Minnow Support Project Weekly Resteem Contest! (35 SBD Prize Pool!)

"Give a minnow an upvote and they'll eat for a day. Give a minnow a resteem and they'll eat forever." Ancient Steemit Proverb.

Weekly Resteem

The Weekly Resteem returns with this post!!! Please submit your posts for review. The winners will be announced and resteemed on Thursday. Please make sure that you have enough time left on the post rewards so that the post is still active Thursday.

New Rules Starting Next Week!

Starting next week all posts looking to enter the resteem contest must be written on mspsteem.com and use the tag "mspsteem."

mspsteem.com is a clone of "condensor", which is the exact same program that the steemit.com website uses to interact with the Steem blockchain.

To login simply go to mspsteem.com and enter in your private posting key (on steemit.com you can check under your wallet, click permissions, then click show private key and use that to login to mspsteem.com. As an aside, you should be using your private posting key to login every day instead of your master account password as much as you can when you log into any instance of condenser).

mspsteem.com has a few critical differences. Instead of being managed by steemit.com this program is managed by the Minnow Support Project with the key point person being @netuoso. The program includes a 5% beneficiary, which means that 5% of post rewards is returned to the account @minnowsupport in order to help more minnows.

In exchange for this we're doubling the weekly prize pool up to 70sbd so that each winner and runner up is paid 10 sbd.

Lastly, we're more heavily curating people that use both mspsteem.com and the use the tag mspsteem.

You will start catching random upvotes and resteems from MSP by using mspsteem.com and the tag mspsteem.

Contest Rules

MSP Weekly Resteem is designed to help minnows grow their accounts by resteeming great content. We (generally) accept posts on Mondays and resteem them on Thursdays.

Please link your post in the comments. These are the general guidelines for winning -

The winning post is chosen between the post with the Highest number of non-bot upvotes and highest post reward.

The post that best support Peace, Abundance, and Liberty gets its own resteem and reward.

The best post about the MSP community or its members gets its own resteem and reward .

Runner up positions are determined by a combination of non-bot votes and overall post reward on the comment with your post in it here.

For every 100 upvotes on this post there is a resteem position available. Resteems are guaranteed by the @minnowsupport account, but may also catch an additional resteem from the @aggroed account and other MSP witnesses for an additional 5k+ views.

If voting on posts across the board is low (1-2 votes as opposed to several with 5 or more) we reserve the right to ignore votes and just judge based on quality of the post, content, author, and activity in PALnet.

Any posts found to be plagiarized by Cheetah will be disqualified.

Minnowsupport reserves the right to make a final judgement regarding the quality of a post for resteem.

You must be a minnow, which means you have to have earned less than 5k SP through post rewards.

Minnow Support News

It's time to grow!

We're closing in on 5,000 active users on Discord and we have over 5,000 followers on this account!

Our goal is to reach 6,000 members by the end of December!
If you're feeling like a lonely fish in a giant empty ocean then come join us, we're here to help!
You can read more about it Here

Our updated Governance Charter has been approved and posted! You can review it Here.

We have begun the process of forming committees for implementing our community service projects so if you are interested in a leadership position then let us know!

The Minnow Support Project community service departments include: marketing, recruitment, curation, finance, abuse, communication, product development, IT, and mspwaves.

Stay tuned because we'll have more ways than ever for minnows to work as and with empowered leadership to fulfill the mission to spread peace, abundance, and liberty while helping to grow the Steemit community and help train and retain minnows.

Please check out our website for all the details of how the group operates.

Come join us on the largest off chain community! https://discord.gg/HYj4yvw
If you're a minnow and you haven't visited us you're not Steeming correctly!

Best of luck and may the rewards pool be ever in your favor!


I would like to nominaye my post about "TOOTH DISCOLORATION OR STAINING".
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Thank you @minnowsupport and @aggroed for all your support. 😊

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This is Day 18 of our 5 Minute Freewrite Challenge. This week, I am sharing my liquid payouts with participants. https://busy.org/freewrite/@mariannewest/day-18-5-minute-freewrite-prompt-write-about-something-which-was-left-at-your-door

I've been making a series where i take a look at a game every week and post my experience while playing it. Here's the latest post:

A Game Every Week #3 - Gremlins Inc

Hi there! I'd like to enter my little Ode to Lego into the contest. May the best post win!

Perhaps a little poetry is up for a resteem this week. Week 5 is the charm!

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