You Won't Believe What Jeff Berwick Talked About On Tim Preuss' Podcast

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I recently had the pleasure of being on Tim Preuss’ podcast to talk about several topics including how, interestingly, it’s the countries without central banks that are always under attack by the US government and it’s globalist buddies, and by the media as well.

Likewise I talk about the US going off the gold standard as a turning point in the history of the modern financial system and how it was a major wakeup call for many people that allowed them to see the ridiculousness of fiat paper currency backed by nothing.

This is a good interview as it has quite a few historical anecdotes that explain the situation we’re in today.

You can watch it in full here:

I am currently in London and will be attending the Dash conference tomorrow and then will be speaking at the World Blockchain Forum on September 25th and 26th.

I’ll look forward to meeting some of you there.


I want to make my way to Acapulco in FEB 2018..

Yes. Same here. Will pick up the tickets soon!

I always find Jeff's commentary to be original. I may not agree with it - yet he does force readers to ask new questions in search of answers.

me too.
sense of humor

New beard had me confused! haha good talk as always though!

Yeah me too.
Though, it looks like is a captain sailing along the stormy shores of the Chinese Bitcoin Seas - full of wretched pirates called government employees.

I have noticed this pattern as well. They tried to suck Russia into a war with the manufactured conflict in Ukraine, but that didn't work.

And now its the "Russia Hacked the Election" narrative they've been trying to push, but that is also failing spectacularly. What other elaborate schemes will the deep state manufacture next?

Awesome that you mentioned the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. I can't imagine why they would want to blame Russia for everything wrong, when in fact it's the United States destroying itself from within.

The U.S. needs a war brewing somewhere to keep the arms sales flowing. This is why Eisenhower warned about the military-industrial complex a long time ago in his farewell address, but it seems nobody was paying attention:

They have to blame everything on Russia because the historical precedent has been set (Cold War) that Russia is our foe. In reality, it seems that China is our number one enemy, yet our economies are so intertwined that neither the US nor Chinese government want to initiate the conflict and disrupt their gravy train.

Seems foolish to me to that the government is telling the public that Russia is our enemy at a time when we should be trying to befriend Russia and use that relationship as leverage over China and China's proxy, North Korea.

Russia seems like the easier sell for a military build up while keeping the markets complacent. If we were to shift our dislike towards China, that would disrupt the markets and the Deep State's money supply. Just my two cents!

Some people say that cryptocurrencies are a ponzi but they don't consider a dollar as the greatest ponzi

Yeah. I think it's funny how people have a problem with that.
Even if BTC was a ponzi then it would still be a better ponzi then the ponzi they are invested in.
Thus, I would be better off in the ponzi of my choosing.

If that makes sense.

So true, especially when you consider that the dollar is backed by nothing but "faith."

Yes the dollar is the banking system ponzi is it not? They create an account for Your dollars then lend them out on an exponential basis ....what is not ponzi about that?

great comment

I like this comment :))) @anforo

dude so true tell this lmao

Will be at dash too..

dash is a solid coin, old history, lots of rich developers, governance system, new proposals , low coin supply in the 7 figures! Dash will be $1000 by next year
dash "went from 0 to 100 real quick"

@jeffberwick , on the topic of children kidnapped by mothers + the state , I made this post today. Since you are living with a single mother that did exactly what the mothers to my children did, then I would like you to comment on my post, so we can end this evil!

Thanks in advance.

Lasse Ehlers

bitcoin replaces banks like cars replace horses....its going to make central banks irrelevant and overtime theyll become vestigial and ceremonial...bitcoin will be where more and more liquid wealth will flow...expect btc market cap to be in the hundreds of trillions to quadrillions in 5 years or so

billion dollar bitcoin, yes we will all see how much wealth this planet really has!

...and yet again you destroyed official narrative. Just keep on spreading the truth, it's only way to set us free. Talk talk talk, than more talk talk talk and freedom message is spreading...

Wow what a suprise!!! I thought you gonna talk about vitamins like Health Ranger talk about Bitcoin :) So, what vitamin you would recommend me?

I’m not sure about your guys but something in my bones just tells me that we are at a breaking point in every aspect of the world. I can’t get tell if everything is good or bad, or a combination of the two but man.. it’s just an exciting time to be alive!

I like Jeff Berwick more every time I hear hime speak!

I have woken up. I have given up most of my material possessions, and I'm focusing on eating healthy, exercising, and meditation! Jeff, you are a big reason why! Keep doing what you're doing!

ALL THE WAY UP, Phuck You Ben Bernanke !!!


beautiful talk can not be forbidden!
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NIce talk about bitcoin.
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Can't wait for the dog walks to resume. Good luck at the conferences.

word block chain form . great post :)

Thanks for spreading the truth Jeff!

Whats up Homie things are getting interesting ;-)

@dollarvigilante thanks for this upload mate i appreciaze it ,good content like always I follow you ,keep up the good work, cheers.

Jeff is on fire great information he's thoughts are sharp, You are the man
Dollar vigilante.

