Greg Hunter Interview: Axel Merk - Trillions Will Be Spent to Prop Up the Economy

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Greg Hunter interviews Axel Merk, money manager and founder of Merk Investments, about geopolitics, debt, economy, gold, war, and markets.


  • (00:24) Where do you see we are in the arc of the economy and your investments?;
  • (01:39) Do you see any correction in gold and silver prices soon?;
  • (03:47) How do you see the political strife affecting people?;
  • (06:40) How do you envision the economic system breaking?;
  • (10:18) Do you have a price prediction for gold?;
  • (11:35) Should people be buying silver?;
  • (12:45) What do you see for markets after the U.S. election?;
  • (14:16) What do you mean by the markets are not pricing in a panic?;
  • (16:17) How are regulations and taxes changing?;
  • (18:22) Do you see state fiscal practices causing a deeper depression?;
  • (19:56) What do you think about the possibility of war?;
  • (21:32) What happens to gold and silver in a war?;
  • (22:15) What would you advise people to do now?;
  • And more...

25 minute video by Greg Hunter published 10 October 2020

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Markets Not Pricing in Panic – Axel Merk


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Oh he is sarcastic to say "I don't know, I don't have a crystal ball!" When asked for the advice by Hunter. Moreover I strongly agreed to the fact Axel said that "You have to spend less than you make"
Keep sharing, anyways when are your birds photography series coming back?

Bueno amigo @etcmike quizás si hay una luz al final del túnel.

Saludos @etcmike, al parecer se han tranquilizado los mercados en contra de todo pronóstico.

alegria.jpg Hola @etcmike, es genial saber que hay buenas noticias, gracias por esta entrevista de Greg Hunter a Axel Merk.

Great Greg series thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much for sharing a great interview with GREG HUNTER,have a great week

great interview with GREG HUNTER,thank you for sharing and have a nice day

Thanks for sharing here's informational interesting interview series 👍.

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