JPMorgan has Manipulated the Price of Gold for Years

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What was silenced as outlandish conspiracy theory for decades is now mainstream news. The big banks - not the free market - decide the price of gold, impacting every financial transaction on Earth.

Even a few years ago, anyone talking about precious metals price manipulation was relegated to "fake news" and mocked, silenced, blacklisted, shadowbanned, and deleted. Nothing so sinister could be possible, critics claimed, and surely something so insidious and evil would be discovered and dealt with, they argued. I would know - I've been covering this story nonstop since 2009. A good recent summary was published on ZeroHedge.

Today, JM Morgan agreed to pay nearly 1 billion dollars to the US government in exchange for amnesty for rigging every financial market on the planet for at least the past decade. Hundreds of thousands of market "spoofing" trades were identified. Nobody will be charged with anything.

The systemically-corrupt CFTC announced "This sends the message that if you use manipulative and deceptive trade practices you will be caught, punished, and forced to give up your ill-gotten gains".

But were those trillions in ill-gotten gains given up? No, the fine was less than 1 billion, an amount their deceptive practices could generate in a single day. And will the victims (everyone in the world, but especially precious metals holders) receive the funds? No, it's just going to the US government, for the most part to be used against the people.

And since the US government can now create trillions of digital dollars anytime they want, even in secret, where will the 1 billion really end up? And if the fine were big enough to collapse JPMorgan, wouldn't the US government just step in again and bail them out? Will this fine result in anything happening, on either end? It appears not!

So what the CFTC means is "this sends the message that if you rig the financial system, you may eventually some day be identified and fined".

To call it a sweetheart deal is putting it mildly. JPMorgan and the too-big-to-fail banks used their stimulus funds from 2008 to rig the entire financial system of the world, and they're not being punished in any way, except for being TAXED on the trillions they've stolen?

Meanwhile, it's still happening! Nothing has changed, except that instead of calling me paranoid and stupid for discussing gold and silver price manipulation, my critics have fallen silent, or try to re-write history by claiming gold manipulation has been common knowledge all along!

Where I stand:

I'm here to provide testimony that PM price manipulation got me and my message of Liberty censored on YouTube and other mainstream platforms for over a decade. It was far from common knowledge. Gold manipulation was INCREDIBLY unpopular to mention, but I stuck my neck out time and time again, and only in the past year or so have my myriad of opponents had to finally change their tune.

In 2020, almost everything is rigged, and has been increasingly so for generations. Almost nothing about the current system aka "The Economy" today is real. The free market is in a stranglehold.

Covid-19 is cover for the fact that this economic model was designed to fail and is finally being imploded. Now, "The Pandemic" can be blamed for the 2020 economic collapse, as well as the turmoil which will continuously be unleashed - by design - until a reset and new cashless digital system is announced.

Gold and silver have 5000 years of history as sound money. No amount of price manipulation can change that.


"What is commonly out there is that JPMorgan is manipulating the metals market. It's not part of our business model. It would be wrong, and we don't do it." - Blythe Masters, JPMorgan Head of Commodities, 2012


We the People are now in total control of the Rigging...

The Best is Yet to Come...

September 30, 2020... 23.5 Hollywood time...

In "Sound Money"...

The "Melt Value" of Gold, will go to the Moon and become Stable at $35.00 per ounce...

That's 3,500 per ounce, if measured in Fiat Dollars...

The Melt Value of Silver, will go to Mars and become Stable at $3.50 per ounce...

That's 350 per ounce, if measured in Fiat Dollars...

We will Set the Silver/Gold Ratio at 10 to 1...

October 1, 2020... 0.4 Hollywood Time...

It may be rigged but the physical demand (at least on the retail side) is not that strong. The physical premium is at the lowest point since the corona virus scare.

The premium has remained in the high 7 to low 8 percent range for quite a while.


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