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It has come to my attention that one of our primary founders, delegates and benefactors to the Minnow Support Project will be staggering a reduction in their delegation over the coming weeks. For the last 60 days @benjojo has been delegating 90,000 Steem to the Minnow Support Project. This Steem Power has been used to build from the ground up an organization that services just shy of 4,000 unique members on a discord server and a @minnowsupport account with over 3000 followers.

This has sent @siersod to STEEMFEST on behalf of the minnows. Created about 10-12 smaller bots that have goals from curation, to increasing liberty, to supporting those that make the Minnow Support Project function.

Now we are creating a Steemit publishing house, spreading poetry, helping writers, giving language support, helping to feed Venezuelans, supporting disabled Australians, our nomadic minnows, channels for anything from science to trading, bounty and contest runners, learning a second language and many other projects including @ausbitbank's @centerlink and @teamaustralia assisted by @choogirl and others.

We have put out two Medal of Honor winners so far.

  • @netuoso who created a central program to help manage all the various public accounts associated with Minnow Support Project. We called that bot MSP3K in honor of us reaching 3,000 people in Discord. You have been Witnessed Good Sir.

  • @crimsonclad and @followbtcnews have also been awarded medals each for their work on the www.minnowsupportproject.org website, which is in this humble minnows opinion, amazing work. @crimsonclad's tireless work has been instrumental in this particular project and I for one applaud her efforts.

  • @sircork and MSP have also been building a radio station to be housed in our Discord channel. It's called mspwaves.com and it'll help spread the voice of the minnows in the pond to the larger Steemit Ocean. @sircork the fearless DJ is helping to lead the charge there.

For personal reasons @benjojo has to start pulling back some of his delegated SP. That started today and will continue each week for the the next 4 weeks by removing 5,000SP/week. This has prompted a call to our supporters by way of this post.

The eventual goal is to get and keep @minnowsupport at 100,000SP. If there is too little SP there isn't enough of a starting draw to drag minnows into the community. Too much SP and there are too many reasons to game the system.

So, we are looking at having 100,000 SP on the public bot. There's a total of 115k SP on the account right now. 110k SP from delegations. 5k SP from posting and curation.

With @benjojo planning on pulling some support from the account we're going to be a little shy of our continued hope for 100,000 SP and we need to start planning for when @benjojo wants/needs to pull a further amount.

For those reasons we're reaching out to the community to support us. If you're a whale that isn't using all of your SP please consider delegating some of that to the public community account.

  • If you're a whale or dolphin who is an active curator, but believes in the mission of the Minnow Support project please consider delegating a few thousand SP to the project.

  • If you're just a minnow we'd love to work with you on donations even as small as 5-10 SP, but please don't delegate anything that would put you below 50 SP to make sure you always have enough power to act on the blockchain.

So, that's it. We need your help. Please click this link and delegate SP to help us continue the mission - https://mspdelegator.herokuapp.com/

If you require any assistance delegating I am more than happy to help in the comments below or on discord, whichever is easiest for you.

All you have to do is select the account you wish to delegate to, It defaults to @minnowsupport.

  • Enter your username, no @ sign please.

  • Enter the amount you wish to delegate.

  • Hit submit, open the url generated.

  • Enter your username once more, and active private key, you can find this on your wallet page after signing in.

  • Once you hit submit you should see broadcast successful.

Give yourself a pat on the pack, do a victory dance, you just helped us help the future generations of minnows grow. If you require further assistance than a comment or two here can provide, feel free to log onto the PALNet/MinnowSupport discord here https://discord.gg/yWn29K3

And if you see @benjojo, @ausbitbank @neoxian, @netuoso, @crimsonclad, @followbtcnews or @aggroed out there please send them much love and support because they have been wonderful contributors to this project and on behalf of all the minnows we are beyond grateful! Thanking you so very much, have a peach on me. <3

I'm feeling the love today, so for every bit of steempower I gain from this post, (it's set to 100% on this post) I will +1 each and every one and delegate the lot to @minnowsupport.

I don't usually ask for a resteem and upvotes but this project has been instrumental on helping me find my footing in the shifting tides of steem it, and I would love to see the Minnow Support Project and PAL be able to continue to provide this level of support to each and every one of you.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this dearest readers, much love and feel free to come say hello on discord. https://discord.gg/yWn29K3



This post has been upvoted by @teamphilippines . Thank you for supporting our TeamPhilippines Movement by upvoting, resteeming, delegating, or donating to this account to allow us to support our growing team more and more each day!

Upvoted and resteemed, a very special thanks to you @sammosk you are always there to help and support.
A mahoosive thanks to everyone that put together MSP and all that support the project, your work will be greatly rewarded one day.
One love x

Thanks for your kind words and support rufaz, it means alot. <3

Have a peach. xo

Delegated 1,000 SP just now. Enjoy!

