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This one is for you my minnow friends!

For a while now, I've been hoping to compile a master guidebook of my advice for newer steemians. I've put out some great advice posts before, but they are mostly buried deep in my steemit history, so it's hard for minnows to find them. Anyway, I thought that it would be best for me to share some advice on a weekly basis, hence, "MINNOW MONDAY!"


Whatever you were before, or whatever you're going to be, right now, you're a steemian. This is a good thing, but it's going to be tough. Money and feelings can be interesting things, especially when they are mixed. Since people hear that steemit can be a great way to make money, people usually arrive with certain expectations. Basically, a lot of people hope to get rich quick!

For many, it seems to be too good to be true, and the crypto is looked at like monopoly money or something. First off, let me tell you that STEEM and SBD are currencies just like BTC and USD, but before you get too excited, please allow me to put things into perspective a little more by sharing these seven tips.


This is a special edition to kick off my "MINNOW MONDAY" series. Each of these seven tips have already been shared, but they are still as valid today as when I first shared them. Moreover, I've hyperlinked the original posts for any minnows that may really want a pile of advice, so you can find some of my previous advice posts from over the years. Enjoy!


The very first thing that I'll shout at you time and time again is to overcome discouragement. Many, many people have become disappointed here on steemit and quit. In frustrating times, I have often been asked if I ever felt like quitting. YES. Really? Absolutely. Actually, I used to seriously think about quitting every two or three days. Sure, we can see that I'm glad I never did quit, but discouragement can tempt any of us. It is also worth mentioning, that MONEY is NOT always what discourages people. Sure, you may spend a long time on a post and get a few views and a few cents while others post a meme and make bank, which can be discouraging, but other discouragement can come too. A few times I've received comments and replies that I'd rather not deal with. These were also discouraging times for me. Again, thank fully I never did quit. To wrap up this section, I'll share this simple truth. If you quit there is NO CHANCE that you will succeed.


I cannot stress enough the importance of combining these two. I will also discuss them together, because I think that they should not be separated. If you like a post and upvote it, your name will quickly be buried if 20 or more people with more power upvote it too. Though it is possible to look up your name with some effort, most authors simply won’t. This is why a comment is important. Also, a comment is more personal and actually conveys some of your personal “flavor” to the author you are upvoting. However, just commenting on a post, without the upvote, may not have the desired effect. There is a benefit to the interaction, but you will appear to many to just be fishing for followers or upvotes yourself, without being willing to give anything in return. I would also strongly suggest that you refrain from putting the same comment on every post that you see. We’ve probably all seen this occur multiple times. If you want to get flagged as a spammer, this may be a good method, but it does not really help build the community. When commenting, I would also strongly suggest that you read the post that you are commenting on. Be careful. Comments and Upvotes are very encouraging to many authors, especially when they are combined. They are a great way to show your support to the author, and many authors appreciate that. If they begin to reply to your comments, there is a chance to interact and build a relationship.


Time and time again I have seen users attempt to comment on posts. I say “attempt” because although they certainly left a reply, the reply is incapable of having the desired effect. When a new user heads to EVERY POST on the trending page and leaves a comment stating “Nice Post!” it winds up looking really lame. When they are spaced out at about every 30 seconds, we know that this user obviously is not reading these posts, they are just commenting to try to draw attention to themselves. Trust me, it is VERY GOOD to use comments to draw attention to yourself through comments, but YOU want POSITIVE attention. When you are new and have 10 followers and make one post per day, it will be very hard for anyone to ever find you. But, if people can see your name thoughtfully commenting on posts, then people will know that you are here.


AUTHENTICITY – Being genuine and original in what you say and do. This pertains to your inner soul, and not your outward appearance, geographical location, or given name and physical identity. The thoughts and ideas being expressed would be your own, though they may have been influenced by others. I believe that it is best for us all to be honest and 100% authentic in what we post. None of us have to share anything that we are not comfortable with. If we choose not to share such things, nothing has been taken away from the authenticity of what we do share. The authenticity that we all should strive for is not sharing every detail, all the time, about all that we do or think. It is to make sure that we are honest and original in what we do choose to share. I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT ONE CAN TRULY BE GENUINE OR AUTHENTIC IN THEIR POST IF THEY ARE STEALING THE WORK OF OTHERS.


Unfortunately, when we type, our readers cannot hear our tone. Sure, on some occasions this can be a blessing, but often it can lead to problems. You may type something as a joke and the recipient may take you seriously. You may give a genuine compliment and the reader may interpret it as being sarcastic. How can we deal with this issue? Additionally, we are dealing with a global community, where many users may have a different native tongue than we do. When we try to interact in languages that are not our primary language, we may not always use the correct words, put them in the proper order, or spell them correctly. When we see posts or comments that are not exactly written properly, it may not be in our best interest to point out every inaccuracy, especially if we cannot do so in a gentle and loving way.


