MinnowBooster - SuperGoat Character Design Competition! Chance to win an SVGuild Vote or Liquid SBD!

Hey everybody! This is @beekart here bringing you another exciting competition to give Steemians a chance to get creative! Some may not know this, but I'm the lead graphic designer for @buildteam and @minnowbooster.

It is my goal through @minnowbooster to bring Steemians across the platform increased access to opportunity and prosperity, so, designers get ready! This one is for you!

In this announcement, I'll go over all the rules and details of our 'SuperGoat' contest and lay it out as simply as I can!

So are you ready? This goat is!


The SuperGoat Contest Rules

Rule 1:

You must create a brand new and original SuperGoat as depicted in the examples above.

Rule 2:

You must make your submission in the comments section below within 7 days of this contest announcement. Winners will be chosen after the post has paid out.

Rule 3:

Your work must be completely original and of a semi-professional/professional nature to be considered as a prize winner.

Rule 4:

Only 1 submission can be made for each contest participant. If you submit more than 1 submission you may be disqualified from the contest at our discretion.

The SuperGoat Contest Prize Details

  • BuildTeam has put aside a budget of 1 SV Guild vote for the grand prize winner to be used on a post that outlines the creation of their SuperGoat. We've also put aside 30 SBD which will be used to reward 2nd Place with a prize of 20SBD and third place a prize of 10SBD.

  • In total, 3 amazing designers will receive a prize.

By entering this competition, participants hereby assign @minnowbooster the right of use of their designs for both commercial and non-commercial applications.

All contest winners must contact us via our Discord within one month of the winners announcement and send their winning submissions as hi-res images in a timely manner to our admins in order to claim the prize.

Contest participants can feel free to contact us if they have any further questions about the contest.

Go ahead and root for the entrants by upvoting their submissions, spread some love and adoration for their talents! :)

Good luck Steemians and may the force of the SuperGoat be with you!

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Minimum Upvote0.01 SBDMinimum SBD you can send
Upvote comments?Can Be Enabled
ProfitAlways Guaranteed!Varies with SBD price, but always receive more than send.
Minimum Lease Purchase1 STEEM
Maximum SP Lease / Steem1 STEEM/50 SPPrice per week/Lease size
Minimum SP Lease / Steem1 STEEM/400 SPPrice per week/Lease size

Provide us with feedback

We are happy to hear your feedback on where we can improve.

Join our Discord chat

Get support and connect with us and other Minnowbooster fans!

We are always looking to improve @minnowbooster and try to keep you up-to-date whenever something changes. If you have any suggestions about what we should change or add to @minnowbooster, then please drop by and let us know!

Missed the BuildTeam announcement? Here are all the juicy details.

Minnowbooster is a @buildteam project by @thecryptodrive (witness) @cryptomancer and @reggaemuffin (witness)

Visit our flashy new website minnowbooster.net!

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Some days I became whitelisted on minnowbooster - and I just wanted to say that I hope you enjoy my quality content ;)


To my post and video process!

Hi @minnowbooster! thank you for this amazing contest for designers :)!

This is my entry. Please find the final products at the end of the process:

Asset 1-100.jpg

Asset 3.png

I really had a got time developing the idea of a super goat, I took some ideas from the Minnow and Superman so I hope this could be nicely reflected on the composition.

At the end it is a nice and cute overpowered goat :)

I love it, both the stern one and confused face. Kind of like how I feel when trading.

Love this man

This looks great, Carlos!

thanks hopefully it keeps evolving :)

Oh yeah this is the one!
Love those crazy eyes.
Happy and loveable - got my vote :)

haha thanks, that was the idea to have something friendly and powerful ^^

Excellent, been waiting to show off my drawing skillz:


LOL....You achieved something I can't

Well you got good free handed art skill 😀 ,, But it's look like Mini Dinosaur 🙊

It's a Goatasaur!

White Walkers-Goat? :D
You have skills indeed!

Brown walkers!

This is a thing of nightmares, thank you for ruining my long weekend @furious-one ;)

Are you glad that i didn't draw a butthole on him?

@furious-one I thought the blue circle with the dot was his butthole? Whooops!

are you like 3 years old? .. WHAT THE HELL MAN!

I win, right?

I really, really, hope this one wins.

