Got a shiner at the gym today

in #mma4 years ago

So I went to the MMA gym today. I was working our with my friend Gio and as he was spinning around he caught me with a knee in the eye I had a pretty good mouse but Paul the coach pushed it down for me. I put ice on it but I think I will have a pretty good shiner tomorrow
Accidents happen but I guess I’ll have a battle scar for a few days


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Ooo, bet that hurt!

Not to bad and training is fun

You will look like a badass, so that is fucking cool.

That’s what I was going for lol

Allow them to hit you once for the sake of looking badass, and then destroy them. :-)

Followed, upvoted, re-steemed! That's a good one. I'd hate to see the other guy :P

Lol not to bad all part of training

Whoo that looks like a good one! At least you got it pressed down. Hope to see more training content from you! Good luck! Followed, upvoted and re-steemed!

POW .... ayyyeee accidents happen in the gym

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