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RE: Investors - Earn up to 49% APR with Delegation Leasing Market (DLM)

Hey @thecryptodrive, firstly this is really great work, thanks. Where can I get more reading material on this exact topic? Let me know so I can see what to do. Witness vote check, upvoted and resteemed


If you have a question, you can ask them in their discord channel. They are very responsive and helpful.

Thank you for that info and I'm sure they'll help me out with whatever questions I might have. You guys are doing a great job... Cheers 👍

You are welcome , @zeidlitwhips.

BTW, I am not working with @minnowbooster. I have invested some steem in their services and when I needed some help, I went to their discord channel, and they were surprisingly patient and helpful.

So, as a form of gratitude, I thought I would spread the word.

I realized that after posting the comment. I knew maybe you had used their services before and are familiar with it. I appreciate the courtesy and the help, I'll learn more about it and then I will see if they can help me abit. Cheers 👍

Heya, you can have a look at the @minnowbooster blog, specifically the first intro post. Thanks for the votes and resteem!

Also check our Discord Channel

Thanks, I will check them out as advised including the Discord channel. I appreciate the help and your posts are a big help. Cheers

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