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For those of you rushing to get out of Steem, what's the hurry? You have to buy low and sell higher if you want to make gains. While I certainly sold more Steem than purchased this week, there is no rush to get out of the market. Many of us on Hive are powering down our Steem, which should give you ample liquidity to gamble on the markets with.

The blue arrows are buys and the yellow arrows are sells. While no one times the market perfectly, this action makes me proud!

Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 21.14.36.png

More returns that even the best bloggers can realize and I'll I did was take some foolish risk and a few clicks. Last week I posted about some Hive returns this week although there were some Hive returns most of the fun was in Steem tonight.

In the real world, I loaded up on some solid Oil producers this week, ones that aren't headed for insolvency and are valued in the tens of billions. Betting that the OPEC meetings go as planned on Monday, if they don't I can HODL for years.

Disclaimer: This is not advice and I don't care if you lose all your money.


I've been selling the STEEM for BTC

That's the way I go, but sometimes I'm tempted to buy some for the quick flip

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