Resource Credits Costs Tracking

Tracking of the RC costs as posted on steemd.


Big changes in costs which should drastically help the smaller members of steemit. The way this is being displayed on Steemd changed and to avoid a lot of extra work I'm going with the change.

Basically all costs have been cut in half. This is much better, but still doesn't fix the issue for brand new members.

Here are some details for a 20sp account:

  • Your recharge rate is 4.6M per day.

  • Enough credits for approximately:
    100+ votes
    100+ transfers
    100% recharged in 6 hours

Now this account only casts a few votes per day so it stays fully charged, but 4.6M recharge for 20sp only gives enough to write a post and reply to a few comments and maybe upvote a few times. Still far short of making steemit a Social Network. More changes are needed to help the smallest members.


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