"I am currently in London and will be attending the Dash conference tomorrow and then will be speaking at the World Blockchain Forum on September 25th and 26th."
Amazing! I have always known bitcoin will soar higher despite criticism by some nations and individuals.
I hope to make a breakthrough and achieve financial freedom via cryptocurrency particularly bitcoin

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Except cryptocurrency all are currency is a ponzi scheme

Thx for the post.. please let me know if you have troubles with your presentation. You can always call the STEEM power ranger for help ( not the A-Team)

But I am from holland so please spare me some hours to get to you..

yes you are right i didnt believe What Jeff Berwick Talked About On Tim Preuss' Podcast....

Great content.. very interesting..

Aloha! I'm new. IMHO, u need money to make money. No disrespect, let me get a forfolio together, then Mr. Vigilante, we can scrutinize your positions.


some masses said that cryptocurrencies are the wastage for all because they believe that this is going to betray in upcoming time.
But they don't know about the hard currencies that are going to be extinct in future.
guys continuous improvement is important
that is reality
one time will come to change everything.

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It went way over my head but I enjoyed it anyway.

Thanks for sharing

Dear Jeff, please talk about the movie Collapse and the great man behind it. He exposed so many crimes by USA and then tracked and being attacked with psychological gangster warfare against him by non other than the govt.

the amazing man ,i like this man

Your post are always hit.good post.i resteem it

Thank for sharing..may be useful

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Waaw that's nice

Jeff is one of the best youtubers talking about money out there, most of the people think all he says is crazy talk but then his predictions always become true.
I would have never discovered Steem if it wasn't for him and probably bitcoin neither...if only I had seen one of his videos when BTC was at 3 bucks now I wouldn't be a 9-5 slave, but better late than never, we are still ahead of 95% of people, keep posting great contents Jeff and thank you

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Introspective perspective

Truly waiting for this

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YOU ROCK MATE!! Great content as always :-)

Have a great conference!


nice post man...

A very good talk by Jeff Berwick. On the nail with a selection of different subjects. Loved it!

Very good brother

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You bring up quite a few valid points in your talk with Preuss. I'm happy that I have followed your work for a couple of years now, Jeff and am seriously considering investing in Dash because I see where the cryptocurrency can actually be a great means to help end the fiat system. Down with the centralized banks and up with freedom and liberty!

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Hi Jeff, I'm sure most people would be less depressed if they had as many Bitcoins as yourself and got them for $3 each.

great pod cast. informative and entertaining. LOVE IT!!!

Thanks for sharing!

good talk as always though

Great video like always

@dollarvigilante Nice piece. Please upvote my posts, thank you.

Haha, good talking as always

This is a good interview !

I want to make my way to Acapulco in FEB 2018..

New beard had me confused! haha good talk as always though!

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Nice to know that you are in London, covering the Dash conference. I hope to read or watch some of their main features. Dash is a coin that I personally appreciate its developement. And lately, was one of those unique strong coins that did not devaluate. By the way, Berkeley University is going to have a conference about virtual coins security for two days Oct 2 and Oct 3. So if you have an opportunity to do this too, we want to let you know that we appreciate your time and your talent to do so many things at the same time, including your travels.

I want to make my way to Acapulco in FEB 2018..

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Wow!! Looks like you are doing pretty well on here. Any suggestions for a newbie? I love London!!! Have fun at the Dash Conference and the World Blockchain Forum!!!!!

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.33.51 AM.png

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New beard had me confused! haha good talk as always though!

I would have liked to know.

American's need a shake!! Wasn't that 911 and the subsequent henhouse report written by the foxes themselves? .. Illegal wars and torture! Has an immense destructive effect on the psyche and economy of a nation/people. You said collapse.. collapse of what specifically? "Prison camp" for children, school wow good one.

this post is great

you didnt read it. idiot

“where Presidential powers would make Nero jealous, where gold and silver would vanish from circulation to be replaced by the worthless “notes” of a private banking conglomeration, where the States would be reduced to mere administrative departments of the feds, and where the grasp of taxation would actually reach into the common laborer’s paycheck - all this was too fantastic to be even theoretically contemplated during the ratification debates”

— Edmund Burke

Ha! This went from the crashing economy to how to be healthy. I love it! I know your family members are ecstatic that you quit smoking, and changed your lifestyle.

Great video! Be the change you want to see. Your kids will glean from your behavior. You are responsible for teaching them the best way.

Yes! Yes! Yes! addictive pill for every ail! Stop it!

Btw, losing everything and living to talk about it, without regret, is a mega blessing from God, and an example of the Holy-Ghost Power residing within.

Thanks for sharing!


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US 'policy' seems to be that any nation wanting to get off the petro dollar--esp if they have oil--gets taken down hard. Unless they have nukes! IOW, we are encouraging nuclear proliferation by insisting on dominating world finance. I don't think any part of that is congruent with the US Constitution.

BTC will be the future curency which will be in line with the near future daily use payments.