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RE: Is It About Content or Stake - RE: SteemIt Inc. as a Stakeholder and Judge

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Dear @whatsup

Indeed, I've seen this post by Steemit Inc and I found many replies either inspiring or disturbing.

If you look at Steem as a cryptocurrency, I would say that there is no such thing as abuse.

From this point of view I would agree. However in general I believe that we all should pay less attention to definition of abuse and more to the fact, that if we will not find ways to protect STEEM from those who are taking advantage of this chain - then we will all lose our investment (time, effort, money).

It's time to think about survival more than anything.

We have talked about downvotes for the entire existence of Steem, but if you think about it every stakeholder has a right to vote for what they think adds value to Steem for any reason.

Poorly designed tools, which were released to public without any guidance - are partly the problem here.

My first reaction to Steemit Inc's question was to think that it plays into the narrative about a centralized authority.

Are you so much against centralization?

I honestly believe, that being able to purchase some steem and power up shouldn't give anyone rights to enjoy curation rewards. I would rather like to see STINC introducing "curator program" and only being part of this program would allow people to enjoy curation rewards.

That should be privillage, not a RIGHT. People do not like to take risk abusing the system, knowing that they can lose their privillages. At the same time, same people will easily abuse the system, knowing that they have a right to do that and that no consequences are awaiting.

It's all about mindset :))

Yoirs, Piotr