This is genius man, better than my entry. The artistic level is beyond humans complex imagination. I highly recommend this should win.

This is awesome! Very realistic too. :D

This is pure genius!
With that word tatooed on its body, no way can anyone miss that it's a soat!

Looks like a roadkill goat.

A-ha! At least you acknowledge it's a goat!

My 11 year old daughter couldn’t resist trying her hand at a super goat. Here’s her entry:


Looks like your daughter may even win this!

Here is my entry:

my post can be seen: on this link here

haha love it man! :D awesome work!

Thank you :D
I did my best and had some fun too :)

Now that's a super goat :D original and full of character.

Hahaaa :) Thanks ;)
He also has a secret identity and no other goat knows it's him :p

Looks like a stoner :)

Lol :)
I don't know what to say to that :D

Looks very cool!

Thanks :)

Dear MinnowBooster,

I realize I'm not a professional graphic designer but I appreciate the chance to express my creativity in this contest. I've submitted my entry of 'SuperGoat' for judges below. Please don't laugh... Thank you.

MB SuperGoat by @techblogger:


So sad... Well there goes my ambitions to become an artist... I guess I'll just be a janitor and follow my mother's advice. Take care brother.

This is my entry

You probably won't get a better submission.

This goes for at least 50 SBD nothing below that.

You are truly gifted! Well done :D

Hello, i decided to take part in it to so i came up with that. :)And yes i say it is a goat, atleast part of it is.
All done in Blender :)
I hope you guys like it :)


Super - Copy.jpg

This is not a goat bro. 😂😂😂

Hi everyone! :)

This Supergoat has unique super abilities.
Lightweight and strong horns, hollow inside, has a form of trumpet. When the goat bleats, the sound resonates in his huge horns and the sound wave demoralizes enemies, causing panic and diarrhea.
In close combat Supergoat uses electric flashes emitted from the beard. The goat rubs his furry flanks with hoofs, accumulating static electricity, concentrating it in the beard and then sending it to the enemy.
Because of the huge horns, the goat has a thick, muscular neck, which he masks well behind a stylish collar.
Restores strength by chewing pieces of a cloak made from some kind of herb.



Say hello to W.D. Goat ...
W.D. stands for Whale Dreaming..

He takes on the whales and leads the Minnows to the heights that whales can't go to! can't go!

I like it . it showed multiple tag lines colorful pictures not using the typical capes

This is my entry for Super Goat Cyborg Edition. He has electric horns, bionic eyes, wings, a death ray for a hand and rockets for legs. I liked the black and red colors because it gives him some sort of dark aura, like he had a dark past where he had too fight evil whales or something like that xD. Hope everyone likes it

This is ultracool!

:D! he's ready to kick ass!

Greetings, this is my ticket

Hi @minnowbooster notice my simple design senpai :) I'm not a good designer



Actually i think you did quite well with this!

Cool, you've got some process with this one bro? I mean proof of works.

Hey all, I finally managed to finish my entry :-) Here is my SuperGoat design.
With a full breakdown in my post here

Oh man, I love this one!

Thank you :) super glad you do.

super goat.png

This is my entry to SuperGoat Competition
He concentrates all his energy through his horns and fires bursts of blue fire, with this power he fights the crime of his farm. It was made completely with Flash.


thx very much my firend :D

Esta hermosísimo, te felicito, mucha suerte :)

It's hard to create Super Goat characters,
this is all I can edit ..LoL! 😁😁😁SuperGoat-picsay.jpg

Dear @minnowbooster, i am very appreciating your service, but i do not know why my selling upvote won't work, i am already over 10 days belong you but upvote selling balance still zero...

Due to a massive delegation that Minnowbooster recently got, smaller vote sellers' votes were not used much. But now Minnowbooster votes are almost sold out again, which means all vote sellers should sell at least some votes.

after i submit the character in here, can i make a post about the art from my blog?

I wanna be white-listed! :(

I really really miss the old goats btw. I hope new goats are amazing too :)

Hi @minnowbooster team!

Please check out my entry here:
Rocketeer Goat!


I made a separate post on how I made him.
Please check it out here:

Thank you for another awesome contest!

