me dirijo a usted para informarles, que procedí a registrarme en @minnowbooster, tal y como se explica en un Post. En primer lugar procedí a seguirlos, posteriormente me registré cumpliendo con los pasos sugeridos, a través de steem conect, luego ingrese al enlace de https://www.minnowbooster.net/users/ y seguí todos los pasos para formalizar y terminar mi registro y adhesión.
Después de 4 días , pude observar que de cada recompensa obtenida, solo el 50% de ellas, era acreditada en mi billetera. Ok revisé la información en https://www.minnowbooster.net/users/breidylara/balance para aclara el porqué?
Allí se especifica que ese 50% lo retiene @minnowbooster, pero también manifiesta que el usuario puede ver el saldo que tiene acumulado, en su balance y el cual puede retirar cuando lo desee.
Busqué en todas las opciones y solamente podía ver el monto que tengo en mi monedero, pero la cantidad retenida en cada una de las recompensas (50%) realizada por @minnowbooster, no las veo relacionadas en ninguna parte, a pesar de que se dice que son depositados posteriormente y que son visibles en el balance. Adicionalmente he estado monitoreando el movimiento de las votaciones y no vi ningún cambio a mi favor en mis post.
De verdad no se qué paso omití, o que fue lo que hice mal. Por eso hoy he decidido, suspender temporalmente mi registro a la membrecía como tal, dado que no tengo claridad en el manejo del Boot, porque no se a donde se fueron esos fondos retenidos. Claro la cantidad en SBD es irrisoria, para un usuario que percibe muchos votos, pero para mí, un usuario nuevo y con poca votación, es un monto importante.

Creo que como a todo novato me ha tocado pagar caro mi novatada, al lanzarme al ruedo como se dice en términos taurinos, sin dominar bien la materia.
En cuanto haya aclarado bien los términos y reglas referente al manejo del tema lo más seguro es que regrese. Pero por ahora necesito me aclaren la situación planteada.
Sin más a que hacer referencia

I follow you follow me back we share the beauty of world

Authentic post! glad to know there are creators like you here. If you wanna see similar post, check my post as well.

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Authentic post! glad to know there are creators like you here. If you wanna see similar post, check my post as well.

dear @minnowbooster i give steem 3days ago but still not recive delegate sp
what can i do now

Very good post,thank you for sharing @minnowbooster

wow ' your picture is very intestring

Thanks for the breakdown very helpful

Hello there!Ijust have a question @reggaemuffin
2-3 months ago minnowbooster was by far the best upvote service for minnows who need visibility with aproximatelly 275% upvote.But this percentage is lowered who knows why(prices-abuse?)Is there chance this % to change in the future?

PS.You have my witness vote for your STEM support which i think it is great.Thanks in advance

And you just got yourself an invitation for the MinnowBooster White List.

@mindtrap this was the answer you were looking for 😊

Was it?To be honest i really don't know what are the privilledges of a white listed person @reggaemuffin
Do i have to do something now?a claim?or it is an automated?If you could clarify i would be grateful

It's automated. Your account goes into a list that current people on the whitelist vote for, and when you have five votes an admin confirms the decision. Right now votes come in pretty fast, and I already voted for you, so you have at least one. If you're accepted you'll be notified by a wallet message.

Whitelisted members get a significantly higher profitability on votes, as well as more/larger available vote values, and double the daily maximum. Plus the ability to invite and vote on new whitelist members.

Thank you so much for the explanation and of course for the vote @tcpolymath

Thank you for the explanation as well. I received notice adding my blog to the list yesterday, what a pleasant surprise. Thanks, to those for their votes of support! :)

It appears I need to create an acount at minnowbooster?

It uses your Steemit account. And you don't have to sign up if you don't want to - if you don't buy votes it doesn't matter, and if you buy votes by sending SBD to @minnowbooster you'll get the extra whitelist profit anyway. The only thing you have to have a MB account for is if you want to play the game of inviting and voting on other users. Which is kind of addictive, and can have a nice little residual income to it, but is not in any way necessary.

Whow! So much imformation about whitelist status. Almost like full article just in some comments. I think it would be useful for minnows and for them who just want to join to minnobooster service!

@tcpolymath I'm interested in the white list too. Maybe you remember me from your contest (^_^).

Yes, among other reasons that I can only guess at, the stated reason was that widespread abuse of the profitable nature of the upvote made it too good of a target for botnets and abusers to churn sbd and buy votes.

excellent publication I really understood how it works, since I am new to steemit and I have published little, I am learning thanks for this type of publication.

very very beautiful

I hope you aint making Furious one write these posts as well. haha.
He gots to be on discord answering my silly questions. :D

Good post!!

A very complicated process very well explained. I am new here and I am trying to understand the whole process. Either way would love to keep reading you and collaborate. Thanks @minnowbooster

Great Read! Check out my post as well.

Hey @reggaemuffin. I featured you and BuildTeam in my latest tutorial video on Minnowbooster's tools. Have a look!


(I have another video coming out tomorrow where I explain how to use the vote bot tool.)

Awesome stuff, thank you!

Very important information you just give it to us.I really like the post and thanks for tge information.it motiveted peoples a lot.again thank you. @minnowbooster

Good read. Sometimes I was confused how the curation works and how it will be calculated and distributed from the authors and to all curators. Thanks anyway for the detailed explanation. Resteemed for this 😊

Your insights and experiences are amazing.I am proud of you for sharing your experience.very useful for me experiences and ideas from you. thank you for your insight.

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Your post is very great.
I feel very meaningful.

minnowbooster is my favorite bidbots, I use it every day, not to mention that it helps me a little to sell my vote.

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Great idea! I like your thought behind it. Check my post as well

Great Read! Check out my post as well.

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