Steemit can be tough and it is hard not to compare yourself to others. Avoid comparing yourself to others, and focus on making sure that you are improving and progressing over time. Also, realize that the only way you are guaranteed to fail is by quitting. As long as you do not quit, you have the possibility that you will do better. If you quit, that possibility is removed. Do not get discouraged.


Sometimes there is no other way to get things done. Quality content will often get overlooked until a user builds themselves up in the steemit community. Often, this will take a lot of hard work, for a very long time. Eventually (and hopefully) there may be a return on that investment.

Hopefully some of you found that helpful! I'll be back next Monday with another one!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Your advice is well received, thanks. I am waiting till the 15 minute mark to upvote with my .937 value!

I appreciate that!

Is there a good post somewhere that succinctly defines the how's and why's of when to vote? I've seen so much conflicting information, I've no clue how it works...

That post was a good start, how did you get to 50 ? The 15 minute thing was explained by minnow booster, I think. There is a telegram page, facebook and discord school channel as well.

No clue how I got to 50... I had one post that got an upvote of $100 or so. I think that kind if did it...

I meant more how and why to vote in terms of time/post age.

It was in an article I read, I think it was by minnowbooster, but I might be remembering that wrong. They said it will change after the hard fork 2. Lots of times I read that to maximise your vote you should vote after 30 minutes of post release, but the 15 minute mark means more weight to the author, I think, anyway I am not that clear about the different types of steem value. Congrats on the $100 post!

Oh, right. Way too complex for me to summarise, it was something like for the first 15 minutes most of your vote ends up in the pool, or something. Someone on the telegram or discord channel may be able to answer in detail. I also read that if you see a post with only a few votes but a large amount, that’s a good one to resteem. Are you on telegram?

That is a difficult question to answer, and without much SP it really won't make much difference in my opinion.

This information is really helpful, if I had known some of these.. I'll pass this on to the people I'm recruiting.. Thanks @papa-pepper

Cool! Pass it on! Thanks very much!

Bless you sir.. It's a pleasure!

I do not need to comment at length, this posting is very helpful, thank you @papa-lada

Thank you for saying so!

I agree, I am re-steeming this!

You've just pointed out that which I've been trying to overcome over weeks now, exactly the motivation I need at the moment.... A job well done @papa-pepper

Nice! Glad to hear it!

Nice Post bro 👍 Thanks for sharing knowledge.

Good advice. Important when a profile has influence like yours, to repost this info for new Steemians to find. It makes Steemit a better place even if only 1 person takes it and uses the tips well.

Thanks for your valuable Tips and Tricksthank-you-animated-greeting-cards.gif

It's kind of a rough road for some. I used to try to post regularly but didn't get many upvotes and few comments. I looked at other successful pages and attempted the to pay for an upvote but it didn't feel authentic or worth my steem coins.

Now I just look around for good content at least once a day, and comment if I feel I have something to add. I upvote at least 8 great posts a day, every single day.

I just wrote my first post in a great while yesterday. I am rededicating myself to writing a few posts a week.

I have enjoyed my first full year on Steemit and look forward to many more in the future. Take care @papa-pepper! I do enjoy your posts very much!

Congrats on your first full year! I just hit two!

Thank you @papa-pepper! It's amazing to look back over that year's time and notice how much has changed.

As always @papa-pepper great post. It is easy to get discouraged when you see someone come out of nowhere and gain a massive following.

Yes it is. Thanks man!

Thank you for this post, it is full of some really solid advice. I think the thing I struggle with most is the discouragement aspect of it.

I came to Steemit from a similar crypto-writing coin back in 2016 and was overwhelmed at all that was involved and I felt like I was drowning. I wish I wold have stumbled on this kind of advice back then. I went dormant until the very end of 2017 when I started to hear steemit popping up on forum boards. I decided to jump back in, but this time to really research the ins and outs and actually try to produce the best quality I could. I really, really regret going dormant and could kick myself for not sticking with it. There is no telling how far along I would be now.

Hopefully your post will reach someone like the "me" from 2016 and keep them steeming along!

Thanks, (joke) here's your upvote and comment. lol
(serious) really thank you, I haven't been around long but it's obvious that you care for this community. You help and support a lot of users as well. I think the community values you and your input, but just incase no one has said it recently you are appreciated. I know you have encouraged me.

