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RE: Minnowbooster has a gift for you

I noticed some people @patelincho @tipu @crawfish37 tried using steemconnect to transfer but it did not work.

Steemconnect is unstable sometimes, so you can just transfer from your wallet. Just use the same memo.

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Hello. Hope you are well. My name's @fortified.

I took a liking to your Minnow Booster graphic so decided to make a little animated .gif out of it. Hope you don't mind.



Awesome stuff! That get's a tip!

No problem. It was fun to make. Drop me a message if there is anything else I can do.

Thanks for the tip.

hey friends How many times a day can you vote?

Keep it to about 15 times so it can recharge. Cool service! I am going to use it soon!

Just noticed this, will send via wallet instead because Steem Connect isn't working for me.

I sent the amount from my wallet as per your comment.

Just FYI the reason for the error appears to be that the Memo must be at least 2 characters long. So if you update your site to make the memo '4 Months' instead of '4' I'm pretty sure the error no longer occurs.

really? That is a bug in steemconnect

Yeah the error i saw said that the memo must be between 2 and 36 characters.

can you report that bug to steemconnect? that explains why their software does not work

Hi @reggaemuffin @bulleth hoping you can help me recover my 50 Steem. I paid it to @minnowbooster five days ago and got back a memo saying that if delegation did not happen within 3 days I would be refunded. The delegation never happened and the refund has still not occurred. Can either of you sort this out for me, stressing out here as funds are low. Thanks.

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