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UPDATE: The contest is now finished, no further entries will be accepted. A big thank you goes to all who participated; we saw some really cool designs from you monster loving guys and gals! Winners will be announced shortly so stay tuned.

Hey hey hey! Today we have something really special in store for Steemians across the platform. You may have already guessed it from reading the title above. That's right folks, we're giving away Steem Monsters gear in an effort to support the project and the Steem ecosystem as a whole!

You may or may not know that Steem Monsters is an awesome digital asset project which allows you to purchase and own your very own monsters on the blockchain. Beyond that you can battle your decks against other people's decks and win prizes in their hosted competitions.

BuildTeam has recently made an effort to educate users about Steem Monsters in our @BTUniverse post located here:


Now, it's MinnowBooster's turn to lend a hand and give out some awesome Steem Monsters prizes!

In order to win a prize you must follow the instructions set out below:

1.) Create a Minnow Monster by hand or with graphic design software.

2.) Post your Minnow Monster in the comment section below along with 1-2 paragraphs about your monster (it could be about the process or a backstory, you decide. Or, if you'd prefer make a post on your blog about your monster and link to it.)

3.) Have fun with this and may the luck of the Minnow grace you with its blessing!

Criteria for Judges

We will be looking for the following traits in your creation to select winners:

1.) Creativity (go all out and really create something interesting!)

2.) Effort (give it your best shot and don't spare detail!)

3.) Shock Factor (we'd like it to be scary in the spirit of Steem Monsters!)

Now for the prizes we are offering for contest winners:

1st place -

The winner of the 1st place prize will receive 1 promo code for a free SM Starter Pack + Steem Account Creation, 5 alpha booster packs and a gold foil alpha Lyanna Natura summoner!

  • Note: this card was trading for $25 on the Steem Monsters card market at time of posting.

2nd place -

The winner of the 2nd place prize will receive 1 promo code for a free SM Starter Pack + Steem Account Creation and 5 extra alpha booster packs!

3rd place -

The winner of the 3rd place prize will receive 1 promo code for a free SM Starter Pack + Steem Account Creation.

Wrap Up

We hope you win but if you don't, there's still no doubt that Steem Monsters is loads of fun and there's never been a better time to get involved!

Winners will be announced 10 days from the date of this post.

MinnowBooster wishes you the best and is proud to support the ecosystem with this fun and exciting contest.

Good luck!



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My entry for the Contest is the Monterwhale.


Banned Monsterwhale on a Steemmonsters Card


...looks like he is a little bit to big ;)

I made this post about the my entry. You can take a look at the illustration process there to:

I'm loving this, it looks amazing!

Thank you I’m happy you like it and thank you for the votes😌

That's a really elegant fish, that's what I would imagine a waterborne unicorn would lool like. :)

Thank you ;)

Wow great contest. Will join definitely

More like these should be organised

This is Billy... Billy is a deranged flesh eating monster who preys on Steemians with poor quality and plagiarized content.

He lives in the depths of the Estonian forests and only kills when it Rains. He loves to go on hikes, long walks on the beach and crunch on human bones.

Billy is my friend and I am his.


Here is my entry! Fingers crossed!

No real backstory there. I believe this monster is suitable for any horror or monster themed competion, because of it's uber monstery powers.

Why he looks like he is going to tip over any second? He is not, he is jumping on you from above.

Very funny @furious-one. Right now you're a solid contender for 1st place!

A wild Minnow Monster appears!

Lurking in the depths of the ocean, the Minnow Monster's eyes glow a spooky red hue. Venom builds up in the tips of its fangs, as it feels its prey swim closer.

The victim must be a wee little plankton with no experience and a tiny amount of power in its brain, making it swim right in the trap.

Even the bigger fish know better to refrain from swimming deep, as nobody can escape the Minnow Monster's jaws once caught. And if by any miracle they do, the venom will become fatal anyway.

DerangedMinnow was raised by zombie killer whales and cursed jellyfish. A lust for blood and mayhem drives him to kill anything and everything he can. He always looks for his next feed and prefers to eat the brains of hopeless developers.

He sneaks up on his prey when they aren't paying attention and sinks his star like teeth into their veins. Be careful because this is one minnow monster you don't want to mess with!

Omg, this is so interesting am definitely gonna participate

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Looking forward to it!

The Minnow Booster is a summoner of a special team made up of cards of any element.
This is the commander of the legions of the invisible, of the despised, of the powerless. His power acts on level 1 cards with less than 3 hearts that do not have shields.
It makes everyone attack the front enemy at the same time !

My Monster Minnow lives in the depths of the seas where there is little light, but with his eyes he can see without any problem, this makes him a predator that with his huge teeth tear his prey, a bite of this fish will give him his opponent a high dose of poison leaving his opponent completely immobile.

The stripes on the side are activated when needed to move even faster and hit their prey and eat it.


Hello to all!
Here is my entry - H.O.C.S.

Thank you so much

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Great of contest, I hope can be participant😊

If you can wield a pencil or a gfx software, please do! All are welcome

just one entry?

I must join it ^^ ! Yay!

Great contest bro i will join this contest

Hi, I really like your content have an upvote.

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Count me in! I love to participate

Dang if only I had design skills lol I love this though!

Here is my Entry.
It is also my Inktober drawing for todays word „chop“. I had just time to work out one Illustration so I combination it with the idea to create a Minnowmonster.

The goldfish is the Minnow, feeding from the seaturtle which represents the Minnowbooster.



Oh no did I really was to late with my entry? ...I know it was a last second entry but it took my to long writing the post arround it.

Maybe stop plagiarizing?

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