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Hey there, @reggaemuffin here with a quick update.

We have an important announcement to make about our community delegation rates. After playing with the numbers we have found that in @minnowbooster's current state, we are able to increase support to our Steem community members.

Previously we have offered our community members leases of 180 SP per STEEM for leases over 4 weeks. With a bit of number crunching we would like to announce that community members can now receive special rates of 200SP for 4 weeks or more.

If community members can think of any other ways in which they would like to be supported, feel free to drop by our discord room and give us a few ideas!

PS: The voting power is slowly recovering and we will most likely increase the limits in the next few days, stay tuned!

What can MINNOWBOOSTER do for you

Buy upvoteSBDEarn an instant return
Lease SP from marketSTEEMIncrease your vote strength and curation rewards
Delegate SP to marketSTEEM POWEREarn daily STEEM dividends
Invest STEEM in MinnowBoosterSTEEMEarn daily SBD dividends
Delegate SP to MinnowBoosterSTEEM POWEREarn daily SBD dividends

Read the full-featured how-to guide here:

NB! The above is an introduction post to get you familiarized with the services Minnowbooster offers. Please read it before using Minnowbooster services. Since inception we have updated many paramaters for the voting bot and DLM. You can find the most recent paramaters below or at


Minimum Upvote5 SBDMinimum SBD you can send
Upvote comments?NO
Profit at 100% VP3 timesCheck VP at
Daily Limit5.0 SBDMaximum you can send in 24h
Weekly Limit15.0 SBD7 day maximum
Minimum SP Lease1 STEEM
1-3 Week Lease1 STEEM/75 SPPrice per week/Lease size
4-24 week Lease1 STEEM/150 SPPrice per week/Lease size

Provide us with feedback

We are happy to hear your feedback about where we can improve.

Join our Discord chat

Get support and connect with us and other Minnowbooster fans!

We are always looking to improve @minnowbooster and try to keep you up-to-date whenever something changes. If you have any suggestions about what we should change or add to @minnowbooster, then please write us a comment :) If you make a great suggestion and we implement it, you may even get rewarded with BUILDTEAM ... So make sure you include your Bitshares username with your suggestion!

Don't have a Bitshares account? Create one here.

Missed the BuildTeam announcement? Here's all the juicy details.

Video Tutorials

MinnowBooster Tutorial #1: Delegating SP to MinnowBooster

MinnowBooster Tutorial #2: Powering up STEEM to MinnowBooster

MinnowBooster Tutorial #3: Upvoting Posts with MinnowBooster

MinnowBooster Tutorial #4: Leasing Delegated Steem Power with MinnowBooster

MinnowBooster Tutorial #5: Delegating Steem Power to the Market

And last but not least, here's our cute little footer made by the most epic @ryivhnn! Yes, there are cute little minnows floating around!

Minnowbooster is a @buildteam project by @thecryptodrive @cryptomancer and @reggaemuffin

This is a @steemvoter subscription payment post. Thank you to Steemvoter customers for allowing us to use your Steem accounts to upvote this post by virtue of your free subscription to the bot service. @steemvoter is proudly a @buildteam subsidiary and sister project to @steemsports and @minnowbooster.


Must acquire more SP.
Get much reward for special creative delegates.
Human unit like vote.
much Steempower for strange SBD tokens.
Upgrade to service increased efficiency!
Full power bot is happy bot.

Totally agree with you ;)

best suggestions

Thanks @minnowbooster, I joined the group!

I am glad to see, that you received my feedback from a month ago and started posting this info grafic with every post you make. This is so much easier for the new people to understand minnowbooster and don't have to scroll through all the old posts made, to get a clue how to use it.

We also worked really hard to give you this awesome front page:
It has all the live stats of the bot and it checks the voting power and calculates on the fly how much of a vote you should expect.

Yes, the Frontpage is really cool, too. Even discord implemented. You guys are giving the best community service steemit has ever had. Even though this is still beta, I don't want to ever miss it again. My personal steemit experience would be so much worse without it.
Keep improving, you guys are doing a fantastic job ;-)

Being the largest and popular upvote bot @minnowbooster may have some responsibility too. I think 10-25% to total power can reserved for humanly curation.

Minnowbooster can ask volunteer or hire curators. Users will send $5+1 sbd, (extra 1sbd means- seriousness of the users), it will be judged by the curator. Minnowbooster will vote (5+1)% normally . Provide a better vote (say, double or triple) according to the quality. It will be a curation work by minnowbooster. @randowhale uses 25-100% very rare vote. Therefore, this process will be better than blind voting.

