[Newbies welcome]MinnowsUnite Chatroom Over 80 Members! (Mobile app w/ notifications available)

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Join our group on Gli.ph MinnowsUnite! We are a community of 80 minnows looking to make the biggest school steemit has seen. Come chat with other steemers, Get your questions answered. Get your material noticed.

Or come hangout in the 420 section


Hmmm...this looks interesting....a sub community. I'll have to do some snorkelling and check it out!

We will also be supporting any other communities that are viable... perhaps ethereal.cloud

Then you are more than welcome, I am a dolphin too :D

I love your post about speaking whale! epic

alright just signed up cant find the chat room fella.

This is great! It will be like a minnow voltron lol!!

When minnows gather in a pack, they are easier to be eaten by big fish ^ ^

But i'm upvote. Good luck for you!

Not when we have a pod of dolphins with us, they can even take down sharks ;)

Way to help the school grow. power to the minnows!!!!

Ok looks interesting. I will have to mosey on over and take a look.

Nice efforts dear it may help the new users in Steemit network cheers.

Everyone welcome :) Lots of great information and incredible authors. We are quickly expanding. The people are all genuine and hospitable from my own experience throughout this. So come hang out & remember that there's #PowerInNumbers!

#minnowsunite #keepdatquality

This is going to be big #powerinnumbers guys.

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