MoneroV Hardfork This Week - My Views & Strategy

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Monero has been a top privacy coin from past couple of years. Majorly used in a transaction method on the dark web or Tor browser. When it comes to privacy and anonymity Monero is one of the safest bet for most of the users.

We have seen many hard forks in past 12 months including the king "Bitcoin". This is the time for Monero hard fork and according to official announcements MoneroV will be introduced to us.

What is MoneroV?

MoneroV carries the exact same features of Monero in almost every aspect. MoneroV will be launched with the ticker XMV from XMR (Monero). The only difference I could find in Monero & MoneroV that XMV will be the total coin supply.

Monero is not limited to maximum coin supply which makes it unlimited but with this hard fork MoneroV is getting introduced with total coin supply of 256 Million XMV. Other than this both are very much similar to each other, at least for now.

MoneroV Hard Fork Details

MoneroV Hard fork is going to occur on April 30th, 2018 in about 7 Days at block number 1,564,965. This time Monero owners will be getting MoneroV on 1:10 ratio. Which means if hold 1 Monero (XMR) you will be rewarded with 10 MoneroV (XMV).

My Views

Since, this time one of the top Privacy coins is getting hard fork which will produce another privacy coin. This is something I am not able to digest just because Monero Team is already quite active. Recently we have seen a fork in Monero for Algorithm upgrade to battle against ASICs. Monero Team, in my opinion, is working pretty hard to keep it GPU friendly for true decentralization.

MoneroV is not going to make much difference, I believe because when it comes to privacy we already have few coins that are performing very good. Introducing another privacy coin with same exact features is not something, I am excited about.

My Strategy

Monero is showing positive signs in the market, which usually happens with every coin when there's a hard fork. Traders try to claim new coins out of it. This time since I am not interested in MoneroV my strategy will be to place buy orders and exit couple of hours before hardfork.

If someone is interested in claiming their MoneroV. I highly suggest to move your Monero (XMR) from the exchanges and keep it them in your wallet. After the screenshot of MoneroV claim your coins after withdrawing all of your XMR from holding wallet before using the private key, just to be safe.

Please share your thoughts on MoneroV hard fork in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, everything I've mentioned above is my own opinion and should not be considered as financial advice. I encourage everyone to do their own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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Every time after hardfork is done price of that coin goes down drastically which turn into loss
So i always ignore hardfork

@pritam20 I don't always ignore hard forks but this time I am not interested.

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good tips! Thanks

Shouldn't this hard fork happen a couple of months ago? :)
Anyway, I'm going to short XMR from 30th of April...

@andhovesyan it was postponed to 30 April

Thats a very good suggestion by you @bunnychum
You are guiding people and rest is on people, you did what you thought what is right to do. Good one

I have yet to try Monero but maybe should. Upvoted. I do have Bitcoin. Very interesting. love the Bugs Bunny avatar. I'm Oatmeal.

Valuable information buddy ! Thanks for sharing :)

thank you @honeychum

monero will continue to move up

I do believe so too @btcturk

very helpfull post i joinig this discord

you are very welcome @tipu77, we have a very friendly community on discord focused on cumulative growth.

Thank You from Ur Information about MoneroV Hard fork

thank you @information7, I really appreciate your comment. :)

I have learnt something new from your post, especially about monero and hardfork in general. Thank you @bunnychum!

That is a really great news. Awesome thanks for giving such information. Could you please mention that which exchanges are going to support for coming hard fork?

@fxpandit I think kucoin & binance should support this fork but there are no announcements that I know of. Best way to claim your coins is from xmr wallet's private key.

But there was an announcement from hitbtc. I kept my fund in hitbtc ac and waiting for xmv which must give by hitbtc.

great helpful post. thanks for @bunnychum

thanks @kickup008 :)

Thanks so much for sharing this

@joyart you're very welcome :)

i agree with you

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How many hardforks has #Monero had? I seen like 2 other coins with the #Monero name on #CMC

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