Be a magnet to your followers effectively in simple ways

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Do you want followers that visit your articles regularly?

I am sure everyone of us who write articles regularly desire regular visitation and upvotes from all our followers.

We may have 1000 or even 10 000 followers but there may only be a small percentage of them visiting your blog.

I have been in the platform for 57 days and I have 536 followers at the point of this post. I do know how to have accelerate growth but I have recently managed to identify how I can even become more effective here!

I gained most of my followers through posting articles on how they can grow effectively in steemit with different themes and topics.

I have just recently realised that there are really many ways to have more active supportive followers that visit our articles frequently even if we are not whales without high steem power.

If the whales are willing to do what I am going to share, they will definitely see greater extend of active supportive followers.

These are simple ways and many successful seniors before us have already done them but they may have stopped since they had already built their steemit account high above us who just joined.

It is great if more of us share these ideas more with other new members so that we will build steemit as well. It just take a bit more time and effort.

Let's get on to some basic but powerful truth!

Visit the articles written by your followers

Most of us assume that we are doing great and get our heads high up when we see our followers increase to thousands or even ten thousands.

If you really take a good look at how many supportive followers that you have especially you don't have high steem power, you would drop your jaw as not many are upvoting or visiting your articles.

Rather than pointing fingers at others for them being inactive, let's point back to ourselves. Honestly, how many of us have take the time to visit each and everyone of our precious followers especially when you have grown into a small whale?

I believe the answer for most members is rarely or not even a single time since we are so busy to only in posting or finding all ways like buying upvotes or even visiting some whales' articles hoping for them to visit.

If you have been seeking whales that swim so far away from us, I believe the fishes that are near us are our immediate neighbours who can accompany us to head for greater height together.

Randomly visit some of your followers even if you have too many under you today. Visit those who do upvote you presently so that you can continue to have support as well as build them up by curating their articles.

I am not indicating for you to upvote every single article by your followers blindly but upvotes those that are good and offer ideas and advise for those who need help for better quality article.

We are too self-centered so it is time for us to change. In fact, majority of us need to change even the whales. If everyone of us do this, we not only have good upvotes for every articles in time to come, we will build a great community of active members in steemit.

It is so easy to say that there are many inactive members here and say all sorts of sarcastic remarks. Blame this and blame that but the only one that you did not blame is yourself.

Put in some hardwork to curate your followers' articles in months to come, you can see your own quality articles flooding with upvotes and support with many active followers.

Are your articles really interesting?

It is so easy to blame on not having high steem power resulting nobody visiting your articles.

Do you really have a great content that attracts readers to read on?

How did you feel after reading my first part of my article?

Can you feel something burning in your heart with a new hope and you know that you can change how your followers become active to your articles?

Reread my article a few more times and you will see an explosive enlightenment with fresh desire to do more.

I have just written something based on assumption and saying that there would be explosive enlightenment. Isn't this the thing that will bring great support to you?

Nobody is born to write great stuff but with development and brainstorm for great ideas, anyone can do it even with limited English ability. I do make mistakes in my grammar especially most of my articles are written directly without draft.

Write quality articles and make it interesting or even humorous if need to. Be a magnet in simple ways that everyone and anyone who reads your article likes it. Aim and believe you can by not giving up easily.

Think of a topic that you know you can get your readers' heart burning especially it is about how to build their steemit account which is really the most important topic for anyone and everyone here!

I hope you get my two simple points with great length of elaboration! If you still don't get it, read over again and you will be able to see the light and you can expect great progression in your activity here in steemit.

Happy curation of your followers and start posting articles that bring enlightenment today! Don't blame inactive followers but just reflect what more can you do today!

Appreciate you reading so far and you know what to do if you really have gained new ideas or I have reaffirmed your thoughts and passion in this article.


This article is a personal reflection of what I discovered recently. I am in no position to instruct anyone what to do but you should do further research on your own if I have given you interesting ideas to work on. By reading this article, you agree that I am not responsible for any action taken by you without further research for your own development.


That's a good overview thanks. I think it's about hard work too. Continually posting content results in an occasional fish/whale vote which can make other articles pay, but it is a shame when you craft and article for a couple of hours only to see a $0.01 value. I'd like the platform to give posts a bit more longevity so that you can build a portfolio of articles that people can read, curate and add and receive value from them. I've no idea how the platform would do that, but it's just something I'd like to see.

Thanks! It takes time to develop. Some people take longer. I am glad that I have made a few regularly supporters now and I do visit their blog when I have the time to support them.

Great post - I recently started a series that I hope I can continue "Quick tip to a better you" it follows some of what you were saying above from my learnings as well. What I need to do more is focus on my followers (who are not that many so easier to handle) and show them some love - fully agree with you on that #Bpositive

Thanks! It is always good to start it right. By focusing on your followers from the start and curating their articles, you can establish good rapport and relationship from there on. Imagine as you continue to put in the effort with 1000 or even 10 000 followers who all have established rapport with you, you definitely will have great supporters!

This is some good advice. You should do very well here

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Oh, good points why we should visit our followers. They would do it, if the system incentivized them more for doing that (providing feedback to thier followers).

Yes. It is important not just to visit and make comment. A little upvote as encouragement is also important if they did put in effort for an article.

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