Resource Credits Costs Tracking

Tracking of the RC costs as posted on steemd.


Looks like more tweaks have been made and in my opinion not for the better. Votes are cheaper, but that only really helps the bullshit accounts like night-heron who upvote at small amounts (6% power with 200sp) in an attempt to take curation rewards for doing nothing. They add zero value to the blockchain. They are also a great example of why 50% curation rewards is just asking for more bullshit vote bots.

The item that matters most, comments has increased. That 0.12M doesn't sound like much until you realize that it's 15.3% increase compared to last week. That means less engagement then the already extremely low levels that a newbie can currently do.

Anyways the stats from a 20sp account at full mana/RC's:
Enough credits for approximately:
100+ votes
100+ transfers

Your recharge rate is 4.2M per day.

Oh look at that, the recharge rate is now also 0.4M lower. This means if this account was to power up earnings once, comment and vote 4 times it's used an entire days worth of RC's.

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