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I want you to start a business that's what I want you to do I just want to help you start a business so today in this video I'm going to talk to you about.

How you can start a business for less than five hundred dollars?

And I'm going to simplify to you in a way that probably it's never been simple but simplify like this before so let's get right
into it .

There's really six things you can do to exchange what you're providing to the consumer the customer for money and profits
to you.

Number One: you're providing a service for me.

Number Two: you're giving me advice because you're an expert your expertise is what I'm paying for.

Number Three: you're selling me a product you bought it for five bucks you sell it for twenty.

Number Four: you educate me.

Number Five: you've given me an experience.

Number Six: you're entertaining me.


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