MSP Anti-Abuse Team Weekly Report #24


**Anti-Abuse Team Weekly Report #24

Friday - February 16th - 2018

Mostly just an update to statistics and charts.

The details of this weeks prune of the member-list -

  • 13447 Members before this week's prune was run. (1200 new accounts since last week)
  • 30 Day Prune has removed 229 dead accounts. (49 less were removed this Prune.)
  • This leaves our count at 13217 Members after the prune.
  • ~1360 Peak Concurrent users this week. (Still growing here.)

Updated stats on Bans and Blacklist -

  • 1898 Discord bans (+92 new from previous)
  • 2063 accounts in total are now Blacklisted by @minnowsupport (+155 from previous!)

The Charts

Member count data over time:

This shows the trend of members gained over time. I use the number of users counted after each purge each week.


Blacklist Counts by Type:

This gives a breakdown of the major categories we list an account under in our Blacklist.


In summary:

Not much to point out here. Just another week of enforcement and trying to improve. I think I will soon look at the numbers of reformed accounts as a counter-point to all this.

A quick review of things that get you blacklisted:

  • A single image or even multiple images, with very little text or only a basic bit of information with it.
  • An embedded YouTube or DTube video with zero additions to the post that provide value.
  • Attempting to gain multiple upvotes outside our 1 per 24 hour cool-down by any means.
  • Any major violation of our community guidelines and rules. (This usually has to do with treatment of other users on the platform.)

Not all of these result in a ban from Discord since we want you to learn and improve.

Check out this post for more information.

The ban this community needs, not the ban this community deserves.

If you have any questions, please contact me on MSP or MSP-Probation

Thanks -


MSP Moderator, Sheriff and Anti-Abuse Team Leader

Proud Moderator and supporter of the Minnow Support Project - Brought to you by:





Police-style whale image is a modified version of the MSP Logo by @malicered
All images used fall under CCO License unless otherwise specified, or they are created by the author and released under the same license.


My first time to come across such a thing. I think its good because its not just about controlling but giving respect and letting creativity and good work shine through over plagiarism. Steemit was created to have a people agree and vote ideas. It is thus not fair if others just want to make a dollar and violate the essence of its creation.

thank you for this great analysis @discordiant,,i'm sure this will make people who abuse this awesome community to change their behaviors,

Wonderful post, thanks. Since I joined the community, I've always been bothered if there's a body established for checkmating violation in the community since am yet to see something similar to this; believing that someday I'd come across such body not knowing you're never far from my reach, and this post speaks volume of your effort so far. Without doubt, this update is awesome and I also see it as a challenge for me to do more , learn, and improve. Good job, I admire the good work and also look forward to getting more updates. Thanks.

Nicr post.Thanks.

Great job ... rules are good .. but I wish who make these good rules now , not go to extreme control in the future !!

Good post I like as you are giving a lot of things to others

It's been great working with you! Look forward to helping when and where I can.

We've worked together?

Sure if you want

You said that it has been great working with me, yet I don't remember having worked with you before.

Currently we aren't in need of your services.

This very nice post ..i appreciate your post ..carry on

Very good post

Thanks for sharing i will done upvote I always see your post. And follow you

Hello... i have any question, in my discord account don’t have a PAL Server,, how to get it ... i hope you can share information for this problem.. thanks you...

This is the link to MSP/PAL net.

OmG a lot of frauds. Good job man! For the cleanliness of Steemit community!

Thank you for the good work that you are doing @discordiant! It may be a negative job but with positive outcomes and helping some people back on the right path. If I come across people that spam etc, I try to give them suggestions to do better. Blessings for the week!

Thank a lot for this analysis !!!!!