Legend.. Mad props.. Throws confetti into air <3

Very good information. May help all steemit users. Great post.

Upvoted and resteemed! Fully supportive of the MinnowSupport Project. They've helped me so much that I'll always be grateful.

Thank you very much. <3

I don't have enough SP to delegate yet, but will do so in the future. Resteemed.

Thanks for the support and look forward to the future delegation, if you need help you know where to ask! <3

I've upvoted 40% to this post, though I do not understand what 'delegation' means.
There is so much about Steemit that does not make sense to me, and I don't like not understanding.
I don't understand why I should have to go outside Steemit and register on yet another platform/server (discord) to gain more support or exposure, but since my last 24 hrs have been basically flat, I suppose I shall have to go see what it is.
If some would help me understand, I would greatly appreciate it.

Feel free to jump on discord and come have a chat and I can give you all the details.

Steem is a bit strange and there's tons to learn about. But, it's totally worth the effort.

Voted, resteemed. Minnowsupport not is best not.
~Mr Dingo

Legend you are. <3 ps love the hat.

This post has been resteemed by @lovejuice courtesy of @sammosk from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

Wait.. i thought Love juice was slang for uPvotes... i didn't know there was a real @LoveJuice' ..

what does this mean?

it's a bid bot. You can place a small bid and get a vote. Do a transfer of at least 0.1SBD with a note of the POST URL and you can get lovejuice too.

HolySmoke! ... Who da thunk it!! I kept hearing it in Discord... LOL but never referenced in this manner !! Thank you.. Looking into it now... Though we are close in level; i've found that it's good to try new things on Steemit... Helps with the understanding n stuff.... YARRRrrrrrr!!

This post has been resteemed by @nettybot courtesy of @sammosk from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

This post has been resteemed by @minnowsupport courtesy of @sammosk from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

Thanks for making this post. Resteemed.

Thank you Isaria. You are amazing. <3

Thanks for highlighting this. Minnowsupport has been a great benefit to me, and to many others also.

I delegated 250 SP. Perhaps over time I can look at increasing that.

Thank you very much, much appreciated. <3

Thanks for all your hard work doing this! I know it takes a long time!
thanks again @sammosk

Supporting minnows all the way

Does anybody know if someone has 10SP. How much would his 100% upvote be worth.

You can view anybody's wallet. If you click their user name you'll see their profile. Then there'll be a wallet link.
I'm not sure how much an upvote from a 10SP holder will be worth. Though, don't let the small size stop you.

I love this idea and would like to contribute some small amount b/c the PAL Discord network has been super-helpful in my advancement as well.

Thanks @sammosk

Thanks for the support DBZ fan, you are a legend and totally over 9000. <3

I want to be over a Million!

This project is an enormous help for us minnows. Yet unfortunately I am still to weak to delegate any SP. Hopefully in 2 or 3 months with the help of this project my account will grow so that I can delegate to the cause. For now, pardon me if I can only upvote and resteem.

Goodluck @sammosk and the whole MSP crew.

Perhaps in the future you can consider delegating. Thanks for the support rs/upping tho. <3

Very real issues, and perfectly defined and described herein.

I give literally 100% of every second of my personal time to this group and community and I delegate nearly my entire wallet to our bots. I spend a dozen hours a day on the radio station effort as well and still run my non-steemit company which is all very time and finance consuming.

I am grateful you took the time to present this situation in such detail.

I'll be spreading the word.

Thank you for the support corky, you sir are a legend. <3

I am anonymous. I am legion. Expect me!

I wish I had the required Steem Power to delegate to your guys, but sadly I am in need of more Steem Power. As of now, I am taking the help of MinnowBooster and their amazing SP lending service.

P.S: I post stuff on How to Become a Writer and make money with Steemit, please take a look at it.

Thank you.

That's unfortunate, perhaps you could consider delegating in the future.

Upvoted and Resteemed!

When I have more steem power, I'll certainly be delegating some to MSP. You guys are so much help it's unbelievable.

Shoutout to @gmuxx too for all his work!

Yes for sure, I didn't want to clutter things up any further with shoutouts as I felt the post was already getting long enough but shoutouts to muxxy and shane and rhondak and crimson and cryptobeard and many others. <3

Upvoted @sammosk ;)

@philip.willemse , @the-housewife , @cronwill please upvote this post xoxo

Thank you lilly of the mysticals! <3

Great post thanks for all the info I am a big fan of the Minnow Support Project keep up the the good work :)

If you can spare the SP would love to see a delegation from you. <3

What you mean with spare the SP and how can I give a delegation?

It describes exactly how in the post you can delegate :)

okay let me check it out :)

By following the directions in the post.

okay let me check it out

I am getting always error code 1 when I want to do it??

