Greg Hunter Interview: Charles Nenner - Stock Market to Drop After November

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Greg Hunter interviews Charles Nenner, financial and geopolitical cycle expert at, about geopolitics, debt, economy, gold, war, and markets.


  • (00:51) What is happening in the gold market?;
  • (02:16) What is going on in the stock market?;
  • (04:29) Do you think the stock market will rise before the U.S. election?;
  • (05:14) Who do you think will be the next U.S. President?;
  • (05:50) Why do you not like the stock market?;
  • (07:46) What is your low target for the stock market?;
  • (09:41) Is the virus worse in Europe?;
  • (12:13) How high do you think the stock market will go before it drops?;
  • (14:28) After November do you see tough times ahead?;
  • (15:27) What do you forecast for the commodity markets?;
  • (16:34) Explain deflation;
  • (18:19) What do you think about real estate?;
  • (19:47) What do you see in the next economic wave?;
  • (21:38) What about silver?;
  • (23:48) How long do you see the gold cycle lasting?;
  • (24:12) What about all the money printing?;
  • (27:51) What do you think about buying physical metal?;
  • (30:39) What is your war cycle telling you?;
  • (33:34) What are your thoughts on the peace deals?;
  • (34:30) What do you see happening during this war cycle?;
  • (36:17) What would you tell people to do now?;
  • And more...

41 minute video by Greg Hunter published 29 September 2020

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Charles Nenner – We Are in a Very Dangerous Period


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I agree with the thought process of the Nenner, The interview was quite on point though.

Thanks 😊 Mike sir for providing us Greg series 👍.

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interesting interview with GREG HUNTER,thank you for sharing,have a nice day

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Hola @etcmike, es decir, ni pensar que esto esté cerca de arreglarse.

Hola @etcmike gracias por esta entrevista a Charles Nenner definiendo lo peligroso que se está volviendo la economía.
Hello @etcmike thanks for this interview with Charles Nenner defining how dangerous the economy is becoming.