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Have you tried PalmPay yet? PalmPay enables any sized company to accept one or more cryptocurrencies at zero cost.

In this Investor Proposal, we will detail the job specifics for the creation of a payment gateway module for Odoo with the PalmPay cryptocurrency point of sale software.

The PalmPay cryptocurrency point of sale payment gateway module for Odoo

By integrating a PalmPay payment gateway with Odoo, over 4 Million businesses will immediately be able to accept multiple cryptos, 100% free of charge.

If you recall, back in 2016 we already integrated with Odoo (see video below), but a couple of years ago we were forced to rebrand. So, we forked our own code, changed the brand name to PalmPay, and upgraded nearly all of our core code with Kotlin, using Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture and LiveData.

PalmPay for Odoo (Bitcoin transaction); a 2016 example:

PalmPay for Odoo (Bitshares transaction); a 2016 example:

PalmPay for Odoo (Settings screen); a 2016 example:

Promo video from Odoo.com:

-- VALUE --

By integrating a PalmPay payment gateway with Odoo, over 4 Million businesses will immediately be able to accept multiple cryptocurrencies, 100% free of charge.

PalmPay will integrate seamlessly with the Odoo Point of Sale and Invoicing Apps.

Odoo is one of the very few Enterprise-class Business Management platforms that's open source, and does not require a third-party to operate if the economy takes a downturn. Businesses can even run their own local copy, without need of any cloud services. It's essentially future-proofed.

Increased point of sale activity also puts upward pressure on the Bitshares (BTS) price, so the more of these integrations that we do, it continues to add value to the blockchains that PalmPay supports.




  • Python/Odoo Developer $8000
  • Professional Marketer $4000
  • PM, HR, Accounting, QA/Beta Testing, API and Servers $6000
  • Grand Total: Up to $18,000 USD maximum


  • Up to 90 Days


  • Payment must be in Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Proof of reserves BTC address is required
  • Down payment of 33% of Grand Total is req.
  • Updates are provided regularly via Telegram
  • Detailed Invoices emailed weekly as usual



Similar to how the PalmPay mobile app works, this PalmPay module for Odoo will collect a 1% Network Fee from the customers who pay at one of the 4 Million businesses who use the PalmPay module for Odoo.

80% of that Network Fee goes to the Investor, and the remaining 20% goes to Agorise, Ltd. to provide customer support, and maintain the module, api and app store listing.

The 1% Network Fee paid by the customers is sent to the Investor and to Agorise within 3 seconds of the transaction, so that no human needs to be relied upon for distribution of those fees.



Now that we have a lightning fast, decentralised architecture and core, along with a shiny new API, PalmPay is now ready for integration with many different point of sale, ecommerce and billing systems such as Odoo, Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce and Wordpress.

The vending machines, atm machines, verifone/ingenico terminals, smart tv's etc can come later in 2020 once we eventually complete our Kotlin Multi-Platform (KMP) lib for embedded systems.



Primary Point Of Contact is Ken Code (@kenCode) at Agorise, Ltd.

  • Well over 5 years experience in Bitshares Community and started out as a (voted-in) Bitshares Delegate in the original 101.
  • After Limewallet (a poc by elmato), built the first fully-functional Bitshares mobile wallet (Bitshares Wallet).
  • Built the second Bitshares mobile wallet (Smartcoins Wallet)
  • Built the third Bitshares mobile wallet (BiTSy)
  • Built graphenej - The first FOSS library for Bitshares mobile app Developers.
  • Upgraded the Blinded Transactions feature on Bitshares; Fixed bugs and leaks, built the UI/UX, upgraded security.
  • Built C-IPFS & C-LibP2P; lightweight, mobile-friendly implementations of IPFS in C language.
  • Built PalmPay, a point of sale dApp primarily utilizing Bitshares.
  • Promoted by the Bitshares Community.
  • Recognition by the Godfather of Bitshares, Stan Larimer himself.
  • Experienced with running multiple, public API nodes, Web Services, and a Faucet for Bitshares.
  • Grew up playing with jumpers and dip switches.
  • Served in the US Navy (plus Op Desert Shield, Op Desert Storm) for 5 years with Honorable Discharge, Shellback and multiple medals and ribbons.
  • Inventor of the online shopping cart, with thousands of installs still in use today.
  • Built 4 companies and has managed local and remote Dev teams since 1993.
  • Manage up to 10 different social media accounts for promoting Bitshares and products listed above. Bitchute, Bitsharestalk, Bittubers, Flote, Gab, LBRY, Minds, Steem, Twitter, Whaleshares, and Youtube.
  • A trusted Admin for all main Bitshares telegram groups.
  • Gained the trust of multiple Bitshares Investors, Stakeholders & prominent community members around the world.
  • Weekly public Speaker and Attendee on the Anarchapulco webcasts.
  • Public Speaker and Crypto Educator on the main stage at Anarchapulco 2020.
  • Ken works with his Dev Teams and keeps their weekly commits and invoices audited, and paid. He discusses and supplies project direction, continuously vets and cross-trains Developers, keeps overhead low, and github commits often.



To discuss this product, or to Invest...

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Community Telegram or Keybase chats: @ Agorise
Telegram or Keybase Ken directly: @ kenCode

Peace, Love, and Agorism


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