Be Relevant.

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Hello lovelies, it has been a really busy weekend for me. I don't know how you celebrated yours but all the same, mine was very interesting.

Well am just going to be fast about this right now. The point I want you all to take here is... BE RELEVANT! Where ever you are try and be as relevant and significant. Let people feel your worth, let it influence thibgs, people, spring up ideas and help others open their minds.
Trend in every area of your life. Trend anywhere that you can and let people feel your presence. Let people see what you really have to offer. You are made of something... let people have a feel of that.

When we are gone and no more...

When we are gone and there is nothing again to remember us with , nothing to say about us, of what use then will it be that we were created. To whom would we say we were useful to?

If you are not taking risk and getting yourself out on the field for work, you are just existing... you are not living a life. If all you do is sit back and watch without work, you are irrelevant!
There is no reason why you should just sit, watch and do nothing. There are so many things that can really change because of you. But you, feeling overly important, too timid or withdrawn to walk out and do something? Then you need some orientations.

The world needs more of you. Do not just sit down there. Do not be at the background watching and feeling like a king. The world is not interested in all of that. The world needs more of you.
Back in the days, people felt relevant by the amount of children or assets they have acquired; But these days it has changed. If you have battalions and yet is irrelevant, you have nothing. Yiu can do more. Let the world know how much you can offer.

Be relevant, be significant. That is is the only way you will live that life. Being in a spot and not making effort is riskier than not taking a risk.

Put your faith at work. My final words to you today is that you stay, learn and live the faith. Be relevant and significant!

Have a blessed week. Stay on the look out for juicy and interesting topics on let's talk with @gloglo on love, relationship and what have!

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Hello @gloglo
We gave you a headstat. Keep writing good post.

Hope your busy time will be very pleasant, thanks for getting wishing

good to see you having your name in the history books of steemit..go higher @gloglo

Wow this is amazing, back in the days I use to wonder what I was going to do, to make people recognise me, I so badly want to belong, I did things out of my dictionary.
However I later discovered that to be relevant first one must feel relevant and work towards it.

Very good one here my friend @gloglo I see you rep 63 now 😀😀😀😀


I later discovered that to be relevant first one must feel relevant and work towards it.

I agree 99.1 % with you on this.

Dear @josediccus it is with very high sincerity I tell you that to be relevant does not mean trying to fit in a kind of lifestyle that is not yours... That is simply trying to live yourself off, it's like selling out your worth. But when you ar able to use what you are made of to influence your world and that of others you have have succeeded in being relevant.

@sourcehope shares your ideas and love to share in your stories. We love humanity!

Encouraging words to start the week! Sitting and doing nothing is actually more risky than going out there and doing something.

excellent post..
my dear friend @goglo...thank you for sharing with us..i love your post..

What is worth doing, worth doing good.....when you do what is right you will make a point

Thanks for this inspiring piece

This post actually expended my mind on a lot things. Thank you so much for putting this together.
Starting with what you have in making your sphere if contact better than you met it is one sure way of staying relevant.

Its not about how you feel most of the time but in how better you make others feel.

@gloglo you have just won yourself a breathe taking platonic kiss from me for this post come claim it while offer last. Smiling

Oh thank you for your comment. I will be on my way then to claim my prize yeah? 😁

Powerful posts, wonderful ideas

This is noted.

This is really cool. Nice content to start of the week

good post, very interested I got ..

Be relevant, be impactful, be the one to touch people's lives, give to life, don't just keep taking. A wonderful piece dear.

Yes ma'am, definitely on can never be useful to others is take , take and take but never gives. The only way we can do this is by showing how much we can lay down for those around around. That is relevance. Thank you for this wonderful point for you ma.

En nuestras vidas existen cosas de mucha relevancia, como el amor hacia los hijos

Be creative too!

It is good motivation.
I will keep spirit.
Thanks @gloglo

Being relevant is really key. This life is not all about one person. You dont just have to be happy for yourself and by yourself. The day anyone stops being relevant, the person starts diminishing.
Some people just have inferiority complex, not knowing that there is a giant in him/her about to be revealed... A dynamite about to explode. All we just have to do is to explore new opportunities and not just sit back as a spectatot, but showing oneself approved. Thanks so much for this inspiration and motivation @gloglo Stay blessed


It is necessary to repeat the next weekend. We need all weekend to be like this !!!

Great idea. I like that.

Be relevant! Best motivational post to start the week with. Whatever you do, your focus should be leaving a good footprint in the sands time. Be relevant to yourself, be relevant to people around you and the society at large. Have something to offer so people will have reasons to miss you when you ain't there.

I've learn to stay relevant because I am the only version of me, I can't afford to go through life useless. No. There is no one to live my life for me.
Thanks @gloglo for another wonderful thought.

The world needs more of me, this is a great boosting line for me

Thank you @gloglo

I love this article. It's very important to stay relevant cause irrelevant people have nothing to offer. 👍

@gloglo your post have received 0.04%. Thank you

You are a practical example of staying relevant I'm looking forward to let's talk....

I decide to be relevant.
In whatever I find worth doing, I will do it well.
Bless you for this ma'am.

This is the best you can do for yourself and those you care about. Stay hopeful, best from @sourcehope.

II love this post