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MONA is just about done with a downward pointing wedge pattern and this is bullish! Yes, I am aware of the permabears screaming for Bitcoin (BTC) to fall and obey their wishes for $6,00 to $8,000; however, Sentiment commands the price and permabears consistently forget. IF price breaks out of this wedge pattern, then the first target should be $18.53 or so. While not exact, the first triangle could be seen as a fractal to the current.

This chart shows the bigger picture as to how this bullish wedge fits into the higher degree of trends...not time, but degree of trend in price. I don't try and project time because it's not a reflection of sentiment. While price certainly interacts with time, trying to project both with the same techniques only causes accuracy to suffer.

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Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**


Nice. I have just buy some mona!

this one looks like got real potential for multiple baggers. Go Monacoin!

What a crazy Japanese)

I need to check out MonaCoin! Thanks for the reminder!

I believe Mona can make 5x . I'm in.

I used to be close friends with Bitcoin, but once she started dating my MONA, it really drove a wedge between us.

The conundrum , when to buy in?, I bought into CVC a few days ago and then it dropped like a stone. However I will play the long game, patience is the key and awareness keeps the panic at bay as haejin keeps reminding us. Good advice.

Thanks, this is good advice. I always learn the hard way :/

thanks for sharing

Guess I’ll have to look into this one.

The best time to invest in MONA is now. Don't now, regret later. My opinion though.

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Hi Haejin, great post. Thank you. Could you please take a look at Tokes (TKS)? cup and handle.png
It appears to have formed a cup and handle with a breakout.

This looks like it has potential.

Could you please do an update for Digibyte. Verge remains your Target a few days ago ? UPVOTE @haejin

Damn, these price targets are really high! This is some crazy china boy. To bad Monacoin isn't on Binance =(

Trading is not so simple and biased to just say that this and that will happen .... rather technical analysis is the key to success as it can be compared as reading a manual.

Great post! I have been watching and resteeming your posts. Please do the same for me and we can promote each other. You are doing a great job with your chart predictions. Thanks

It’s time for Mona to come back up. It’s been sleeping for a while

@haejin , you are the king!!!! Many thanks for all you do!!
May I ask for an update on @TRX Please? It seems to be nearing the end of your previously forcast wave 4 of 5. Can you either confirm or deny this?

And so it has! Nice call!

I have practiced just a couple weeks , the power of Elliot Waves still feels a bit unreal. It's like a dream :)

any chance to have a look at EMC2? what about this


I like you analysis, can you take a look at COLX coin please ?

This one sounds like a great opportunity. I might just add another coin to my portfolio. Or get some more EOs, or Steem, or verge or... too many opportunities!!!

Better hurry, taking off now!

I think it has demaciadas resistances but while it is breaking it would be taking a lot of strength in addition to q already started its

If haejin does not include time then how do you know when any coin will hit his target. In other words you could buy MONA and SIX month could pass and it is just sitting there. I get he doesn’t do time, but without a timeframe how do you guys decide to invest in this coin or others he suggests.

Thanks Haejin!

MONA 10x by February.

Thank you for the analysis.

  1. So, from what i understand, we should look at the annual chart then draw an envelope wave chart and from there we move on to the subwaves? is this correct?
  2. How about Hush Coin? It has (news / events) in the air, I assume this should coincide (accidentally) with a spike in price. It did happen but not proportionally as much as what happened to Zcl. Please have a look at these coins and give us your openion.

For Zcl, death is expected after BTCP launch.
For Hush, probably a sharp decline after Bitcoin hush launch.
Thanks very much.

i believe in mona, it's huge in japan. promising.

Really appreciate all these useful tips @haejin! It helps a newbie like myself.

Haejin your analysis about BTC is true its falls from $20000 to $14000 in less than 2 Weeks

What about the Mona/BTC pair?

You have good point there

Mona is a very good coin with potential, its the japan coin, I really believe it will reach 50$ by the end of 2018. has mona, if you want to buy.

the best option is monacoin, this represents a real potential

I hope it's best time to invest in Mona. I hope soon we hear "Mona to the Moon".

I have been looking at this one recently as a day trading token, or at the least to hold for a week for a bigger rise. So if I got it and then it hit $18, well more trading funds!

really informative post as always :)

I think all cryptos are going up anyway for the next while - why not MONA aswell ;)

Mona is doing great and I think it's gonna continue to moon.

I won't be moaning about Mona!

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