Wow you are so greate @papa-pepper your post was so useful to us specially to a new users who didnt know how to aim this platform. Money is not motivating factor. Money doesnt thrill me or make ne play better because there are benefits to being wealthy. Im just happy with a ball at my feet. My motivation comes frim playing the game I love. Thank you sir @papa-pepper brillaint post.

Thank you for that!

Your welcome boss. Your the man

@papa-pepper you really do care and that is what has made you and your Reputation something to look Up to on Steemit. Great TIPS for the NOOB's on Steem...............

Thanks @stokjockey! Keep rocking it!

GREAT POST, @papa-pepper.
Your seven tips are very useful for us as newer steemian. You give motivation and show the way to the direction of light in steemit. How not to easily sink and disappear from steemit, try to survive and do not know the word surrender. And what I feel is how then we can establish a good relationship between the senior like you and us as a beginner.
Personally the steps you describe are also to enhance the steemian reputation. Sometimes there is a feeling of hammered heart when we post an original work and sometimes think it's quite qualified but really a bit of a look or give an appreciation. but then I ignore it. The important thing is to study and keep learning while still maintaining relationships with seniors. The way I do is to join positive and relevant comments and can provide additional insight for all friends not just to the author.
Thanks also to @papa-pepper who provided support to me.Rasa and very proud when I see my comments on https://steemit.com/life/@rokhani/re-papa-pepper-just-thinking-about-life-20180701t042252364z given upvote, and then my posts get upvote. It was hard to believe because so much fun.
It is also what makes me confident and confirms my determination to be in steemit. By being in steemit we can improve our knowledge and personality. Learn and Earn.

Thank you @papa-pepper
Thank you Steemit

Warm regard from Indonesia

THAT minnow does Not look too happy, LOL! Your article is well written, and accurate.

I especially like #5; maybe you can send it to the @grammernazi and tell him to leave people alone! I use a good spell check program, so he has not bothered me, but I think he has run some minnows away from steemit.

You have spoken well @papa-pepper, since i do not get good upvote on my post, it has being so frustrating to me when I see others with a lot of upvote. Even up till now i am still encouraging my self still struggling to make it big here. I pray that GOD help me.
I really like this your post you have really encourage me thanks for it.

Love it man! Great post. The exact advice I would give to people on YouTube. I started seriously posting on YouTube in November 2013, and I will tell you it was very discouraging, it seemed like it took forever to gain any traction with my cooking videos which start to finish would take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours total. Plus people can be super mean and nasty with comments on YouTube. But after awhile, I just realized, hey even the thumbs downs and the negative comments help my videos rank higher, so bring it on. lol Then my channel started growing, slowly but surely, it was awesome, I was getting somewhere! Then I hit 1k subs! I was like awesome! Then it was 5k! etc. etc. I have built up a pretty decent channel now, but wanted to branch out, and then I found steemit, so here I am trying to do the same thing as I did with Youtube. And yes it gets frustrating. My advice would be, why are you doing it? For fun? Trying to make a living out of it? etc. Once you establish what your drive is and end goal, you can craft your work and efforts around that. Anyways, digging your posts and videos. Someday this townhomer will be a homesteader. lol although if you came to my townhome and looked at my garden, mini homesteader in the making. lol :)

Wow! I appreciate it. I only got a YouTube account to share videos on steemit, but now I've got a video at over 140K views and it's kind of exciting! Thanks @mrchef111~

You are welcome! Yeah that is awesome! That does get exciting when you have videos that do that well. :)

This is really really helpful. You have no idea. Thank you. I appreciate this

Thank you for the encouragement, I know I needed some.

Even though I have been on steemit over a year now I still enjoy reading this posts as a reminder to keep going as well a reminder on doing what is best for the community.

On number 5 you said "When we see posts of comments that are not exactly written properly…." I would like to point out an inaccuracy in a gentle and loving way if you don't mind. In the paragraph under the monopoly picture you said..."please allow me to put things into perspective a little more by sharing these ten tips." However you only shared 7 tips.....Again I am just sharing this with you in a gentle and loving way! :-) Shalom Brother!

LOL - So, you've got a thing against poorly written posts too, huh?

Upvoting a few of your posts as a reward for proof-reading!

Well...thanks for the upvotes they are ALWAYS appreciated! As for "poorly written" posts, well sir I would NEVER say your posts are poorly written but I figured you would appreciate someone letting you know of any discrepancies....in a gentle and loving way of course! : - )

If one follows how he will improve on earnings

Well said, @papa-pepper. Everything in life requires work. Nothing is handed over on a silver platter.

Really great tips @papa-pepper.
Ive slowly learned some of these on my own... Its been a slow process. But worth it!

Im bookmarking this post so I can come back and reference it :)

Cool! I'll try to be putting something out every Monday for the minnows!

Awesome! I will look out for them!