Also, please lower the minimum vote to 1 SBD or 2 sbd vote, it is hard for minnows.

Probably some sleeping on daily basis rather than random to recover some VP.

Thanks .... I will go subscribe to your YouTube Channel also. I am #41 Subscriber

Thank you :) New videos are already in production

Excellent - I am Offgrid Life on YouTube

Hi :)

This is all very new to me and I'm trying to get my head around the logistics of the platform. I've now subscribed to your You Tube channel to learn more (43).

Thank you .... see you on the other side of Steemit ignorance :)

Welcome to the Blockchain 🐐

We are here to help you if you have any questions. Our discord server is open for everyone 😊

Thank you :)

In three words: I love you @minnowbooster ❤️

What a great news!

You have collected your daily Power Up! This post received an upvote worth of 0.26$.
Learn how to Power Up Smart here!

Great efforts you are putting everyday to build this community. And you have outclass all other voting bots (those are dying with each day)

Happy News ;)

Hi @reggaemuffin, I just applied for Steem delegation again, not too sure that I was offered the rates for community organizations, I am head of the Ecumenical Order of Christ. If you could look into applying those rates, that would be great, thanks for your services.

Hey @prime-cleric,
Come talk to us on discord and explain why you feel you support a community here on steem. If you have others supporting your claim, that will help too.

Should we decide to apply the discount, all new leases are affected by the discount automatically. And you will see them in green in the market.

Thanks, just got onto Discord now, sent a message.

Thanks @reggaemuffin, very helpful.

Please lower the minimum vote to 1 SBD or 2 sbd vote,

Hey @minnowbooster thank you for the update.

It will be awesome if you can add the daily profit rate in the Market delegations given report.

Is a robot getting upvoted? LOL

@minnowbooster : I miss a german Version from you. Please can you help me?

just checking if i read that correct, 200SP for 1 steem token? :)

Only for approved community projects, all others still have the 150SP price :)

its written 150SP not 200SP for 1 steem token 4-24 week Lease or 1-3 Week Lease 1 STEEM/75SP

For community projects we have a discount, they get 200 :)

Ok ,, how can i be a part of this community project ?

Is your account a community project?

No it's not, now i understand what you mean by community project

Great service you are offering out there. Will always drop by if there are issues I'd like addressed. Keep up the good but hard work!

Been using your upvote service for some time now. Great great job and support. Will be looking into your lease service too.

I have upvote you
Please visit to my blog and i hope you vote me

its really amazing how this project is helping the minnows ,,
great work and thank you

Wow amazing...

the rate for take SP is actually 150, not 200 .. am i wrong? @minnowbooster

How will I rent SP from you?

Check out the YouTube video tutorial linked in the post.

Ok thanks bro!!!

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Great step! Please also consider increasing the weekly SBD limit back to 25 SBD.

Read the small PS I added :)

Lol I totally skipped that! Thank you for increasing the limit!

I love your service, been using it since I got here. I may even lease some sp for @steemcreations . Can you check if @stemcreations counts as a project or not? Am I viable to get 200SP instead of 150?

Talk to us on discord and pitch the project and how it supports minnows. 🐐

Great initiative, thanks for it. Like the mascotts drawing ;)

thanks for the information. what your news is useful for us all ..

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We really like your activity on Steemit and I want to invite you to our automated Steemit bounty program.

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Please, let me know about your decision in return message 😉

Hi ! @minnowbooster can you please help me to grow my account i want to earn but i have't investment , Please Help me to grow .Thanks

Hey there
I delegated some SP to the bot but I would like to stop it and actually delegate SP to the market. How can I do? Thank you

Come talk to us on discord and we guide you through the process.

Sorry what does mean on discord?

Discord is a chat application. In our post we have a big blue button that brings you to our chaz

How are your friends steemit hopefully still be given health. And I hope your days are fun, with your latest posts, which inspire and inspire many of Steemit's loyal readers.

@minnowbooster a lot of your good posts This is a very interesting and useful post, so my heart's intention to read and see in detail the posts you share. I follow you.

Just reached out, would love to discuss getting the Steemit Music League some SteemPower :)

We approved your request and the discount should be applied. Try with a small amount first 🐐

Roger that appreciate you and the community.