This post has been resteemed by @msp-shanehug courtesy of @sammosk from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

This post received a 5% vote by @nettybot courtesy of @sammosk from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

This post received a 5% vote by @minnowsupport courtesy of @sammosk from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

upped and resteemed ! keep up the good work !!

Thank you very much. your support is 10/10! <3

I've believed in this project all along.

@swelker101 walked me through the process when I delegated almost half of my SP and it remains there to this day.

You are a shining beacon of hope in this ocean of steem it. <3

Thanks, a more apt description would probably be a candle at the edge of the forest.

This post has been resteemed by @msp-lovebot courtesy of @sammosk from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

upvoted and resteemed ; I dont write these words on any post but when I do I make sure it is for our very own MSP Project may peach be with us all!! 😊😊

Peach be with you always sir. <3

Upvoted and resteemed I will be delegating 500-1,000 SP soon to this project which essential for minnows like myself I hope others join me :)

Excellent, thanks for your support! <3

Glad to see in the comments we have people delegating. Thank you to all that have and plan to, let's keep it coming - delegated 500SP on Monday myself. Lead by example :-)

Absolutely, thanks for your support btw, you are doing great things. <3

Thanks so much to each and everyone that can delegate!!!!

PAL and MSP have kept me in Steemit! There is a huge learning curve, and their support has given me the first bits of knowledge, and the continuing energy to STEEM ON!!!
@sammosk thanks for staying on this and for all thay you do!!
Millions of peaches heading your way!!!
Peace everyone, keep on steeming along!!!

And a peach for you good sir. <3

Mnnn Peaches !!

Good luck team, you got this!

I will check my sp & delegate to MSP 💕 I so love & support this project. Upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you very much rose, you are amazing. <3

Upvoted and resteemed. I increased my delegation the other day. Will increase again as soon as I make some more...( I want a color change)

Thank you so very much for the support paulag, you are awesome. <3

nice post. i upvote your post.

Upvoted and about to Resteem!

Thank you very much for the support. <3

Well minnowsupport has helped me personally meet the community and interact with so many amazing creative people,sadly I am not in a position to delegate any SP right now.I'll try to ask a few places to make this possible.Hope MinnowSupport Goes Stronger Day by Day.

Thank you for your support and perhaps in the future you may wish you delegate. <3

I have an idea though some way I can I guess contribute.

I have no idea what minnow support is, but I will say @benjojo is a cool cat. I encountered him for the first time today on a post where anti-vaxxers were basically being attacked for their views. I was doing a horrible job of defending the anti-vaxxers on the subject of herd immunity because I havent vaxxed my son in seven years and I haven't done any research on the subject and at least five years and so I'm a bit rusty on the subject but @benjojo came in out of nowhere and handled the matter very well and with a lot of respect even though he was shown zero respect by the opposing side. My hats off to @benjojo thank you for the help today.

@benjojo sounds like a good guy. Thanks for helping @dwells out with the mob. The anti-vax crowd is fanatical. @ironshield

Minnowsupport is a service that assists new users with getting established on Steem It.

If you ever want to learn more you can check the posts on the @minnowsupport account, or come join discord!

Thanks for sharing, benjojo is indeed ten different kinds of awesome. <3

Great initiative @Sammosk! The Minnowsupport Project is really something great and simply deserves to be kept alive!

We are trying the best we can. <3

I have delegated to @minnowsupport. I've requested for my delegation to be pulled out though. But I'm just transferring them to @msp-creativebot.

Resteemed. If I get back my delegation from minnowbooster I may re-delegate that too @minnowsupport too.

Awesome, looking forward to seeing it land. You will get your delegation back (providing you cancelled it) from minnowbooster in 7 days at which point you can decide where to send it, take care and much love. <3

Yes, if I remember, i did do it correctly. I forgot when I did it, but it still hasn't came back yet. (I used Steemconnect to 0 out the delegations.) Edit: Lol I think it's back. Can it be to any bot or should be to @minnowsupport?

Preferably @minnowsupport at this time. <3

I see. I'll see what I can do! Thanks!

100% upgoat dude & Resteemed.
The project has been an amazing success. Big thanks to everyone who has been involved over these past few months. I'm proud to have been a part of it and proud of so many of the great talents that have emerged since its inception.
Long may it continue.

Thanks percy, you are awesome, much support, many funny stories, and always there for a helping hand.

Mad props. <3

A massive thanks to everyone who has helped this project - it's helping me and so many others.

Thanks for letting everyone know about this. I’ve delegated 20 SP to minnowsupport, and 20 SP to muxxybot a few hours ago to do my small part. Let’s keep this above 100k!

Thank you for your support enjar, you are doing great things. <3

great post...up & rs

Thanks muchly for the support! <3

You welcome:)

I love everything I read about this project! I am so proud to support such a great group of people.

Thanks to @benjojo for the vital support in MSP's early days. I'll see what I can do to up my delegation.

