Greg Hunter Interview: Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair - Exploding Debt Will Propel Gold Higher

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Greg Hunter interviews Bill Holter, financial writer, and Jim Sinclair, renowned gold and financial expert, of, about geopolitics, debt, economy, gold, war, and markets.


  • (00:33) Why do you think this is your last interview depending on who wins the U.S. election?;
  • (04:27) What problems do you see if the U.S. were to veer toward socialism?;
  • (09:00) What is going on with the gold market?;
  • (15:30) What are your thoughts on what is coming after the U.S. election?;
  • (20:32) What is the reset going to look like?;
  • (21:46) Do you think big cities in the U.S. are being destabilized on purpose?;
  • (30:47) What do you think will happen if Trump wins the election?;
  • (44:16) Do you think more stimulus is coming?;
  • (47:36) Where do you see the price of gold going?;
  • (51:33) Any closing statements? What should people do?;
  • And more...

58 minute video by Greg Hunter published 31 October 2020

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Trump Win Offers a Way Forward After US Bankruptcy – Holter & Sinclair


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He is absolutely right, Like this is the first time that a candidate is running on the promise to raise taxes! Insane!
Anyways keep sharing.

Hola @etcmike interesante teoría la de Bill Holter y Jim Sinclair... Solo que es más optimista de lo que en realidad parece…

I understand. But you know, every once and a while I appreciate a little dose of optimism.

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Hola @etcmike, probablemente no haga tanta diferencia, igual todo sube…

Hola @etcmike… He elegido tu post sobre “-La explosión de la deuda impulsará al oro al alza...-” para mi iniciativa diaria de reesteemear…

Hola @etcmike, siempre que sea bueno este impulso que predicen ira todo mejor… Buen inicio de semana.

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This interview would have gone much smoother and better without Mr. Waffling , cackling , interrupting GREG HUNTER . 🤦‍♂️ GeeZ 🙄 Why did the MSM get rid of you❓🤨 It had to have been because you’re grossly incompetent at interviewing . 🤷‍♂️ Anyways , great guests . Great message . Get your house in order . If you don’t need it , sell it . And folks buy and sell used . There is a great big market out there full of stuff people don’t want or need anymore . Buy , trade & barter . Print your own promissory notes 📝 Afterall the petrodollar ⛽️💵 is just a promissory note 📝 . A monetary vehicle . A promise of value . try to keep that in mind . Coupons are promissory notes 🗒 🤷‍♂️ . Something NONE of these financial wizards 🧙‍♂️ mention 🤔 Hum ....... I wonder 💭 why ❓

thank you for the interview with GREG HUNTER, have a nice day

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