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RE: Is It About Content or Stake - RE: SteemIt Inc. as a Stakeholder and Judge

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@whatsup, I think we have a similar opinion. And I like it. I'll explain why?

The most important value is a man, and on Steemit, of course, the authors and participants of the Steemit platform. The success of the business depends on people.
You can have any kind of progressive ideas, but if you don't like people who are engaged in your business, you have no chance of success.

I understand that everyone wants to be rewarded for writing publications. Curators want to earn as much as possible from highly paid authors, but...there are talented authors who can't promote themselves and they don't have a promoter either.
What to do about such authors? I am sure that we should support them, at least a little...
Thank you so much and have a nice day, @whatsup


Thanks for sharing your point of view.