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RE: Bitcoin Futures Being Bid Lower, Understand The Risk. By Gregory Mannarino

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This is crazy! Looking for exchanges with altcoins. Ripple should be a good buy here! Also watching Strat


chiadog1...Almost all Altcoins looks good now. Ripple is the coin of the banks. I wouldn't buy a controlled coin. Ethereum is the only one, who proofed allready quite a lot of things. It has more transactions then all the others together. Inclusive Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

i like ethr more than btc @mafsteem

Friends can give me an information. I have some atherium, the price of this atherium will decrease or increase. Pulija Ansar May Friend. ...? @mafsteem

Ether will rise in medium term. In the short term, I don't know. Could go sideways.

And what does the bitcoin currency grow? Everyone says that bitcoin will increase, is it true, you can tell a little bit ..... ...@mafsteem

@khurshid...It could grow but it could also go down. There are other lows now. Like Gregory Manarino says, it depends on the future market.

Well friend I want to sell steem dollars in that steemit. . How to sell steem dollar ...,........? @mafsteem

@khurshid...I think you can go to the wallet and click sell at steem dollar. Then you can sell this dollars to steem or Bitcoin or Ether etc. I never did it so far.

Thank you very much, your reply made me feel so good .. ...
thnx for beautiful comment me,,,,,, ,,, @mafsteem

Greetings from COIN MAN...


thanks for resteem

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