Win 13.37 Monero (1200+ USD ) by solving this Puzzle - brought to you by HCPP

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At HCPP17 there was a puzzle released and by solving this puzzle you get 13.37 XMR.
First, I thought it's just 1.337 and that's not much.

Though 13.37, now that is worth sharing :).

How does it work?

Simple. This picture (above) contains a Seed of a XMR wallet which contains that amount of Monero. So if you solve it, the Monero are yours.

Best thing is, as Monero is anonymous by default (not like other "anonymous" crypto currencies) no one will even know that you got this so in 2 years you can buy yourself the best VR porn experience on the planet.

Or a house ... completely up to you.

Give it a go.If no one solves it I'll give it a go on Monday and get some Hacker colegues involved, too.

Good luck :).

And stay tuned for more HCPP17 content.

If you want to know how I modify my Images, check out my post about a tool I created

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Thank you very much for sharing inspiring content.

Yes, yes. This is clearly so inspiring ;).

Something tells me its not gonna be easy :D

Unless that's the trick :D. To make you think that :D.

OMG this is amazing!! <3 <3

Just imagine how amazing it will be if you win it :P :D.

It sounds very utopic, I could pay the fine that the goverment charge me when I leave this country .. !! : S

Whaat the hell?
You pay a fine if you leave your country? What country is that?

I´m in Dominican Republic and I am a foreigner (I´m from Venezuela) here and every month that passes to leave the country you must pay a fine for the time exceeded within this country I have to pay aprox. 300 sbd more time will be more money I'm adventurous and an little afraid : S but everything is possible with Steemit !!! ^-^ wish me luck

I'm sure someone could get you out of the country for cheaper :).

And if you do, you can bribe me anonymously without anyone ever knowing ;).

hahahaha I'm trying, but I feel pains in my neurons. ^_^

"No pain no gain' they say :D.

That´s right ;)