Masters of the craft: Part 1

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I learned all that I know from a pretty small group of incredible craftsmen and women, and it is high time that I begin to share some of their work and stories. If you appreciate #art and always look to take things to the next level then you are in the right place. The artists that I feature are at the pinnacle of the industry I work in. The few. The elite. Earned with blood, sweat, and tears. If you have seen some of my previous posts like my intro or giveaway then you already know that I am a #glassblower. See those threads of my profile for some of my work or any background info about my #glass journey. Let's start with my biggest inspiration. 


This glass blower goes by the name SALT. A master of the craft. Yes most of these are a functioning #pipe and many can hold water. Or it is jewelry like a pendant. This amazing #glass #artist hails from Austin, TX and operates an incredible studio called St Elmo's Fire that houses many arists. I will not post his real name but SALT is all that you need to know. SALT and SNIC that own the studio are in the top tier of the industry. SALT has been working glass for ~15 years and is one of my biggest inspirations in the #glass world. From amazingly vibrant color to smooth earthy tones he knows how to work it all. This man can do so much with just a butter knife when carving into the hot glass. He started with glass Jewelry and moved very fast from there. He has won multiple high level competitions, been on the cover of magazines, and much more. He is certainly revered in the glass world. I can certainly say I would not have my shop today without the valuable knowledge I acquired during my time at St. Elmo's Fire. Changed my #life forever. This is a true Artisan and a daily inspiration to me.

Here is a few pics of a pendant that I have. 

Verification of ownership. Front of pendant. Back of pendant. Necklace loop. (used HL's to shorten thread)

Here is a video of SALT blowing glass live at a great yearly event.

If you would like to listen to a podcast about what it took for SALT please check this out.


If you CANNOT get enough SALT please check out the instagram that is updated constantly or the website. 

This is just a small peek in to the world of #borosilicate #glass #art. Stay tuned I will be covering more of the #glass masters that I look up to and have learned so much from. 

And I'll leave you with this! ;)


I have also had the privilege of watching salt work; he truly is an amazingly talented lamp worker. He is without a dough, a Masters of the craft! Cannot wait for the next post in this series! #borosilicate #glass #art

Couldn't agree more🖒

I will keep them coming, SNIC next probably

Yea salt is amazing... heres to hoping all the heady glass blowers sign up here!
52nd Glass in everett always has some of his pieces. Always loved his work.

Of course thedashguy coming in with amazing taste. :D

Yes it was an honor to learn from SALT and you will see quite a bit of influence in my glass soon to come. Thanks for stopping by!

Edited a few things, looking much cleaner now.

WAT..... so what is the price tag lookin like on like a small piece? found and dont believe my eyes

Oh man that varies drastically! Some of his smaller jewelry is a few hundred dollars, and his bigger show pieces are quite expensive. Only big name shops or serious collectors would be in that realm.

Wow! Great creativity.

Such style, much unique, many wow.

Glad you like it :)

This post is awesome I only own a SALT pendant but hope to own a functional someday. I am new on steemit but will make a heady post soon. Thanks for the inspiration. I upvoted

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