Thank you muchly. <3

You guys have done so much for newcomers such as myself that I'm happy to give a little back - thanks for your continued efforts. Count me down for 100 SP.

EDIT 2: Problems again...

Oops, something goes wrong!
Error code: 1 Assert Exception

Any suggestions? This is after submitting my username and password on the https://v2.steemconnect.com/sign/delegateVestingShares page


try this one, dont put an @ sign on your username when filling out the form, and use your active private key. Thanks for your support!

Thanks - it worked with your number of shares... mine was wrong for some reason. I didn't put the @ so not sure what the problem was there! All sorted now. :)

Might have been a lack or %20 or something :D

Some things that sometimes happen. Vests need to be out to 6 decimal places and occasionally the math doesn't quite do that. Check to see. It should look something like 12321.121212 (your number will be wildly different)

Hmmmm - my URL generates the following: 206602.38614 - so that looks like it is one digit short?

Yep add a zero to the end and that should fix it

I pray this will be a successful journey for MSP. I am a living testament of how MSP helped minnows boost their morale, increase payouts per post, and a better community for us.

Thank you @sammosk for sharing this awareness. <3

Upvoted and Resteemed. MinnowSupportProject has been a lifesaver. I love you guys!

Thanks for the support wigglebot <3

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@sammosk resteemed i hope someday i can help to support pal...

I just started a blog series about Basic Survival Principles...
this should help minnows Survive the Outside World ..

I am Cornholio! (Whoa! Hm heh... that was cool) I need T.P. for my bunghole! Come out with your pants down!

very good post

Excellent iniciative! Minnowsupportproject has been so far very supportative and helpful with all of us minnows, I'm an English Teacher from Venezuela if you need any help please let me know!

Very good post

@sammosk I don't have much in my account yet, but would love to help. You are helping me SO MUCH. So, when I get there, I will definitely do what I can. Hugs!!

Hey there, I'm quite new to steemit and I'm not 100% sure how the minnowsupport project works? Could you "explain like I'm 5"? :p
Thanks in advance!

Minnowsupport is a support network to help people move from minnowhood into dolphinhood into whalehood. :)

Jump on the discord and have a chat! <3

well it ain't much, but I put in 100. Steem on with your bad selfs...

Thank you, much appreciate. <3

so nice topi i like this post .................fr.

I still dont understand the idea of steempower, steem and other voting power

Resteemed and upvoted ! Too minnow for more ah :)

I fully support this project. upvoted! :)

Keep going the good work for minnows!!! I do not have SP power to delegate , actually you delegate me ,but in the future I will!! Thank you so much!! resteemed!!

Upvoted and resteemed :)

I sent 13 SP, I hope it helps.

upvoted. what is resteem how does it work please

a resteem basically puts it on your blog as well, like rebroadcasting it, its the little two direction arrow next to the reply button at the bottom of the article. <3

I registered with #minnowsupport couple day ago, but I am very disappointed. I sent the required 0.001 SBD twice to Minnowsupport and Banjo, but I get very little help. I got only upvotes from Banjo twice , but nothing from Minnowsupport. I always get a message to wait or that I am in cold. I would just like to get an explanation why, but I did not get ay reply from them. I know they are doing great job, but I don't understand why my posts are being ignored. RSD & UPV

You just have to re-register, do the $register yoursteemitusernamehere in the #registration channel.

Problem solved.

Thank you I try 🌸💖🌸

There was a bot crash. Re-registering is free though.

Thank you 🌸💖🌸

Sounds good, I'm only a little minnow but upvoted nonetheless, hope it helps!

Great initiative and support. Keep up the great work. Resteemed!

Thank you for your support <3

How to join. I am very interested.

Link to discord at the bottom of the post buddy :)

Please support minnowsupport units. Be active in the community. Much pine sol for all their efforts.

Add 100 value points to self worth of janitor.

Sounds interesting and a true worthy cause to help support. Wish I had some SP to spare, but yeah I need to invest a little in Steem Power that would do the trick. Just got some bills to knock out, will try to invest soon.

I delegated ~20% of my SP, thats 101 from just over 500.

Is there any kick back or is this purely altruistic?

You can jump on discord and activate the minnowsupport bot on your posts, and your delegation makes it a 'tiny' bit stronger.

So there is that. (costs 0.002 sp or sbd to register) which you get back on the first vote.

So it's altruistic and self serving! nice balance.

Your post is very cool, I reestem and wait for the next one @sammosk.thank for infomation



As you can see by these two screen captures I'm tapped out. I think this is something that the great minds and beautiful hearts will find a multitude of solutions to as time goes forward. I expect at some point I too will be able to support MSP and Steemit in some appreciable fashion.

Great work Sammo...you're no less a rock star than any of the names you've listed. ✌️

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