My Family Needs Your Help! We Have No Were Else To Go! Steemians UNITE!

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Were Trying, But We Cant Catch Up!


Some of you already know my story, I was hurt on the job 2 years ago, I have been going through Physical Therapy ever since the injury, I was scheduled for back surgery, but my workman comps doesn't want to pay for it were currently in trial with them, fighting for my back pay and medical expense coverage. I guess they figured they could just FIRE me and not have to take care of my med bills. So yeah if you have notice I have been missing for a few days, I'm sorry a bunch of things have been going on lately and the depression does not help, its getting rough out here.

My Wife Has Been A TROOPER!

Well during this whole charade of court battles and not being able to work and being stuck in and out of doctor offices, the bills have been building up. My wife has taken over the work load, and she has been trying really hard to keep up with everything, but it's not enough. I was the main source of income, my wife use to stay at home, now that roles have switched due to me being disabled the roles have switched, and it's finally becoming too much for us, in one year we had our car breakdown, had to get the transmission fixed and that was not cheap. One month after it getting fixed, it gets hit in our parking lot and totaled by a couple arguing in there jeep! We thankfully got some insurance money for the car but that went straight into buying another one for the family, since we need a car to get everyone to school and work, the insurance amount was not enough to cover the cost of the new car so we had to pay out of pocket for that as well.

13179325_10154096954427777_6811939004276030113_n_LI (2).jpg
(They Hit her hard Enough To Push Her Into The Grass And Bend The Rear Frame In)

We Got Behind

With everything just coming down on us, bills, after bills, after bills, we srtarted to get behind really bad. We were once $2600 in the hole with rent and more with electric bill. We started to budget everything to the extreme, even broke down and we applied for food assistance for the first time, and trust me that was a HARD PILL to swallow with always being a working man and never depending on anyone. This whole experience has finally started to take it's toll and we need help from somewhere. We just need to catch up, and once we do, everything should be fine. We have just enough income coming in to stay ahead, its just the catch up is taking a while and the LANDLORD is finally fed up with us.

They Gave Us A Week

My Landlord has been very understanding and I have no complaints, but they are finally fed up with us playing catch up and have been getting a bit more demanding with the remaining bill, and from a business point of view, I believe it's understandable. We have been lucky they have been putting up with us this long. They gave me a call last Friday and informed me that "They are sorry but, we have been negative for too long, and they know we have been catching up, but it's not happening fast enough, we are giving you guys one week to come up with the remaining balance or we will be forced to file a eviction." Well later that day I received a notice on the door with the balance.


So I didn't want to ever make a post like this because i wanted to keep integrity and pride within myself and not risk loosing followers and friends on steemit, I'm sorry PALS I have no were else to go for help, we don't have much family around, everyone has moved or there busy with there families, and I don't blame them. You fellow steemians are all I really have left, I know I have tried my best to help out with the community, and I have gave many free resources to you all, so all I ask in return is a NICE Upvote and a RESTEEM in return PLEASE and THANK YOU!

Thank You For Your Time

Upvote, Follow, Resteem, and Enjoy!


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No need to feel shame or anything dude. I've been in your shoes, and I hope everything works out for you and your family. Actually, I'm sure everything will work out. Just hang in there buddy...

Resteemed, upvoted, and sent you some SBD.

Hang in there my friend. Things will get better, they always do for the good guys. It sucks to be in the place you are in right now, but one day you will look back and remember it and realize that helped to forge you into one tough SOB. I wish you the best of luck through these tough times and I have faith that it will all sort itself out for you and your family.

Wish you the best of luck, all I can do is upvote you, and realize this, sometimes one door closes so another will open. We all go they hard times, I know I am, but always pray and do your best and things always work out. Maybe not like you want but they will work out, wish you the best.

Trust me we are looking for that other door. I think once we are caught up, we are going to try to move. We have been in the same place for 6 years. Only reason I think the landlord was so patient with us, is because this was the first year we ever had problems.

I haven't been around much lately, got my own problems at this end but I'll do what I can for you mate.

This post, all your other posts still able to payout and every comment still able to payout just got a 100% upvote from me (averages around $0.07 an upvote but I hit all of them). Sorry I can't do more mate.

I'll also resteem this

thank you, I appreciate it! Everything counts!

💯 % upvote hope it helps

Upvoted....I am not much help there...but resteemed also. Good luck!

Thank you!

Sad to hear your story! I can't do much.. But iv'e sent you SBD that i have now.. Hope More of us are able to help you. And they will too.
Little by little we will help you..

