My Application Post for a Minnowsupport Witness vote

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@aggroed and the @minnowsupport team just recently announced a different way that they will nominate and vote for witnesses going on. All witnesses are encouraged to apply - this is my application.

What is great about this new way of voting is that it is a new way to ensure that only witnesses who are active and providing a value in helping the Steemit community continue to thrive. Because this is a proxied vote and managed by a group of minnowsupport admins and contributors, the list is frequently updated to ensure only active witnesses are voted for - a benefit, especially because a huge number of witnesses in the Top 50 and below are inactive - in other words, votes are being wasted on people who do nothing to help the overall Steemit community.

This holds us witnesses accountable.

So what am I doing for the community and what are some of the things I have planned? Well now that I'm back and again active in the community, I'm hoping to regain some of the votes I lost and as usual to make a difference in the community and people's lives.

What are you pledging to do to support the Steemit Community?

I admit that for the past month I have had some personal obligations that I needed to care for, but as most people have witnessed in the past, I was very active in the community. A huge supporter of minnowsupport - both being active and providing support to new minnows. I have roughly 1000+ SP delegated to minnowsupport. I also delegate SP to other projects such as voiceshares by @rideofpassion, minnowbooster by @reggaemuffin, and steemfollower by @mahdiyari.

I have written a number of posts dedicated to helping new Steemit community members as well as support posts for some of the sub communities I am a member of. I have helped fund several contest for the PH community and am looking forward to continuing to do that as it helps reward quality posts from a lot of talented writers that are deserving who don't necessarily get the exposure they deserve.

The creation I am most proud of is the Steemit PH community discord channel which has grown in size from a handful of people to well over 250+ members. I can't take all of the credit for the growth though. The accolades really belong to the team of Admins who manage the @SteemPH account. The discord channel hosts several resources and avenues for new and existing Steemit users to both showcase their talents and collaborate and get to know one another.

I have a couple of projects that I am now working on that I will be announcing in the next coming weeks that are focused on promoting minnow posts as well as content that have not gotten the exposure they deserve. It's a tool that will mix both curation and bots which will helpfully be yet another avenue for users and minnows alike to use.

I pledge to continue my previous work spreading Steemit awareness throughout the community and partnering with organizations such as the Red Cross to provide support to those in need. As a member of various Steemit sub communities and organizations, I will continue to pledge my time, my support, and my resources to helping the Steemit community and members grow. As a witness I am running both a primary and backup node and am ensuring that it is always up-to-date and running without issues. I maintain two community servers for the communities I manage in order for members to continue creating and hosting projects that are Steemit and community service oriented.

What are you pledging to do to support the Minnow Community?

Essentially the same as what I pledge to do for the Steemit community. Because I was and am still a minnow myself, I continue to support and donate my time and funds to projects which will help minnows thrive. My next project which I still cannot disclose yet is focused primarily on minnows and will hopefully get content that they create better noticed and compensated.

I will continue to create posts and share information that I have learned over the years in order to make the steep learning curve just a little easier for new users. As an active member of various communities, I promise to always be available for questions and inquiries that anyone might have. This of course means being active and available in the various discord channels of which I am a member of. I will tone it down a bit though and switch from being active 24/7 like I previously was to being active throughout various hours of the day - work-life balance afterall.

What are you pledging to do to support the Minnow Support Project?

As a member of Minnow Support, I plan to keep my already delegated SP in minnowsupport and continue to add more delegation as I add funds to both my primary account and my witness account. I am an active member of the PAL server in Discord and although I have been away the past month, my pledge is to again active now that my personal obligations have been cared for. I am looking forward to and hoping that I will get the opportunity to partner with Minnowsupport and the Admins and various witnesses who support the PAL initiative in future projects.

As we proceed, my obligations will evolve and I expect to increase my contribution to all the projects, initiatives, and contests that PAL supports and initiates.

I am hoping that the Minnow Support team will consider my application and the participation/contributions I have made in the past and will continue to make in the future. I am still a young witness, but I am one who is always open, willing to learn, and loves supporting and helping the Steemit community grow. This is a competition and there are so many deserving witnesses - I hope I am lucky enough to be one of them to get the vote.

How to vote?
  • Use the witness page
  • scroll down the page until you see the vote box below and enter cloh76.witness
  • click VOTE and accept my Appreciation and Gratitude!


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I wish you all the best Cloh, I really hope you get chosen. I can't say thank you enough for helping Steemit Philippines kick off months ago. Our discord server is the hub of our community and you made that happen for us. Good luck!!

Thanks @bearone. I appreciate all the support you and the rest of the community have given me as well. The thanks and recognition goes to all of you for the continued growth of the community.