What's Holding You Back?

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Who is holding you back? What is in your way that you can't seem to get past? Let's see what can you do to get past the people who are holding you back. What can you do? Look at your friends and family that you hold close to and you will be the average of them. So please check out the video!

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I am only telling you what I am doing not encouraging or telling you what to do. You decide what to do with your own funds.

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I noticed. =).

thank you, seems like steemit, ppl only making money from bots lol

You're welcome.

no you are welcome! bla bla

I met an old friend today and had a really nice chat.

nice, I wish I could meet an old friend most people I know come and go, but that"s live and its a good thing because you meet new people

Why can't you?