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From the beginning of the review of the project and until the very end, I had a question: can one project affect the entire market? I would like to know your opinion in the comments.

The specifics of this start-up is in the resolving of stagnant issues concerning the SEC: from the beginning of the organization of investment charges within the ICO and before the verification of the user and the wallet for admission to trading. In fact, because of the global nature of the problems, the market cannot reveal its full potential and simply huddles in a limited space - the space of partial manipulation of trade relations and the absence of new big players.

Nevertheless, not least, this is a new cash flow that in the future can provide the "Mobu" for many topical companies with real assets that want to enter the world of blockchain. Even if they are limited by virtue of their original outdated method of education in the form of securities. The "Mobu" seeks to change the current state of affairs. But how we will try to understand.

About the project

The “Mobu” is an ICO platform for integrated solutions providing for the tokenization of active securities (shares) by reorganizing the partial inflow and turnover of funds.

Initially, the team began its activities within the framework of the ICO project called "ZaberCoin", the implementation of which was not crowned with success, but gave the basics an understanding of the pressing problems that are solved thanks to the "Mobu".

The main problems in relation to which the changes will be made are:

  1. Reducing the gap between the securities market and blockchain technology;
  2. The organization of issuance of appropriate regulatory norms for investment tokens for any enterprises that are provided with real assets that wish to raise funds using blockchain technology;
  3. The ability to purchase tokens only for verified users;
  4. Investors protection;
  5. Scalability;
  6. Legal support.

This approach to the formation of intra-platform solutions was provoked by the SEC and their relation to the approval of securities within the framework of a number of regulations (CF regulation, regulation 504, regulation 506 (b), 506 (c), so the "Mobu" offers a kind of KYC/AML for all the participants.

How the project works

For example, any company currently with a stock that wants to raise capital with tokens can use the "Mobu" to create their own ICO. Thanks to the "Mobu" platform, abstract intellectual contracts are created, which then expand to further adapt to the market.

There are 2 formats of the token on the platform:

  • MOB-20 (intra-platform security token);
  • ERC-20.

In general, the "Mobu" offers escrow services for ICOs, bank support for investors when converting a currency into a cryptocurrency and developing smart-contracts. Also, assumes the organization of all other processes necessary for capital raising. The platform offers companies the opportunity to expand their horizons and issue investment tokens with a symbolic commission, instant payments and the opportunity to participate in round-the-clock trading. [1]

The "Mobu" also provides investors with dividends and voting rights. The platform improves the overall efficiency of the process through agreements with various banks to prevent the blocking of transactions along with cryptocurrency transactions.[1]

The "Mobu" users:

  • Issuers;
  • Developers;
  • KYC Service Providers;
  • Investors;
  • Legal representatives;
  • Conditional deposit service providers;
  • Verified participants of trading operations.

(Only verified tokens owners who have passed KYC / AML will be able to trade assets)

Simply put, it is a tokenization of securities instead of issuing ordinary shares.
In addition, the asset lock function will be available to artificially create deficits in order to increase demand and market value.


An experienced team seeks to implement something new, and innovations are often (always) welcomed. The start-up attracts attention from those who are little familiar with blockchain, and creates all possible tools to simplify the whole process. Thus, it increases the number of new players and provides an influx of new funds.

Project ratings:

P.S. This material is posted for your reference. Not a financial advice. I do not encourage you to participate in any ICO. You need to understand and consider the high risks of investing in ICO. The content expresses the author's personal opinion. The author is not an expert in the field of block technology. Always conduct your own analysis before investing in any ICO.

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