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RE: Is It About Content or Stake - RE: SteemIt Inc. as a Stakeholder and Judge

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Personally, I am glad to see Steemit exercising their stake in a number of different ways. For the first few years I agreed with the hands-off approach, but once they got below 30% or so, I came to see them as basically just a majority stakeholder with the same rights as any other stakeholder. After that point, I think it's healthy for the ecosystem for them to start making use of the capabilities that their stake brings them.

As you said, those with the most stake have the most incentive to preserve and grow its value.

My only reservation is that they need to make sure not to reconsolidate their stake above that 25 or 30-ish percent level, and further deconsolidation would be preferred.


I always supported the idea of SteemIt Inc using their stake to help grow the platform.

Yet, I can also understand why that was an issue for people who actually purchased their stake.

There are a lot of various views, but it seems Stake should be the tie breaker on a DPOS system