He's so happy to MOON!!!... but he's in the wrong direction xD

Hahaha! He's just too fast!
He's aiming for the moon of another planet!
Maybe one of Saturn's! :D


here is my entry...!

minnowbooster goat.png

for the bigger version you have to be here...!! https://steemit.com/minnowbooster/@elohibaluk/supergoat-character-design-competition-by-minnowbooster

The worst upvoting bot as you usually even don't get 2times what you send to minnowbooster. Before 10 minutes I sent 1SBD and got 1.75 upvote . For example Appreaciator or Upme is much better...

Hear is my super goat, it is flying in sky like superman.

you are very lucky ... have a lot of bots. good luck always
Dont forget to visit my blog

I decided to give this a try.. haha..

here's my attempt at it, i thought it would be an interesting concept if the goat was somewhat robotic..


This is my entry:
"Supergoat"; acrylic on paper; original design
He is always alone.
He never joins any "Leagues", no matter the "Justice" or the "Avengers".
"There's no why. I just don't want to see your costume. It's ugly." That's how he replied to Clark Kent.
He does what he believes is right.
And he does it alone.
This is he. He is Supergoat.

As one of the few friends of Supergoat, I have been asked to keep his real identity confidential.
The only thing I can tell the public is:
Being a "goat", he is actually an Aries.
That's all. No more information allowed.


Top secret! His name must be Bruce~ Yes, I think so aha.

hola @minnowbooster ,esta es mi entrada al concurso

cabra 1.jpg

cabra 2.jpg

cabra 3.jpg

Espero les guste

Hola @minnowbooster , esta es mi entrada al concurso






Very nice your post,minnowbooster

This is super goat from me

No offense but it looks like a cutout rather than an original art. Please make sure it is your original art coz it is a competition and people don't tolerate such entries and flag them and Flags, my friend, are not good for someone with 25 reputation.

Hola @minnowowbooster ,espero llegar a tiempo al concurso,saludos
Hello @minnowowbooster, I hope to get to the contest in time, regards

Wow - some truly awesome goats everyone!

ini hasil dari memikir

M off to creativity world with my softwares. Will be back In a moment if creativity finds me

i like minnowbooster
minnowbooster really inprotant for me
invest and great success

Where's the goat? I want goats

just want to join though iam not that good in artwork hahahha..here is my entry.

hi minnowbooster i am comming

Hello, I requested a delegation of 200 sp, from past expierience with you, it will not happen, how do I cancel the request?. Thanks in advance.

this isn't a goat...

Cool drawing... but....You've never been to a farm in your life?

you always give me 1$=2.3$,,,but i didn't get my previous post,,

nice post.... please vote me

this is my ticket

it is very helpful & important post . tnx for share . ......
keep it up............

why you send me only 0.001 sbd?? but i send you 0.015 sbd

Hi friend hello..... @minnowbooster I sent you 0.300 sbd 8 days ago and 0.223 sbd 17 hours ago please vote @almamun

My steemian @minnowbooster I'll try my best to participate in this competition!


ini hasil dari memikir

Not sure how the goats come into this but I'm trying to do what I see others doing in an attempt to learn by doing.
Interesting to see what happens next.

Hello @minnowbooster

I will regularly create the list of contests in progress in order to give more visibility to the challenges and allow as many people as possible to play.


If you start a contest, feel free to let me know so I can add it to the list. Thank you for your work, sweet continuation :)

hy I'm new,so would you please help me?? And how can i get help?

Minnowbooster is a great account that is useful for all my own steemit flatform using Minnowbooster service on discord to help upvote. I am very thankful to minnowbooster. Hope Minnowbooster be the best flatform in steemit.

excellent friend You have my support. I hope to count on your support to keep growing. regards

Hi friend @minnowbooster how are you..... I sent you 300 sbd 7 days ago and 223 sbd 2 hours ago please vote @almamun..

This goat looks more like rat than goat. Ha ha. Minnow booster, we minnows are indebted to you guys. Without your help, we may never could stand with the big fishes here. Thanks guys, from bottom of our heart.

Good post.... Thanks my friend @minnowbooster

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Will definitely participate :)
BUT i have a question
What is an SV Guild vote?

It's quite a pleasant vote by those, who have "guild" support checked in Steemvoter, that can be used occasionally on valued and quality authors as a reward.

He's got a baaaaaaaaad attitude.

To listen to the audio version of this article click on the play image.

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How we participate in this competition is there in comments section i upload it???

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