Resource Credits Costs Tracking - 01/05/2019

Tracking of the RC costs as posted on steemd.

Action 01/05|12/26|11/29|10/29|09/29
comments | 0.9M | 0.9M | 0.9M | 0.9M | 1.6M
votes | 0.065M | 0.065M | 0.065M | 0.064M | .28M
transfers/powerups | 0.15M | 0.15M | 0.15M | 0.15M | .26M

Looks like we have had basically the same costs now for about 2 months. This level has continued to make it impossible for newer accounts to be social on this supposedly "social network". Until these numbers are reduced or RC delegation pools are created it's going to be very hard to onboard a large number of new users. Really hope that those who have the power to make changes do so as these prices are insanely high. A new person should not be expected to invest cash to post. It's a big deal now with 30c steem, can you imagine the issues when it's $2 steem and you need 100 steem to function?

Will keep posting updates for long term tracking purposes.

I did remove some past data to simplify the view. Past posts can be viewed to see the exact history of the RC's costs if you want to see them.


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