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  • Mint Club, the first-ever smart token building platform, is launching during the 3Q 2021.
  • Pre-sign up opens today - 1) HUNT→MINT Swap, 2) MINT Airdrop.
  • You can ONLY get MINT via the HUNT to MINT swap or the MINT Airdrop (no ICO/IDO, no pre-sale, no investor, and no free allocation for the team).

Introducing Mint Club - A smart token building protocol for everyone with minimalised complexity.

Building a new token for your app/business/fans is not easy. Token creation is just a tiny part of your token journey. The more important question is how you can make your token tradable and adaptable to your business.

We’re launching Mint Club - the first-ever smart token building platform that kills all barriers of the token journey - during the 3Q 2021.

👉 Mint Club -

Screenshot 2021-06-15 at 6.02.42 a.m..png

Mint Club protocol guarantees:

  • No code BEP20 token creation - Like a WYSIWYG token builder
  • Instantly tradeable - no need to set any liquidity pools
  • Decentralised and permissionless - no individual control and can be used by anyone

Plus, it is designed to prevent a rug pull by adapting a price-bonding-curve-backed smart contract protocol.

👉 Mint Club Docs

Pre-sign Up: Fair launch of MINT Token


MINT token is the key currency at Mint Club, it will be used for collateral smart contracts and as a governance system. We’re launching this new token with fair launch principles. MINT token has no token sale, no investors, and no free team allocation. It will be minted ONLY in the following ways during the pre-sign up period.

  1. Swap HUNT tokens for MINT
  2. MINT community airdrop

👉 About Pre-sign Up

1) HUNT to MINT Token Swap

Mint Club is one of the DApps on the HUNT Platform and MINT token can ONLY be minted by swapping HUNT tokens during the swap period. The opportunity to swap HUNT for MINT will cease on June 29th at 15:00 KST. The swap ratio will be 1 HUNT to 100,000 MINT.

The swap process is incredibly simple. You just need to:

  1. Connect your Ether wallet
  2. Enter the amount of HUNT tokens to swap (The required minimum swap amount is 20 HUNT).
  3. Confirm the swap transaction (this will burn the HUNT and mint the new MINT tokens)

👉 HUNT → MINT Manual


2) MINT Community Airdrop

10% of the total MINT allocation swapped from HUNT tokens will be airdropped for the community. Applying to the airdrop has just a few steps:

  1. Connect your BSC wallet
  2. Join the Mint Club Telegram 👉
  3. Follow the Mint Club official Twitter account 👉
  4. Like & Retweet the Tweet pinned on our profile, or this post 👉
  5. Submit your Twitter name.
    6‌. Agree to the terms and submit your airdrop application.

The cut-off period for successful completion is June 29th at 15:00 KST.

You can increase the amount of MINT you receive by inviting friends to join the airdrop (you will see your referral link after your submission). You will also earn 100% of the trading fees from your referred people whenever they make a swap. This will be a lifetime bonus.


Airdrop tokens will be distributed directly to your connected BSC wallet within a week after the closing date.

👉 MINT Community Airdrop

Limited MINT supply

MINT token is a non-inflationary token so there will be no further minting once the initial supply has been set. The initial MINT supply will be determined by the following:

  1. The supply will be based on the number of MINT tokens swapped for HUNT tokens.
    10% of the base supply will be additionally allocated as MINT airdrop.
  2. HUNT team will also swap their HUNT to MINT tokens with 50% of the base supply used for the initial liquidity pool on PancakeSwap, as well as further business development.
  3. MINT supply will be set during the pre-sign up period and there will be no change afterwards, thus making it a limited commodity.

50% Matching Swap by the Team

As we mentioned earlier, MINT token has no sales and no free allocation. Instead, the team will match 50% of the total swapped HUNT tokens from the community by additionally swapping their HUNT to MINT tokens.

For example,

  1. Total swapped HUNT tokens from the community = 5 million HUNT → 500 billion MINT
  2. The team will also swap = 2.5 million HUNT → 250 billion MINT

In this example, the total number of HUNT tokens to be burnt is 7.5 million HUNT. We strongly believe that this swap-based launching can:

  1. burn as many HUNT tokens as possible, and;
  2. create a strong base valuation for MINT tokens.


1. Can I purchase MINT tokens via ICO or IDO?
Nope. There will be no pre-sale, no ICO/IDO, and no investors. You can only get MINT by swapping your HUNT tokens or by applying to the community airdrop.

2. What happens to the HUNT tokens that I’m swapping?
They will be burnt right away when the new MINT tokens are issued for you. This transaction will not be reversible.

3. Is this good news for HUNT token holders?
Definitely. Here’s how it will benefit HUNT token holders:

  1. More HUNT tokens will be burnt when more people swap to MINT tokens.
  2. The trading fees accumulating in the default beneficiary wallet will all go to the quarterly HUNT burning. Read more.

4. What is Mint Club?
It’s a smart token building platform that has no need to code and provides instant liquidity. Anyone can launch a smart token with just a few simple clicks. This can be a revolutionary token building platform for non-technical project founders who want to build a token economy for their projects.

5. What are Smart Tokens?
Via Mint Club, anyone can create a BEP20 token based on the Binance Smart Chain. This smart token is natively liquid due to the price bonding curve powered by the Mint Club collateral smart contract. This is called a Smart Token. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the Smart Tokens have no need to provide any liquidity pool to trade. They become tradable right away after they are created due to the built-in price bonding curve and MINT collateral contract.

6. What is the price bonding curve?
It is an algorithmic price curve, enabling tokens to be purchased or liquidated (sold) at any time, directly through the smart contract. All smart tokens have a collateral contract where the value of the token is backed by MINT token. Read more.

7. If anyone can create a token, will there be more rug pulls/scams?
Not necessarily. One of the most significant drawbacks of the public token launch is the centralised token distribution. Many tokens set a large portion of the token ownership from the initial supply with a zero acquisition cost, which can easily be dumped in the market later (a “Rug pull”).

In Mint Club, rug pulling is difficult because there is NO free allocation of the initial supply of the token creation. Even the token creator must pay the cost set by the price bonding curve to buy his/her tokens in the same way other people do.

But it is still your responsibility to check the legitimacy of the project when buying a smart token on Mint Club.

To get involved and be up to date:


This is a very cool modern project! I believe that in the near future

We submit our Twitter username here? And can't see how to agree with the terms.

I joined the telegram and my username is correct but why this? Can you help? @tomoyanTelegram

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