Poem About Music - A Steemit Original Poem

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Music Poem

keeping a steady beat as it makes its round,
It begins as a noise in the background,
it's so simple, just push play...,
it can be found at any time of day

Music is the rhythm
That moves me to the core,
Music is the ocean
That pulls me to the shore

Music brings joy,
to all of our hearts,
It's one of those,
emotional arts.

Sounds of melodies,
that we truly adore,
Brings us pure pleasure,
as our spirits do soar

And far into the night
he crooned that tune
The stars went out and
so did the moon.
The singer stopped playing
and went to bed...


if you can prove you are the author, that's great. otherwise, this will be considered plagiarism

Yes i am the author on there is a poem my brother took and said he was going to use it somewhere,thank you anyway

Yes i am the author as my brother said he was going to borrow my poems portfollio and use my poems omewhere on the internet and i said no problem because i had not come accross steemit yet.