Sharing your post where i can.

thank you so much! I will repay somehow someway!

I did not do it for repay cause..
Good luck Buddy..

Upvoted and resteemed! Hope it will help.

Thank you so much!

Everything will come alright. God bless you.

Upvoted... hope my small contribution will help you through this hard time.
Dont worry This too shall pass.

God bless you mate. I wish you will be recover soon.

Miracles are real and possible. Hope is one of the most valuable things.
Wish you the best friends~*~

you should go to and talk with @clevercreator she is collaborating with artist and graphic designers to get their work on products to sell You do the design she sells the product no overhead and profits get split 50% with the designers. I am sorry to hear about your hard times. I know it sucks to be where you are at right now, I been there myself.

thank you will look into that!

good luck to you and your family

Very sorry to hear about your difficulties!
We are also in a similar, but also very different situation. We have about 3-5 months til everything really starts to crumble.
I know it isn't much, but hope the steem helps you out!

I feel sorry. I think Steemit community should unite to help you in any way they can. I don't have any amount right now! But I will when i'll get any!
Right now I can Upvote, Resteem and Pray and that i'll definitely do!

Sorry! got internet problem while resteeming before. Resteemed just now!

Hope it will work out for your guys!
My upvote doesn't do much I'm afraid, but you've got it and hopefully someone with a fatter account will see the resteem.
Hang in there buddy!

thank you!

<3 Much love man.

Life is just giving you a chance to discover something new about yourself.

Keep your head up. Sending a donation your way. Upvoted <3

thank you so much PAL!

Hey mate hope you get back on your feet I sent you what I had in steem. Upvoted and resteemed.

--- Steemians Unite and smash the Upvote ---

Hey Buddy,
I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. You are a great guy who has done great work here at Steemit. I'm happy to help. The post is Upvoted and resteemed and I'll go to send you a donation now.
You should be proud of your bravery writing this post and reaching out.
Best of luck dude.

thank you so much buddy!

You can be free again bro, just keep doing, keep pushing!

Have faith friend!
I have up voted, which isn't much but I have also resteemed hopefully a few of the bigger fish get to see this and lend a hand.

yes I agree some whale support would be NICE!

Allah Bless you .... i also face the same condition like u now me also in lost please pray for me

Keep your head up, we are here for you...I upvoted and resteemed - already a follower. May GOD keep blessing you and yours!!!

Hope it will work out for you @justcallmemyth

I liked and resteemed. I'm a minnow so it's not much help. I hope u find a way out man! Keep your head up. I know u dont wanna leave your home but perhaps if u do u can find a place closer to school and work and ditch the car. They cost alot. Keep your head up and good luck!

thank you, I appreciate it!

Many Blessings to you my friend.
Upvoted and Resteemed!

Up voted! Life is full of curve balls my friend! It only makes you stronger.......

Upvoted and reestemed!

You have my upvote and resteem... and my thoughts are with you and your family - much love to you all!

Thank you!

Dude hang in there. I can't do much to help except upvoting your post and sharing it as well... sorry :/ but I do wish you the best of lucks. Let us know what happens and don't ever give up.


Upvoted! Just hang in there. Things will be better in the end.

Hey there, i hope things work out better for you. Praying for provision to be sent your way. God bless!

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Nope, redone by @aggroed at 100%. Hang in there.

thank you MSP @aggroed for evertything!

did you apply for disability money?

yes currently awaiting decision it's been taking forever!

This is very nice story . It touch my heart

Thank you to everyone that has upvoted, resteemed, donated, and more. My family and I truly appreciate it!

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YOU GOT IT!!! Much love!!! And Good LUCK!!!

Once again capitalism is bad for us humans, we have to get rid of all this nonsense and quit living in the dark ages. I wish you luck my friend! Upvoted and resteemed!

Good luck! Upvoted!


Hang in there mate because it will work out eventually, been in your situation many times before but is has always worked out somehow, even in the very last minute sometimes. All the things you experience right now are just trials that will eventually make you an even better and stronger person.

And I agree with @healthyrecipe and @buster544 things always get better for the good guys, but not always in the way that we expect them. But there is always "Someone" out there looking out and will always know what it really good for up.

You have been added on my followers list, your post has been upvoted and resteemed!

Sincere blessings and best of luck with everything!

P.S. Always look on the bright side of life and never forget to be grateful and thankful for what you got, focus on that more then on what you lack. :)

Sometimes you just gotta reach out and ask for help... I will send you a donation @justcallmememyth, I wish you guys can catch up and start from zero! Upped & Resteemed!

Thank you friend!

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